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July 02 2009

Vampires - In Space! Or the Future! Or Both! "Fray" gets a mention in a list of alternative vampire tales.

Man, I'd really love a Fray movie. Sigh.
Yea for Fray!

To which I'd also like to add that the Vampire Hunter D novels are the best of all its incarnations.

Other alternatives:

The "Sonja Blue" series of books by Nancy Collins

P.N. Elrod's "Vampire Files" series about a P.I. who preys on the Chicago stock yards and carries around his own native earth (Pre-Angel)

Near Dark, a 1987 B-Movie with vampires that ride around in a van, where vampirism can be "cured" with a complete blood transfusion, and with Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton. What more could you want besides the Monstervison drive-in totals?

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