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June 28 2009

Tyler Austin's SLAYED: The Buffy Project. Episode 1 of a YouTube series that Whedon-izes the documentary SUPER SIZE ME.

The first few episodes are a little old, but there is a newer episode out now and I've searched and found the series was never linked here, so enjoy!

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

I was surprised to hear the same music that is used in EchoAlert, but then I found out about Freeplay.
That was... strange. And I'm a Buffy fanatic.

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I usually don't like these sort of things, but I though that was funny.
Funny and cute. Great job.
Can I ask why any time I post a slightly negative post it gets deleted? It's not as thought I'm being vulgar or abusive. I just didn't find this to be terribly interesting. It there a reason that we aren't allowed to have a dissenting opinion?

Maybe it's just that I've been on a recent Firefly fix, but this is very Alliance-like behavior, silencing those with different opinions. Just sayin.
Xander, If you are talking about front page links, I'm pretty sure that why was my post deleted is answered on the "deleted posts" page. Failing that mods usually ask that you e-mail them directly to discuss policy problems. If you are talking about individual comments like these, objectionable material, not dessenting opinion, is usually edited with an explanation and warning, not deleted. We have disagreements here all the time. In any case, e-mailing a mod is the way to get your answer.
Xander, we're in not the habit of deleting people's comments. Sometimes what happens is that people don't post their comments after they hit preview.
ok. I was pretty sure I hit post, but perhaps I'm wrong. Thanks for the explanation in any case newcj.

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