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"Am I on speaker phone?"
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June 29 2009

Photos of Joss' Shasha Seminar speech at Wesleyan. Pretty much, or, really, exactly what the post title says. The event occurred back in May.

Anywhere we can watch or read the full thing?
I was thinking about the same. Does the University publish these kind of seminars? Wouldn't mind to order.
There was no videotaping done at the event. We were asked not to take photos or video during the talk, which most everyone agreed to. I saw a couple of people taking a quick cell-phone pic now and then, but everyone tried to behave themselves! Most of the pictures I've seen are from the end, when Joss agreed to sign everything put in front of him.

A couple of us posted our reactions immediately after; some folks blogged, but there's no official report or anything like that.

If there's video footage, it's just from someone who was able to capture video from their seat. And I wouldn't bet on it.

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