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July 03 2009

"What if"... with Dark Horse's Scott Allie. "What if" explores the alternate reality-type scenarios of our favorite Buffyverse characters. Scott Allie answers the first "What if" question.

I expect this will turn out much the same as Allie's Spike comments did, but with Giles fans.
I see Scott has discovered the magic of fanfic. :)

There are plenty of "what if" stories out there. My favorite usually involve a certain blonde witch who either doesn't die, or gets brought back in all sorts of creative, terrifying, guilt-ridden and angsty ways. The plot lines are infinite. The only thing required is the will to twist them.
Good grief. Was he being serious?

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That sucked. Not funny, not cool.
That made me laugh.
If Willow and Giles were hanging off a cliff, I think Giles would tell Buffy to save Willow. An old man dies, a young girl lives... to borrow from something else entirely.
I agree with ManEnoughToAdmitIt. He'd say something poignant, bitersweet, noble, and very British, and then let himself drop, to spare his slayer the dreadful decision.
It was kinda funny up until that last part. Was that a joke? The "daddy issues" part sounded like it might have been a joke, but then it goes on to say "her affection for Giles has always had its limits", which doesn't sound like a joke at all. If it is, I don't get it. And I don't think it's true. I don't think Buffy's affection for any of the core Scoobies has "limits". I think she'd pretty much throw herself off of a cliff to save any one of them.
Folks, he has Buffy convincing Willow to kill Giles, then telling her "Kidding" and they have a good laugh. I thought it was pretty obviously supposed to be a joke.
Giles is much too badass to be killed by mere gravity.
I prefer THIS What If .

(Spoiler for Marvel Comics #45, 1984: Thor beats the Hulk's ass)

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Taking the events of "Time of Your Life" into account, I think Greater-Good-Buffy would definitely save Giles. Just knowing whats happens with Willow would be enough for her to make that choice. And to weigh in on the joking part, he is obviously joking about the beginning. The end, he's not... and I 100% disagree with him.
Yeah I agree with you patxshand, but then I don't often find myself agreeing with what Mr Allie comes out with when it comes to Buffyverse characters.

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I think Allie is spot on and always hysterical. Don't ever change, Scott.
Scott gets way too much flack. I thought that was very funny, and if you don't think Buffy's affection for Giles has its limits...I'd recommend watching the show again. It's a sad fact, and she does love him, but she's able to turn away from that love.
I don't think he gets the concept of What If. That's more like 'your house is burning down, which pet do you save?' What if is like "What if Sue Storm married Namor instead of Reed" or "What if Wesley hadn't stolen the baby" and the ramifications thereof.

I always liked What If comics.
Somehow I highly doubt that Scott doesn't get the concept of What If. He just answered it in the way that Kirk answered the Kobayashi Maru.
Yes, I'm sure he got the concept of "what if". It was just the question handed to him was very difficult. Anyway, he seemed funny and light. It's cool that Allie can be light about things like this even though he knows what kind of backlash he'll get half the time. Someone is going to hate it no matter what he says, might as well be fun about it.

I think Buffy would save Willow if push really came to shove this way. Giles would make her anyway.
I agree. I don’t even see the point of getting worked up about it. He just gave a personal opinion about fictional characters. It's not like you can really judge a person based on that. As loveable and amazing as these characters are, they ain’t real.

If he was serious though, I do disagree with him. I agree that Buffy would probably save Willow but not because her love for Giles has its limits. Just because I think she probably could live with loosing Giles more “easily” than she could Willow. I also agree with everybody who says Giles wouldn’t even let her make that choice, he’d let himself fall just to save Willow and Buffy from making the decision.

Because “sometimes that means saying and doing what other people can’t, they shouldn’t have to.”

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I'm sure he's an excellent dude*, but he would have done better to leave it at the comedy and not make blanket statements about the characters that are just wrong.

In the real world, being an editor at Dark Horse carries exactly zero weight, but in geekdom, fans might give it some weight. So some tact and knowledge of what you're talking about is a good thing.
I think we're getting close to me getting all stompy feet and say "play the ball, not the man".
Simon's playing with balls? o.O Um, okay.

I agree with him about the limits.

If the scenario was less open to fannish caviling, say, each is in a locked room and if she opens the door of one it will kill the other, I think she'd probably open Willow's door, if for no other reason than that it's far more likely she'd be able to bring Giles back if she had Willow's help than vice versa.
I actually think Buffy would sacrifice herself for her friends. Again.
And once again a fan goes for C when only A and B are asked. I think that's typical of the Whedonverse because Buffy always found her C.
It's so true, cabri. Buffy always did find her C. That's what pretty much makes the entire fiction, for me anyway.

Mr. Allie was a great sport about this. Out of the dozen 'What If' questions we had, we opened with this one and I admit, it was a bit of a crazy one. I was surprised he even comitted to an answer (wacky/silly or otherwise) and really respect that. He could've gone vague and safe, simply answering with one word or not at all.
I could evade the question (like the way I found a way around the old riddle "What is the sound of one hand clapping?") by saying "'Boiffy'd' save Giles because Willow can flay, err I mean fly" but the assumption in the question has to be that Willow isn't able to save herself that way.

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