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June 30 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg to star with A Couple of Dicks. It's the new Kevin Smith movie.

Also starring Bruce Willis , Jason Lee, Tracy Morgan, Adam Brody and Sean Wiliam Scott

So Kevin Smith continues his trend of films that make me feel awkward to tell my mother about. Ah, well.

Hope this is better than Zack and Miri. Jason Lee's a good start.

EDIT: Oh, I see now that he didn't write this. So I guess comparisons to his previous work would be unfair.

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Maybe, Jobo, although I _big fan of Kevin Smith, also had a not-so-happy feeling about Zack&Miri. But in one thing at least I coincide with the source_ Kevin Smith always does a great work with his actors. So let's be hopeful.
I haven't really kept up with Kevin's goings on, but last I knew his next film was going to be a horror film. "Red State," I believe? Anyone know what the what is with that?
I think he was having trouble getting anyone to fund it. Financiers want him to do the same old bathroom-humor movies he's been doing. I've been waiting for his movies to mature, because I think he has a lot of potential to do great movies (as opposed to just doing quirky cult movies), but apparently nobody will finance his maturity.

I would love to see a horror film called "Red State." I had actually thought of writing something along those lines myself, without ever knowing about his project!

Coincidentally, I dropped into the Jay and Silent Bob Museum in Red Bank, NJ over the weekend. It's an amusing little place. I tend to go there every time we have a death in the family. (The cemetary where several members of my family are buried borders on Red Bank). It's certainly unique for a comic book shop!
I enjoyed Zach and Miri, but Smith is a far stronger writer than director. I guess the experience will be good for him, though.

There was one problem with Z&M - no Jason Lee. I see he's rectifying that, now that Earl is gone.

Wish I could stand Sean William Scott. But I can't.
Michelle and Seann William Scott?! Does it get any better than that? ^^
Not the first time KS has cast a Buffy alum. Mewes must be having an influence on him.
I once asked Kevin Smith why, if he's such a fan of high school melodrama, he's never watched Buffy (this was some years ago). He said he was afraid of getting sucked in.

I hope he'll come around.

For amusing Buffy-related discussion, listen to the commentary on Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back during the Scoobie Doo scene.
Brian Lynch also appears in Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2009-06-30 16:32 ]
I tried to get him to watch BUFFY many times. No luck.
I find Kevin Smith's films to be kinda hit and miss (I've really liked some of them), but definitely it won't hurt Michelle Trachtenberg's career to be in one (it hadn't done Eliza any harm).
So he doesn't want to watch Buffy because he's afraid he'll like it.

I know it's more complicated -- time commitments and so on, which is why I don't watch West Wing -- but when viewed from a certain angle, it sounds a bit odd.
I love Kevin Smith. He made Clerks, and after that, he made a lot of good films and some great films. Then, Clerks II was a terrible movie with an amazing jail scene that still didn't stop it from being terrible. Then, he made ZACK AND MIRI... the writing was pretty bad, but Seth Rogen carried Smith on his admittedly amazing back. I hope Smith bounces back.
Not sure what Smith needs to "bounce back" from. People keep giving him oodles of money to write and direct things. He isn't exactly hurting.

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In retrospect, for whatever reason, the only Kevin Smith film I can actually re-watch is Dogma.
They're all a mix of awful and awesome for me. Dogma is mostly awesome. Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back is mostly awful. This looks to be different so I'll be interested to see how it comes out and what Michelle's role is like.
Chasing Amy is still one of my favorite movies. As is Dogma. Zack and Miri pained me to watch, though, because it was so formulaic romantic-comedy. Guy and girl meet (or in this case, are already friends), start to fall in love, have a big falling out, make up, get together, be happy. The backdrop of porn didn't really make it any more original. Eh!
Anyone who hasn't seen Kevin Smith talk about his Supeman writing job should check it out on YouTube. A real must see.
I've seen it.Pretty funny how he describes Jon

I've read Kevin Smith's Superman Lives script.It was pretty fun for what it was having to work around all the demands Peters placed.Personally I thought doing the death of Superman as the first film in a re-launched/rebooted franchise is the wrong move.But again,Jon Peters was set on the death of Superman concept.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2009-06-30 18:39 ]
This is pretty cool news. I've enjoyed every Kevin Smith movie except for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (yep, I even liked Jersey Girl), so I hope I'll like this one too.
Anyone who hasn't seen Kevin Smith talk about his Supeman writing job should check it out on YouTube. A real must see.

I'll see you that and raise you when he talks about protesting his own film (Dogma) and making a documentary for Prince. Hearing him talk is almost as entertaining as watching his films.
Cool news. I love the Clerks pair and Chasing Amy, and most of the others to a lesser extent, so I'll be checking this one out for sure.
Why all the hate for Jay and Bob Strike Back? I get that maybe it wasn't amazing, but I remember being entertained, and feeling like he made one great big inside joke to celebrate and thank all the loyal View Askewniverse inhabitants. I don't know. I kinda dug it.
Nice for Michelle. Sounds likely to get some decent press. Now all it has to do is not suck.

Great cast. I, personally, like Seann William Scott. I thought he was great in Bulletproof Monk. Or at least his chemistry with Chow Yun-Fat was great.

And I'm totally with you on the Dogma love.
When Seann William Scott sings to the dinosaur in Evolution, I fell in love. ;)

Kevin Smith's classic works are a bit much for me at times. It might have to do with my mom walking in on me in junior high watching Jay spitting out his fuck fest... that's probably it.

Jersey Girl, Zack & Miri, & Mallrats are ones I have fond memories of.

I'm excited to Michelle. Will be checking this out.
Is this a movie about two guys named Dick, or a guy with two dicks?:\
I remember being entertained, and feeling like he made one great big inside joke to celebrate and thank all the loyal View Askewniverse inhabitants.

It has its moments, but that's the reason I don't enjoy it as much, in a nutshell-- it's a one big movie-length inside joke.
Hmm, given my adherence to the Michael Medved School of Movie Criticism, I guess I won't want to see this.

However, I can say there've been worse film titles. This is of Lovecraftian quality compared to A Girl,a Guy, and a Gob, methinks.
Little Green Kid, it's about a pair of detectives. Hence the "dicks" thing.
I have watched Bulletproof Monk, but I don't remember a thing about it. So Seann William Scott propably didn't make much of an impact to me.

I agree with Sunfire that Kevin Smith's films are always to some extend a mixed bag, with some better than others (and Jay and Silent Bob strike back rated firmly at the bottom)

Unlike Sunfire I can certainly appreciate the injokery/self referencing occuring in the View Askewniverse films (I haven't watched any of the others), which makes it a bit easier to enjoy them.

I've quite a weakness for Mallrats, might have to do with watching it in the right setting and it was also my first Kevin Smith film, so there was a certain freshness (but also a lack of me getting the (in)famous view-askewniverse injokes) but I do think the film also certainly has qualities of it's own.
I also enjoyed Chasing Amy a lot and both Clerks films and Dogma were quite good too.

All in all Kevin Smith is a pretty good film maker and I'm certainly curious about this new film.

And does anyone knows if Earl is really dead now? No more talk of other networks picking it up?

[ edited by the Groosalugg on 2009-06-30 23:18 ]
I think the Clerks cartoon was hilarious, for the record. Another canceled-too-soon. A clip show as their second episode? Hilarious concept.
A clip show as their second episode? Hilarious concept.

I've never watched the cartoon, but that's indeed absolutely hilarious. Hurrwitz' (of Arrested Development fame) Sit Down Shut Up, did the same in the 4th episode, were it also made for the first really great episode of that show (which of course was immediately the last one to be broadcasted. Damn those premature cancellations!)

[ edited by the Groosalugg on 2009-06-30 23:25 ]
I think the Clerks cartoon is worth watching if only to prove that Kevin Smith can be hilarious without relying on swearing and other TV-unfriendly jokes. Because he most definitely can be.
Of course! It's about a couple of Detectives! LOL! Well UnpluggedCrazy, that happens when my brain is frying in this 108 degree weather we are currently having in California!
I adore Kevin's work, and really if I had to put myself if 'fandom' communities, his and Joss' would be the only two I'd consider myself a part of. Not only do I have all his movies, but all of his Q&A DVDs as well (plus I've been to one live). I'm really excited that he's taking some bigger steps career-wise.

Cool that Michelle is going to show up in this.
Before I saw Zack and Miri, Chasing Amy was my favorite Smith film. Z&M is just so frickin' hilarious in the first half, super sweet the second half. I love it. Can't stand Jason Mewes in anything, though. Ick.
I loved jay And Silent Bob. Of course it's silly, but I wasn't expecting Usual Suspects, I was expecting a silly, funny movie. The in-jokes and cameos were a bonus.

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