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July 02 2009

Buffyverse Comic Reviews interview with Scott Tipton. Scott chats about his history with IDW and Angel as well as his new project, an "A Hole in the World" and "Shells" 5-part adaptation, launching in November.

Scott will be joined by artist Elena Casagrande.

It is nice to be reminded the Scott Tipton did the spotlight comics that I had enjoyed, but I really don't get the purpose of doing comics of actual shows we saw with the actors we love. It just seems like a faint copy of what we already saw at it's best, with nothing new to say or add to the original.
That was a great interview.

I'm glad Shells is being included in this adaptation and it will be five issues.

I always consider two part episodes to really be one big one so AHTW/Shells both being adapted is perfect.
I agree with embers. I don't really get the purpose of doing this. It doesn't mean it shouldn't be done for those who do 'get it', but it does mean I won't buy it.
embers, Bluey, I'm with ya.
That Wesley spotlight comic looks like it might be something I'd read.
Menomegirl, I particularly loved the Wesley and the Gunn spotlight comics, oh and the Illyria one was really cool too... as was the Connor one. Basically I appreciated the secondary characters getting the spotlight!
I don't understand the purpose of the comic adaptations either. I loved seeing our favourite actors react to each other on the actual show, I don't see how transferring that to comic form does anything.
I wasn't sure that I would be interested in these adaptations, either... until my comic store stuck issue #2 of "Smile Time" in my pull box. I enjoyed it well enough that I collected all three. I guess, for me, it's a pleasant reminder of the episode - more tangible than a memory, more easily accessible than a DVD. Also, I think that I do have a fondness for seeing things recreated in different mediums, so I'm probably more inclined towards this type of project than others may be.

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