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July 01 2009

(SPOILER) Preview of Joss Whedon and Jo Chen's Buffy Season 8 story. Jaw droppingly awesome. There's also an explanation as to why it won't be appearing on MySpace.

Holy tease, Batman!

"Check out this preview! Angel and Spike finally return, like you fans have been asking! Also, you're not gonna read it!"

Heh, oh well. Looks to be some sort of fantasy anyway. And fantastic work by Jo Chen. I wondered if her cover art skills would transfer to the panels, and they certainly have.
Is that really Caleb?
And I'm quite sure it's the same room where the betrayal-vision from "Anwhere but Here" happened.

So, that's 1 of 3? Awesome. Can't wait for the rest.
That's awesome and I can't wait to see the rest.
Am I the only one incredibly confused? It says that it is available right now at Dark Horse's Ebooks... but it isn't there.
O_O Angel is so pretty in that last panel. Guh. Jo Chen is an amazing artist. But we already knew that.
So.. is Caleb really connected to Twilight? Just like "A Beautiful Sunset" suggested with that one "I know that move"-panel?
Well, my first thought on seeing the thumbnail was "Hey, that looks like Mal, I thought this was supposed to be Buffy", so I guess she captured the likeness.

Looking forward to the rest...
1) I love love love Jo Chen
2) Everything on that page was pretty much amazing
3) Getting a preview page is tease enough, but when you're told that the whole thing is up and its not, thats just plain mean!

Can't wait to read the rest...
Once it goes online, please do post a new entry for it.
Hey! Isn't Caleb like dead? I mean, way dead?

And that's excellent artwork.

here it is
Amazingly funny, i love Jo Chen's drawing of Spike. I hope she gets to draw him more in the future.
Very interesting.

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Oh my god. That was hilarious.

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Wow, looks like the Buffster is dreaming about some pretty strange things. No wonder she's having trouble sleeping! Loved the Spike/Angel kissage. That was priceless! And marrying skinless Warren? whoa. I don't know what girl would have married him when he was still alive...It was great seeing so many of the big bads again as well. The Gentlemen, Sweet, The Judge, etc. And also great seeing Xander, Willow, and the Dawnster. The fact that in her dream Tara say's "I still blame you for my death" is, I think, very telling of the fact that Buffy does hold herself responsible for Tara's untimely demise. :( I guess that goes with the territory of being heroine and leader, feeling like everyones life rests in your hands. I hope that in time Buffy will be able to forgive herself and let go of some of the guilt. I always wondered if Buffy blamed herself for what happened with Tara and I guess now I have my answer. The sad thing is, we know that Willow kinda blames Buffy too. :( All in all, this was fantastic. Made me laugh, made me cry, made me repulsed (the Warren thing). Can't wait for the rest! P.S. Hope Buffy gets some sleep eventually!

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My hubby and I have just jumped up looking at it, but... am I the only one a little done with the fang-love-triangle thing here? I mean, yeah, I assume not everyone is a fanatical spuffy, right, though... C'mon, it's time to make a choice!
Wow, that was weird. And brilliant.

Random thoughts:

-- Clearly, we're in Buffy's dreamspace again, but what are the implications for the current storyline? Head spinning.

-- I agree that the opening scene looks like the same one that we caught a glimpse of in "Anywhere But Here": same cathedral ceiling, and Buffy's got the same outfit and scratches on her arms.

-- "What in the slashy heck?" Hee hee.

-- The wedding. We finally get Tara back, sort of. I also recognize the Gentlemen, Dark Willow, Clem, Vampy Cats, the Judge, and Elvis. Any others?

-- What's with the last panel? The way Xander is drawn, it still has a dreamlike feel to it.

More! More! :)

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Anyone know if we can see higher res versions of the pages? The CBR article has a link to the first page in high res, but not the other pages.
(I like to save 'em to my computer and look at them in full view.)
-- What's with the last panel? The way Xander is drawn, it still has a dreamlike feel to it.

I was thinking it was maybe Jo Chen taking a spin on Jeanty's style.
I hope we will get to see Angel "for real" later in Season 8, perhaps for the final arc.
Is there a way to merge the two competing threads that have sprung up?
Jo Chen's style really is terribly pretty. Wow. I much prefer this to the regular artwork.
I can only see the first page!!!! How do I access the rest?
Nevermind. I found latinandgreek's link
Tara wouldn't ever blame Buffy like that, so I knew it had to be a dream...

Love sleep deprived Buffy. Or was that Zombie Buffy?
Proves once again, ol' Buf's real talent isn't in her insight into her friends' minds.
Proves once again, ol' Buf's real talent isn't in her insight into her friends' minds.

Very pretty, and very funny. Really a treat! Thank you Joss & Jo!
Wrong thread...

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Apparently one of the characters at the wedding is Twilight.

(and by apparently I mean I made that up).
menomegirl; I was agreeing with quantumac.
I know that. The "Huh?" was for why you said that? Buffy's dream wasn't about her insight into her friends' minds, it was about what she subconciously thinks of herself.

Although I'm of the opinion that Tara was speaking to Warren rather than Buffy.
Yes, I meant she thinks that *of* herself *because* she doesn't understand her friends. Too many regressions, I guess :-).

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