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September 26 2003

bite me : a study guide The first in ACMI's new series of study guides, 'Bite Me' is designed for Year 12 students studying Media Unit 3. It may also be adapted in parts for Years 10 & 11, and is also relevant to anyone teaching or learning about TV narrative.

One of the authors is also one of the panelists at the Once More With Squealing panel.

Why study French?

Why study Public Speaking?

Why study Chemistry?

"Why Study Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" :p

It looks like an interesting book.

ETA- "She watches television - a lot." Is that an intentional allusion to Buffy or no, do you think?

[ edited by forcorreo on 2003-09-26 06:45 ]
Makes me wish I was back in High School. I'll take Buffy this semester.

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