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September 26 2003

Four Years, Countless Memories. City of Angel's Top Ten AtS episodes.

Ok, here we go (In descending order)...

10. Deep Down
9. Loyality/Sleep Tight
8. Orpheus
7. Spin The Bottle
6. Five by Five
5. Waiting in the Wings
4. Reunion/Redefinition
3. Darla
2. Lullaby
1. Home

Lists are fun. :)
I have trouble listing top ANGEL episodes. Top BUFFY's I'm all over, but ANGEL? Not so much. I'm sure I'll look at this list tomorrow and disagree with it, but here it is.

10 - Waiting In the Wings
9 - Orpheus
8 - Spin the Bottle
7 - Loyalty/Sleep Tight
6 - Reprise/Epiphany
5 - Lullaby
4 - Darla
3 - I Will Remember You
2 - Are You Now...?
1 - Five by Five/Sanctuary

I wanted "Deep Down," "Awakening," and "Hero" on the list, among others, but they were nudged out. And although some people might think it's weird to have Faith-centric episodes on the top of the list, the reason those episodes are so good is because Faith shakes things up between all the major characters, because she's able to bring things out in Angel and Wesley (and Cordy too, though to a lesser extent) that allow for some interesting exploration: Angel's projecting his redemption on to her; Wesley being tortured and having to face his past and his uncertain future; and Cordy, well, she's reminded of serious stuff (think "Band Candy": "Oh great, now I have think serious thoughts all day!"). And, of course, the episodes play into the mythology developed on BUFFY, and those associations brace and strengthen the narrative.

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We are pretty close on Top 10 Angel epsidoes (Are You Now.. & Reprise/Ephiany would make a top 15 for me) so what is your Top 10 Buffy's? My list (and yes, I am bored today)...

10. Lover's Walk
9. Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered
8. Chosen
7. Innocence
6. Fool For Love
5. Restless
4. Becoming Pts. 1&2
3. The Gift
2. The Body
1. Once More With Feeling

and the next 10...

20. Family
19. The Prom
18. Dopplegangland
17. Prophecy Girl
16. Two to Go/Grave
15. Tabula Rasa
14. Hush
13. Graduation Day Pts. 1&2
12. The Wish
11. Who Are You

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Unitas I liked your next 10 better!


10. Two to Go/Grave
9. The Gift
8. Tabula Rasa
7. Hush
6. Becoming 2
5. Prophecy Girl
4. Dopplegangland
3. The Body
2. Once More, With Feeling
1. The Prom

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I posted this earlier on another Whedonesque thread, but what the heck -- someone actually _requested_ a list! Who am I to say no? Includes my Worst Episode Ever nomination, with a runner-up.

And yes, this may win for Longest Post Ever.

I made this list midway through Season 7 and didn't count any new stuff. At this point, I'm not sure I'd change it. I'm not a late-season hater -- I'm usually defending Seasons 6 and 7 -- but I'm not sure any of the episodes deserve to knock off "Restless" from the #10 spot, or "The Prom" from #9. I have added some Season 7 in my Runners-Up list, though.


When two episodes have the same name and are both written and directed by Joss Whedon, I count them together; but if two episodes have different names and are written by different people, e.g. Surprise/Innocence, I rate them separately, which makes sense no matter how related they are plot-wise.

(Exceptions: "Bargaining," two episodes with the same name but written and directed by different people, and "Two to Go"/"Grave." These would have to be rated together, because they really are single episodes, as they were both aired as 2-hour specials. But they aren't on my list, so it really doesn't matter.)

* = Written and directed by Joss Whedon

10- Restless* 4.22

Imaginative, experimental, this is, like OMWF, very unusual and special television, a perfect example of why Buffy is different from -- and better than -- other shows.

09- The Prom 3.20

A touching capstone to the first three years of Buffy. It managed to recall, clarify, and validate everything that preceded it.

08- Something Blue 4.09

This episode is so classic. Like Doppelgangland (#5), not the most spectacular, but it's easily the funniest, most successful "Halloween"/"Band Candy"/"Tabala Rasa"-like romp.

07- Fool For Love 5.07

A bunch of backstory done masterfully. And best of all, it provides important insight into the psychology of the Slayers, insight that illuminates much of Buffy's development up to that point (not to mention Faith's death-wish in "Five by Five") and thus resonates on many levels.

06- Becoming* 2.21-22

Buffy kills Angel. The best season-ender ever. Probably the second most important episode in the series.

05- Doppelgangland* 3.16

It's true, I have a soft spot for VampWillow. And for good reason. Not the most spectacular episode ever, but Alyson Hannigan's performance is too delicious to ignore.

04- Innocence* 2.14

The most important episode of the series.

03- Hush* 4.10

Both hilarious and genuinely scary -- sometimes simultaneously. Where OMWF and The Body are not typical Buffy, Hush is the epitome of what a Buffy episode should do.

02- The Body* 5.16

Heartbreaking. Different from normal Buffy fare, but whatever.

01- Once More, With Feeling* 6.07

This episode accomplishes what should have been impossible: working not only as a musical, but also as the crux of the season and the entire series. Great songs, great dialogue, this is some of the best television ever made (not that I'm really in a position to judge, as I don't watch much TV). Sure, the argument could be made that, as with The Body, OMWF stands removed from the usual Buffy fare and thus doesn't deserve to top the list -- like it's a different animal, so you can't weigh it on the same scale (is that a mixed metaphor? "Ships _do_ have cannons, and a loose one _would_ make it rock..."). I say that's a load of crap. This is the most accomplished, creative, and downright impressive Buffy episode ever.



The Gift*, Passion, Graduation Day*, Lovers Walk, Conversations With Dead People, Selfless


Worst episode ever: I, Robot... You, Jane

Runner-up: Doublemeat Palace

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