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July 01 2009

Variety reports that Neil Patrick Harris is in negotiations to be next Emmy host. The deal is not closed yet for the ceremony which will be held on the next September 20th. UPDATE: EW's Ausiello reports that's a done deal.

"An official announcement is expected early next week"

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If he's the host, they can't give the Emmy to Piven again, right? It would be kind of awkward.

I was bummed that his Top Chef Masters episode got pushed to next week.
Wow, very cool!!
This is exactly the news I was hoping/expecting to hear. Now we just need the deal to close :)
I would actually be happy with either NPH or Craig. NPH is smoother, but Craig would be far more likely to get into difficulties which would also be highly entertaining.
It's always great when Neil is on Craig - I vote they do it together! Craig could talk about the Rattlesnake Museum some more.
I honestly don't think an awards show should happen without him. ;)

Am I the only one that doesn't think Craig is funny? I really don't get his appeal at all.
You are correct, all awards shows should be hosted by NPH :)!
Ausiello says he got it. They probably saw how well he rocked the Tony's.

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