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July 01 2009

"Now we get to really get dirty." Eliza talks Dollhouse season 2, Valediction, and Mapplethorpe with the Boston Herald. And look forward to a MySpace video documenting her Uganda trip.

Nothing hugely new, but some details on the upcoming movies, where they are developmentally, and how Eliza's spending her time these days.

Great interview. She has such a vibrant spirit.

I'm getting really antsy for season 2 Dollhouse!
Kind of weird to go back to production on July 22, which is right when Comic-Con starts.
Yeah, that's funny. Maybe they will "start" production with one week of second unit shots? "Okay, today we're gonna shoot EVERY SINGLE helicopter-flyover-over-LA-shot for the entire season!"
And did they rename the Mapplethorpe biopic? Wasn't it called "The Perfect Moment" just a few weeks ago?
I wonder if she said that she was "back to work" on 7/22 meaning SDCC and the interviewer misconstrued that to mean production.
Possible. Only thing is they kind of already are "back to work", prep work started this week and Eliza already had promotional photoshoots.

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