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June 28 2009

Can't Stop the Serenity in Raleigh NC, Sunday, Monday. Can't Stop the Serenity Screenings in Raleigh, NC Sunday night June 28, and Monday night June 29 - hosted by the NC Browncoats!!!

GREAT TIME tonight!!!! good crowd - can't wait for tomorrow. Come out if you can!
Damn! Was this posted earlier? I didn't know about this and I'm only an hour away. I'll be calling first thing in the morning for tickets! Hope it's not sold out.
Why the hell did I move to Wilmington? I missed this!
The beach?

Hey, you're only 2 1/2 hours away. It will never come our way again.
I'm sure there are tix for tonight still available... We're sure to have a good time again tonight so it will be worth the drive!!!
I was there last night, and was a bit bummed that Dr Horrible was not shown as it was at the majority of this year's CStS screenings. Anyone know why?
Sounds great, but I don't drive and I have to be at work at 6AM tomorrow morning. :( Maybe next time.

This and Comic Con doing a Sing-A-Long blog viewing AND an ELE job fair?

Wooohoo for mass fan silliness.
Site is down right now, but look up evilempirejobfaire - I'm pretty sure the ELE is involved. I know for a fact there is a sing-a-long scheduled by the browncoats, but the Job Faire is for henchies..
They had that event last year, too. I assume they're just throwing the phrase in there for rhetorical completeness. Hrm.
My Son and I had a GREAT TIME. THANKS to the NC Browncoats!! I've never seen Serenity in the big screen before. It was only in Rocky Mount about 15 minutes and I couldn't find a sitter. Now my Son is a fan so it was a bonding thing.

I forgot to get the website or card for the lady who does the Jewelry. She had the Jayne necklace on display. If anyone has any info I'd love to get in contact with her. :D
Vinity - that would be Jen.
B!x, I had to double check - this is what they have as description:

"Join us at the second annaul Evil Empire Job Fair, brought to you by your friends at X-Sanguin, The Suicide Girls, White Wolf, and The Evil Leage of Evil. Located within our secret lair, the Airport Lounge"

I dunno...either way, I'm totally there.
I don't trust any alleged Evil League that doesn't know how to spell its own name.

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