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June 29 2009

Win Dollhouse on DVD. We Are Movie Geeks has an exciting competition for you. And if you want a chance to win more goodies then Pads And Panels is doing a huge Dark Horse give away which includes Buffy Season 8 Vol 2 and DHP Myspace Vol. 2. And if you live in the U.K., you're in with a chance to win the complete Buffy boxset courtesy of SFX Magazine.

The email didn't work for me. I got a "This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification/Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:" message. Guess I'll have to comment...

For the record, I chose the end of MotS. Made me tear up at first. Later realized how weird it was to be relating to a Dollhouse client. Still tear up watching it, though. Eliza really sells that moment for me.
Hm, I did email too, but got no such message. Maybe try again now?

My moment was Dom's last words towards Echo: "'Cause one day... you'll be erasing them."

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