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June 28 2009

Willow makes the list of Out & Proud TV characters to love. Itís Gay Pride Weekend in San Francisco, and the Examiner puts Willow on their list of "TVís most noteworthy portrayals who pushed the envelope right out of the closet, but are more than a stereotype."

It's also Pride Week here in Toronto, though today it is literally raining on our parade.
No Will or Jack?
That's a great write up about her character, the arc, and Joss Whedon.
I've just two SFU episodes left and David has grown to be one of my all time favourite characters. Glad to see him and Willow make the list. If only Tara had been on the list too, it be perfect.

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I second that. Tara should have been on the list. Like Willow always told her, she was a Scooby, too.
I know he didn't deserve to make the list, but I'd also like to plug BtVS's first openly gay character: Larry. He was always awesome -- and, as we saw in "The Wish" and "Grad Day 2" he was quite willing to fight the good fight. Paid the ultimate price, alas, but before that he'd made the transition from completely closeted to out and proud. A good guy.
Thing about Larry is, when he was closeted he acted like a turbocharged jerk; when he decided to be honest about his sexuality he shined up in every other way too. That could be interpreted in several ways, each of which has implications associated with it.

Tara, as much as she was my favorite* character on the show, was always pretty much a blank slate for whatever the episode writer needed her to be. So it's hard to imagine her burning her way onto a list like this. (altho if TV Guide does a coutndown of the 50 best small-screen romances and doesn't include W&T I'll be in a vocal state of miff, that's for sure.)
* my second favorite was Harmony and Jonathan third so that says somethign about me, I guess.

I once did a fic in which there was another short-lived universe created by a Vengeance Wish and I had Larry and Andrew living together. I worried at first I was committing the "2 gay people were seen in the same stadium fallacy" with that, but I've since been assured they'd've made an interesting pair.
Don't forget Scott Hope! :)
Of course our girl made the list. Of course. :D

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