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July 01 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #23. Fan favourites Lynch and Urru return for this Gunn/Illyria one-shot.

*waves 'Welcome back!' banner for Brian and Frank*
Gorgeous. I am so glad Brian is back. His handle on the character's voices is fantastic. He's had such a fantastic impact on the universe, from Beta to Mosaic.

Do we have any news after the Drusilla arc yet? Please tell me Brian will continue Angel. I'm still healing from Aftermath.

Oh, and Franco's art is gorgeous as ever. He really gives Illyria this insane sense of movement, like an all-powerful ballerina.
CowboyCliche, Brian is doing issues #23-27 and an Angel Annual. #23-25 are with Franco and #26-27 and the Annual are with Stephen Mooney. The new creative team with start with #28 while Brian moves over to the new Spike series.

Can't wait to get this today!
Really looking forward to this. And I think we get a new Angel every 2 weeks for the next month and a bit am I right? Drusilla is in 2 weeks and then Drusilla #2 2 weeks after that in time for comic con?
After Aftermath, this felt like pure gold in comic book form.

I really like that Brian did not take the easy way out with Gunn. Also, I like the parallels between Gunn and Illyria, and am looking forward to future developments.

Nah, Angeliclestat. Drusilla Part One is in two weeks, and that is just in time for Comic-Con. We don't get the next part until August, earliest.

What we do get this month is Angel: Drusilla Part 1, Angel: Not Fade Away #3, and Fallen Angel: Reborn #1.
I have Angel#23,the ATF epilogue featuring Gunn and Illyria.

This definitly felt like a true epilogue to After The Fall and it was so great having Brian Lynch back for this one.

Loved how Mossaic was worked into it and the cameos from the Mossaic characters.Non's fate was perfect.

The stuff with Gunn and Non was just so juicy.The reason she healed him and everything.As well as Illyria in this issue.

The T-Rex is named

Can't wait for the Angel:Only Human miniseries.This issue gave a nice setup for it.
Welcome back Brian Lynch & Franco Urru! I've really missed you both! This was awesome, I'm so glad to have more of Gunn's story arc, and I can't wait to read all about Dru. This really was one of the best comic book days ever.
So much better than Aftermath. I won't even complain about anything because it's such an improvement over the last 5 months.
This is sitting on my work desk RIGHT NOW! I chose to read Buffy on the way to work instead. Haven't had a good Buffy/Angel double comic day in a good long while.
So the big reveal at Mosaic was non?? I was confused by that because her hair colour changed from this awesome fiery red to blonde?! (btw, apart from that possible glitch, I thought the colours were particularly awesome in this issue. The drawings were brilliant too, but I really noticed the colours this issue.
Only eleven comments?? Wow. Are people just busy, or did Aftermath put people so far off the Angel comic that they won't even pick up an issue by Lynchy?

I thought that this was a very good issue. To get the negative out of the way, I also found the Mosaic scene to be a little confusing - good catch that Non's hair was a different color, Bluey. With her arm... things... covered by her straightjacket on top of that, no wonder she was a little hard to identify. (Funnily, I realized that it was Non who Gunn had checked into the asylum when I first glimpsed the "Anna" woman - and briefly mistook her for Non. While the text quickly made clear who she was, the first moment of realization of "Aha! It's not Illyria he's checking in, it's Non!" probably helped me to understand what was going on as the scene proceeded.)

But, yes, a very enjoyable issue. A very interesting, believeable insight into Charles' feelings post-Fall. Sad, but understandable, that he felt that he should die. Nice crossing over of visits to his bedside we'd seen before with others, culminating in the surprise appearance, and revitalization, by Non. Certainly unexpected, but the characterization of Non did make it make sense.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Urru's artwork when this series began, but it's grown on me quite a bit (and improved, as well, I venture to say); very nice work here. (At the same time, I also quite liked Stephen Mooney's work on the series, so I'm glad to hear that both artists will be doing more issues - thanks, Wyndam_.)

So, some excellent characterization and progress for both Gunn and Illyria, interesting development of Non, and some nice touches of humor - comedy Tyrannosaurus Rex FTW? All in all, yes, a very good issue, and a worthy continuation of the story begun by Whedon and Lynch in After the Fall.
Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm gona do that for a while cause i'm not to sure how i feel about this issue. Yay our peoples are back (wheres spike?) but i think weve said it before. Hate it when our long loved characters very suddenly start acting against type. It feels off. Gona reserve judgement until 'almost human' and intro to Dru. Oh but i did like the artwork, Gunn looked very J.Augustus.

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