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September 26 2003

(SPOILER) Angel 504 Hell Bound - Spike exclusive photo #2 A new pic from Arkanium Magazine

Was it wrong of me to wish that this was a photo of Spike in his dress?
Wren, highlighting didn't work. No text appeared. Is it because I'm on a Mac?
Oh great, we're going to have links to the frontpage of Arkanium every other day.
Does Glady read any other sites, or is she involved with Arkanium? Or Does anyone care?

Bored now.
Nah Willowy - I'm on a Mac too. There's no invisible text - just giving warning to anyone who didn't want to know that Spike will be wearing a dress in ep4.

And I second prol - bored now.
I don't mind seeing these pics, especially if they're current...up until recently any promo shots of "Spike" were old and made me wonder if he really was going to be on Angel, despite what all the press saying.

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