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June 30 2009

Countdown to Comic-Con limited edition Dollhouse DVD. Fox Home Entertainment launches a countdown clock to ordering, and details on pick-up at the Fox booth at Comic-Con.

If you pick yours up on Wednesday you might get to meet a really cool peon working the booth. No, nobody associated with the show. Sorry. :)
I will so be picking it up Wednesday.

*needs a low number*
It it counting down to 10 am Pacific? Is my math right?
Yes, Sunfire, you're math is correct. 10 am PST.
Is that the page I'll want to go to when I preorder?
I may lose fanpoints, but the price seems a little steep.
It's only $10-15 more than the regular editions. That's not steep at all for a limited edition anything.
It's for the spy paper. ;)
Well, this is a limited edition DVD set. It's the same as buying the first Transformers DVD, and it's kept in a box that can turn into Optimus Prime. That, I think, was last November. So, it makes sense. Besides. I paid extra for the Metal Box Set for MST3K 20th anniversary set.
"Only 5000 produced." They didn't make enough...
Starting to wonder whether people understand what "limited" edition means.
What is wrong with limited to 10,000?
It doesn't matter what number, someone would post "why can't they make more".
I suppose it is good that it wasn't limited to 1,000 like some QMX stuff. That makes 5,000 sound even better!

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So when they say someone can pick it up for you, does that mean a person can pick up more than one copy? Like for themselves as well?
This is when I rue not being able to go to Comic Con and not knowing anyone going. Arg!
I wonder if we'll see a R2 or R4 limited edition.
So, I've worked out that I need to set the alarm for just before MY 3am on Tuesday, I think.
Crap. I need to make a friend who is going to Comic-Con very quickly. Why couldn't I go this year of all the years? Whine, whine, whine. eBay for me I guess.
I noticed at the bottom of the page that it says the Fox online store is limited to US. So I guess that means I have to find someone in the States who is NOT going to Comic-Con but is willing to put this amount on their credit card until I can get them the money and enter my name so I can pick it up - and all before Monday morning at 10 am!!

Any takers??
samatwitch as long as you put down a US residential/shipping address (ie the hotel you are staying at) when you register, it allows you to use an international billing address and credit card. Hope that helps you in your quest!
I want one, but I can't go to Comic-Con.
Besides the Joss letter, what's exactly that exclusive packaging?
Thanks, missb. In that case I should be okay, because I registered a few weeks ago using my friend's zip code. I'll ask if she minds if I use her address and then I should be all set.
I really wish we didn't advertise this!
Heh. Fair is fair.
I'm going to be a very mean person on Monday and will fight dirty in order to get my hands on a limited edition Dollhouse dvd. I've got my game face on. Grrr!!!
The packaging is slightly different for the limited edition. You will be able to pick up one for yourself and one for someone else with all the proper documentation.
Presuming you specify that someone else during check-out, if I'm reading the site correctly. It doesn't look like you can just order and then find someone after the fact?
Right. By proper documentation, I meant that you had to be designated beforehand by the purchaser and bring that documentation with you.
You also need to live in the US or have a US-based credit card. I just tried ordering another DVD I wanted so I could have my account all set up and it will not let me do so, even using my friend's CA address because it doesn't match my billing address and it won't accept my billing address because it's not US!!

So unless someone is willing to order one for me on their US credit card and accept a money order for the amount, I'm screwed!
Is this the website we use to order from?
samatwich, that's a whopper of a worry.....I don't have an American billing address either........

Anyone have any ideas????
" does not offer service outside of the United States."

I guess that means we Canadians are out of luck. :-(

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