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June 30 2009

"Once More With Feeling" in Toronto? Apparently it's a "SILVER STAGE Live Shadow Cast Performance", whatever that means. Can't find ticket links anywhere on the Toronto Fringe Festival site, however.

I'm guessing a "Shadow Cast" performance means live actors performing alongside the screening, ala the "Rocky Horror" midnight shows ...?
Hmmm...I've never had the chance to go to anything like this close to home. I'd rather have just the screening without the live actors though.
Bit more about The Silver Stage here.
Yep, Shapenew. Much like Rocky Horror (they've been doing it for Repo too.)
Oh yah. Saw them do it when I went to see was kinda annoying. The Bloor Cinema is great (they hosted Can't Stop the Serenity last week); and I love whoever is the shadow cast for Rocky (I think they're called "Excited Mental State"), but the people who did it for Repo, I guess it was The Silver Stage...tried to make Repo INTO Rocky (shouting out things to the movie, etc), which it will never be.
I kinda don't want to see them do the same thing to my 2nd favourite episode of my all time favourite show.
They had planned on doing Dr. Horrible for this as well but couldn't get the rights to do so.
The Bloor is a great theatre- they were very generous to us in their rental terms for our CSTS last week. It made a big difference.
Thanks for the link Simon. They sound kinda wacky. I may have to force my boyfriend to go and check it out with me.

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