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July 01 2009

Joss Whedon announces the Comic-Con Epitaph One screening. Dollverse has a video of Joss talking about the upcoming screening. Exciting!

So both Joss and Megan Fox will be in the Leia slave outfit. It must be some sort of "not doing the Buffy movie" bonding thing.
That's awesome! I am so looking forward to seeing this and getting the DVD. Now if only I could find a picture of Joss in that Slave Leia outfit.
Also, technically it's the "world, except for Singapore, premiere".

Just sayin'.

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*shakes fist at Singapore*
Oh, I am so looking forward to this beautiful episode of DVD.
"Now leave."

I was there. Kinda. Just saying.
Was it you he was telling to leave?
Strange, I thought Joss dressed as Jar Jar Binks last year?
Well, I'm looking forward to Epitaph One, no doubt, but am I the only one REALLY interested in seeing the unaired pilot? Obviously, scenes were reused during the season, so I'm not expecting anything new and exciting, but I am interested in seeing Joss' original idea for the show's beginning vs. what we ended up with. Lots of talk about how Fox influenced the show in the beginning. Seeing the unaired pilot should give great insight into that.
I am 20 years old, and I have just realised that I have been pronouncing 'epitaph' wrong my whole life. I have no idea why, and it makes no sense now that I think about it, but I've always pronounced it ep-ee-tah. My mind is blown. Joss has shown me the light.

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