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June 30 2009

Wizard World brings a vengeance Demon and a Gentleman to Chicago. Emma Caulfield and Doug Jones will be appearing at the event Aug 6-8th.

In a strange way this is also a Darkness Falls reunion, as well.

I'll be there. So excited to meet both of them! Doug was scheduled for last year but was removed from the list... so here is my revenge!
Wow, they have a great guest lineup this year!
They sure do.. I pretty much lost it when I saw Billy Dee Williams on the list.

Wow. WOW!
I guess Emma is back to the con circuit for real now.

And Roddy Piper, one of the most talented athletes-turned-actors I've ever seen. And I guess mainline stardom has eluded Michelle Rodriguez, too.

Hmm, if I ever get a place with a kitchen again, after I perfect Tara Maclay cookies and Harmony Kendall cookies, I'll have to start working on Anya Jenkins cookies, I think.
All over that one...thankfully I'll be volunteering again.

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