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July 02 2009

If Only These Were Real... Check out two very decent fan-made poster art (the first seemingly a full-on theatrical one-sheet and the second a teaser poster of sorts) for a real (i.e. Whedon-led) "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" film based on the season 8 comics. If only they were for real...

Click the arrow pointing to the right in the left corner to check out the second poster.

Erin Cummings would be a nice choice for Fray (assuming that's what the poster is implying).
The second one is amazing!
Amazing work, didn't think of Erin Cummings for the role of Mel, but it's well thought.
Love these!
The teaser poster with just Buffy is incredible!
Really amazing. Wets my appetite for the Joss movie that will never be, because the Hollywood "Powers That Be" are so very, very clueless.
I adore the second one. Beautiful.
I also love the first one. Both really are amazing! Very well done, with lots of eye for detail like with f.e. that Buffy B in october.
That is amazing! Really very awesome.
Those are fabulous! Especially the second one!
The teaser poster is amazing. If Joss ever gets the chance to make a Buffy movie he should just use that image.
Love the teaser poster! If only it was true!

Although the execution is slightly clunky (but still lightyears better than anything I could produce), the idea of that teaser poster is amazing. If only this was what was actually happening.
So good that they depress me a little. The second one reminds me of the 'Buffy's back' posters for S6 and I get the same excited feel. If only it were true!
Love the second poster. The perspective of Dawn in the first one take me out of it, but then it can't be that easy to fit a giant into a poster.
Wow, just wow.
The second one is superb.
Sa-weet. Both of these are very cool, but like the one with just Buffy and the "B" the best. My first thought was that I wish SMG could see it. Might get her in the mood to revisit her Slayer alter-ego.
That'd be pretty crazy if one fan-made poster convinced her Willowy. But I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I dig em' both. I love that swirling magic lighting around Willow in the first poster. Very nicely done.
This might be my favorite thing ever.
The teaser is awesome! Dammit, now I feel teased...
A._Chaos, yeah I know, but I just watched Suburban Girl (eyeroll) so I'm really wishing that she'd be B again.
Hey guys! I made these posters a while ago. I couldn't wait for someone to post them on Whedonesque! Thanks for the good comments! Also, the posters were featured for the Slayathon auction last month.

If you would like to see the original bigger versions, visit my DeviantArt page with other Buffy or Joss related artwork here:
My jaw is on the floor from the beauty that is that Buffy teaser poster. So gorgeous yet deadly serious. I so want to be depicted like this, in male form haha
Unfortunately, I think the Kazuis are far more of an obstacle to this dream project becoming a reality than Sarah Michelle Gellar is. In fact, thinking about it, SMG is much more likely to have known for years the fact that, as Joss himself put it recently, he's about the only one who can't make a Buffy movie - at the least, not just by deciding he wants to. Which makes any talk of SMG "wanting to see a script" more likely to be a polite way of saying that she wants to know that Joss has control of the project, since she knows that there's a good chance, when it comes to a BtVS movie, he wouldn't.

EDIT: Now that I've actually seen both posters, I'm very impressed! I love the elements and composition of the full theatrical, and the teaser poster looks awesome. Very nice work! Sigh - it would be so cool, wouldn't it?

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Here are the originals in higher resolution (click Download on the left):

1) - Theatrical

2) - Teaser

It took me awhile to realize that the Dracula in the original TV show was so much less cool than how he was in the comics. (I assume that's the same actor?) I dig the general concept/composition if not big on some of the photoshop edits, but that said it's still better than some clumsy pro editing I've actually seen used as key art. Plus mad props for actually making Andrew look pretty badass AND for sneaking in Felicia Day as one of the featured Slayers.

Ooooh, and the teaser is pretty classy unto itself.
Ah, yeah. Do y'all always have to be so literal? It was just a thought, geez.

And oh yes... fuckin Kuzuis. They screw it all up for all of us. Every time. Is there anyone more reviled in the BtVS 'verse?

And I didn't see Felicia Day. And Why does Faith's head look weird?
Nice. I especially love my Rupes gettin' his mojo on.

That Scythe in the teaser is the one that was made as a gift - I recognize the skull beads & the expensive wood used as the stake.

Oh, wow - I had to look again to see Andrew. Heh.

Off to dream of a kick-ass Buffy movie and being able to brag that "I remember when this poster was first made."
if only......
although really enjoying the comics,
smart move mr joss

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