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July 01 2009

James Marsters announced for SFX Weekender event. This will be held next February in England.

According to his fansites he's only there on the Friday. I wonder if they'll have day tickets?
Sorry here, but I can't help to wonder why we have to watch such an actor only at events, instead of stage and films. Meaning, it's totally OK meeting him as himself, but the most I like of James is his work, and last James' performance I watched was _you know, Dragonball. :/
Sorry again!!

Reading it's around a Torchwood event, and knowing the issues Torchwood is going through, I rather think it's great having James there supporting the show.

Anyway, please, James' agents, bring him back to a place a spaniard can enjoy him! ;)

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James has High Plains Invaders coming out on SciFi (or is it Syfy?) and Moonshot on the History channel. In the latter he's playing Buzz Aldrin.

He just finished a short run of The Importance of Being Earnest. So, Small Blue Thing, there's a few other places to see him other than Dragonball and cons. :)
Yeah, he's in a few things...but just not enough. Not that I'm not happy for him being popular enough to have these types of events and be sucessful, but please, take pity on us fans who can't ever attend these personal events and put him where we can all enjoy him, back on tv or the big screen, either one...I'm not picky.
It never is enough is it?
He could have Brad Pitt's career, and it still wouldn't be enough for me if I couldn't see him in my living room every single week.
Does anyone else keep seeing the title as "James Marsters announced for SEX weekender event." ? It's thrown me several times today.

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