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July 02 2009

Win a Dollhouse Season One DVD set! Bashing In Minds is giving away two sets... one at random, the other for the best entry to their contest.

U.S. and Canada only.
I'd like to participate, but unfortunately I'm from Europe.

I always thought that question ("What would you hire an Active for?") would have been an awesome fan-anticipation-thing last summer. Like, thousands of Youtube-videos where people are exploring their fantasies and stuff, showing the richness of the premise and the awesomeness of the already-there-fanbase. Unfortunately it never took off.
Gah. U.S. and Canada only.

I had a really good answer too.
I'd like to participate, but unfortunately I'm from Europe.

We'll do a Eurozone only competition where the top prize is a night with me. Second prize is two nights out with me. Everyone a winner.
Although I find it amusing for a site named after a Dr Horrible lyric to misquote the same lyric that forms its url in the title bar. :)
Had to go with US/Canada only to keep postage affordable and because the DVDs are region 1 only. You're welcome to enter if you have a friend in the states who can accept it for you and pass it on, I just need a local address to ship to.

And the quote has been fixed. I blame my pop culture aphasia.
C. A. Bridges,

Do these DVDS happen to be Comic Con Exclusives?
They are not. They're the retail versions.
Oh, well, still a shiny prize!

I think some people are going to pick some Comic Con Exclusives for CSTS next year.
Cute name for a site.

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