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June 28 2009

Happy Birthday Christian Kane. A day late (June 27th) but we cannot forget one of our favorite evil lawyers. Also if you are in Portland, Oregon go check him out at Dante's tonight.

CHRISTIAN KANE - Live in Portland, Oregon! w/STEVE CARLSON, JASON SOUTHARD and Special Guests!
SUNDAY, JUNE 28th @ DANTE'S- 8:30pm
1 SW 3rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

Belated Happy Birthday Christian! Hope you had a great day.
Happy Belated Birthday CK :)
Happy Belated Birthday Chris!!
Happy birthday Chris!
Tad late, but yay, Happy Birthday, Chris! \o/
Thanks for the link bix!
Belated Happy Birthday Christian!

I've been watching (ie. getting into) Leverage over the past few days. Fantastic show. :)
Happy Birthday to Chris!

And here's a vid of Jensen Ackles and Aldis Hodge singing Happy Birthday to him at Dante's in Portland last night.

Did you go, Bix?
Happy (Belated) Birthday, Christian Kane!

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