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July 03 2009

Nathan Fillion Vid Interview on his Halo: ODST role and playing Halo. Also here is a ODST game trailer clip featuring him.

Thanks LAAMINUI for the links on

The link isn't working for me. Anyone else?
Works fine for me (in continental USA.)
Works for me too.There's a most excellent story in there about a fan recognizing Nathan's voice during play.

Links don't work for me. Dial-up and old computer.

Originally posted by Laaminui:
I'm so jealous of that kid that met Nathan over Halo and talked to him, Lol.

XBox Live Player: "Did anyone ever tell you you sound like Nathan Fillion?"

Nathan: "All the time actually. People tell me that all the time."

XBox Live Player: "But it's really weird, don't you think that you sound like Nathan Fillion?"

Nathan: "Isn't it weird that you know what Nathan Fillion sounds like?"

Player's friends: Dude, get on the back of the jeep!

XBox Live Player: "Dude! Quiet! I'm talking to Nathan Fillion!"

Ohh! That's awesome, I'm a fan of halo as well, I think it would be pretty cool to play with him one day. I'm like that kid, I know his voice very well too. Funny story when I first played Halo 3 with my brother I heard him and Adam, I freaked out I was like "Oh my god, that's Nathan Fillion." and later on I heard Adam telling us what to do in the game, I think but I'm not sure what he was saying but the funny thing that I was freaking out when I heard Nathan, then my gun went off and I shot one of his characters, and I believe I killed him. I didn't mean to do that, sorry dude. But later on in the game he comes back (his voice I mean), and I was happy to hear his voice again. I know I'm very off and weird, however I would like to get this game, it seems pretty cool.
Capt Mal cast in Halo?

Kind of cranky - check.
Squad commander - check.
Tension with the love interest - check.
I wonder if his "buddy from Venice Beach" is Alan. I know they seem to keep in contact and both had parts in Halo 3. I just love that they seem to keep in contact with each other, it's like knowing that all your best friends from high school still keep in touch.
Nathan, Alan and Adam are all doing voice work for Halo: ODST.
Is Alan from Venice Beach?

I've definitely heard that he plays Halo with Alan.
This is all fine and good, but when they have the BDH start reciting lines from the show for their in game characters, THAT'S when it gets to be too much.

It is pretty neat that they have his likeness in ODST as well as his voice, though.
I am so fired up for this game. Can't wait for it to come out.
Hey, are these screenshots from ODST or just something fun that Bungie does when vistors stop by?

post about Nathan's visit to Bungie Headquarters
I've always loved the Halo series but Halo 3 was even more of a blast because of Nathan, Adam & Alan being in it. There were so many funny nods to Firefly fans throughout the game. During one part I had a character voiced by Adam riding around with me on the back of a bike thing I was driving and if he got killed I'd keep reloading just so I could hear all the funny things he was saying.

And I just love that he's just as big a fan of the series as I am. I'm so envious of that kid!!

I cannot wait for this game to come out and I can't wait to hear more about Halo Reach as well.

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