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June 29 2009

Congratulations to Harry Lennix. He got married on the 20th.

It's Dollhouse wedding number two! Congrats.

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It took me way too long to remember #1...

Congrats Harry!
Congratulations to the happy couple!
Congratulations to them :-)!
As Boyd said, "there's always a girl."

Congrats, Harry!
Wow! His new wife sounds like a remarkable woman!
Congratulations, Harry Lennix!
Congratualtions Harry and Djena! And I agree, his wife sounds amazing!
Congratulations, Harry and Djena!

::throws virtual rice::
Woot, Congrats to them!!

Aw, they seem like a great couple. Congrats to them!
Here's to the happy couple. Congratuations!
Congrats to you both!
congrats to them both, and may they have a long and happy life together :)

the article made me even more impressed with lennix's acting abilities, as i didn't know he had performed in "radio golf." i pretty much consider august wilson to be the finest playwright of the last fifty years, and when i was in college (as an english major), pretty much said that in more than one academic paper.
Lovely news. They make a beautiful couple.

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