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September 26 2003

Doug Petrie and John Woo involved in 'Lost In Space' TV remake. Variety reports that the former Buffy writer, director and producer will work with Synthesis Entertainment to reinvent the 1960s series.

Ugghhh. Magnum P.I. is being made into a movie as well.

OK, the Magnum P.I. news made a bigger impact than the Lost in Space blurb. It will be fun to see, hope it happens. Selleck could still pull it off.
There is a certain point where the well becomes dry. Did they not learn from the LIS movie that maybe they should leave well enough alone? And if Magnum P.I. becomes a motion picture before a remake of The Prisoner is ever made, there is no justice in this universe.
Well at least Doctor Who is coming back on TV in 2005, let's be grateful for something. No doubt those Tony Head rumours will be resurfacing.
A bit off-topic, but anyone remember when John Woo used to direct really great action movies in Hong Kong? And now he's stuck in America developing TV remakes? :(
Everybody loves remakes. Yup, seeing the same thing over and over is the most exciting thing ever. Original ideas are just scary and boring. People don't like things that are scary or boring.


Man, I'm sick of remakes. :P

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