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June 29 2009

Video of James Marsters interacting with fans. The video was taken after his performances in the "Importance of Being Earnest" on Saturday and Sunday.

I get the impression James is very popular with the ladies. :)
*Whew*... I was afraid it was going to be pr0n! ;)
Huh, as If! *g*

Aww, Jimmy trying to make himself look taller for that photo is just so cute! :)

*snicker* Yeah, let's see how huggy he gets around a bunch of guys...
Wow... James is an actual human being. Awesome. I can relate.
Wish I had one of those hugs. He is soooo adorable...thanks for posting this.
Another James event and a good time was had by all. No surprise there. It's what keeps his fans coming back again and again.
I'm kind of more interested on reviews of the performance. Not any yet?
If you are looking for a professional review I can't help you, but my review is that it was fantastic. The whole cast was excellent. James was excellent. It also helped that the play is absolutely fantastic, rapid fire laughs. I saw it three times and I was laughing my ass off each and every time.
I see a lot of theatre, I was starting to think I didn't like theatre that much, turns out I just don't like bad theatre.
This was great. It was recorded as a radio play which will be available for sale eventually I think both through L.A. Theatre Works and from Amazon.
There were no sets or costumes but I didn't miss them one bit. The play never lets up, there is never a moment to notice anything but the characters. Hysterical.
Awww *jealous*.
Thanks Jane Xane. You know, for me, living here in southern Europe and having missed his last tours in England, sometimes I miss a little words on his acting. I am aware he's a lovely human being, but I'm not sure if his work is appreciated as he deserves.

And I was specially interested on James on stage again, since I read one of his Q&A speaking of actors and directors duties to the text _"if Shakespeare wanted Romeo in Verone, we are nobody to locate them in Outer Space". That's admirable to me, as actors with I often work for are obsessed with the opposite, you know what I mean?

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Thanks so much for posting this, RavenU. I recognized a few long-time regulars at JM events, who used to post on the (now defunct) MOZ board, which was my first foray into online fandom.

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