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July 03 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg is one of the "Hot New Stars Of NBC". New video interview with Dawnie on her upcoming nursing drama, "Mercy."

Just so people know. I think this link just gave me a virus. Luckily I had virus protection on, which healed it.

Anyone without protection might not want to click this link.
Just to be on the safe side, I've changed the link to the original source.
Cool. Thanks Simon.

Sorry if I seemed like I was having a go at you Irish Cowgirl. I appreciate the link. Good to know that Michelle's managing to make enough money to feed herself
Seeing Michelle in this interviews reminds of Oz in the
first season of Angel: "You're incredibly pale."
Is it just me?
Sorry about the mishap with the original link! Don't know what happened there, but thanks for fixing it, Simon.
I watched it. Too bad Michelle doesnt have her own fansite, still. She's got several dedicated to her online, and on MySpace and Facebook, but none are actually hers. Well, hopefully Mercy will make her want to pop back in on the wider web spaces again...
so i see no relevant thread but i just got
"Don't you like my mask? Isn't it pretty? It raises the dead. Americans..." for my whedonesque quote and it made me miss Giles terribly

i think ill have to watch some buffy dvds soon
and for sake of relevancy i wish the key all the luck one can give an imaginary person implanted in our brains by monks
:) No, it's not just you, iwantthefireback64. (Nice name, by the way!) In fact, there have been times I might have called her "astoundingly pale". Not that 1) I'm in any position to throw stones, as I tend to the fair-skinned side myself, or 2) I would throw stones, as I think that her poreclain skin quite becomes her.

(Edited to add my forgotten smilie.)

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