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July 03 2009

$50,000 raised so far from 2009 Can't Stop The Serenity screenings. The global organisers say "we're well on our way towards our goal of $150k!".

Anyone here go to a screening? Do tell all.

Go go team awesome!
Austin, TX US ~$19,000


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So proud of you all!!!
Arlington was fun. Only one showing this year, unlike previous years, and it sold out fast. I think they're planning to do 2 again next year.

It was nice to see Dr. Horrible on the big screen. I could hear a little bit of singing along during "So They Say." I think people were trying hard not to, since it wasn't a sing along, but that's such a great song. The music sounded great in the theater.

I think a few people hadn't seen Dr. Horrible before because they made a shocked sound toward the end.

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We went to (and proudly sponsored) the NYC event and it was fab! They had fantastic prizes & good food...all made by the organizer as his caterer backed out at the last minute! The screening and auction were both successes. They raised $6000 for Equality Now. There are photos of the event on Buffyfest, if anyone's curious.
I went two nights to an event in Raleigh NC (not listed on the total's)... the house was near full both nights and on top of that people were handing over cashy money hand and fist for raffle drawings and silent auctions. I don't know what we'll add to the total but I'm sure it will be a nice donation.(I think 10% was going to Kids need to read) I know we had a very good time, and I was surprised too sort of... We've had an event every year that CSTS has been held and every following year I think to myself that there will be no way that we can top the past years - mainly cause you'd think at some point non crazy people would let go.... but no - every years better than the last. Someone always has someone new with them or some Serenity Rookies always find their way. The love for this movie and for Joss and the things he cares for just seem to continue to get bigger and bigger every year... I'm looking forward to next year. Oh and to our Browncoat Christmas party in December where we’ll be screening the big damn movie again (who needs DVD when you can see the film on the big screen 3 times a year?)
And here is a small sampling of the Special Hell screening in Portland. If for some peculiar reason you still haven't actually seen Serenity, don't watch because it's that moment.
At the Arlington show, there was a brief, aggrieved "Josssss!" from someone during the similar moment in Dr. Horrible. :)
I'm with refuge5. The NC showing was great and this was the first I'd heard of it. I want NC to do Dr. Horrible.
I'm with buffyfest. The NYC event was so much fun! This was my first year and I can't wait for next year!
Well, we all have our moments. And this moment belongs to "Can't Stop The Serenity".

Gosh, they're doing wonderful work. Must give them our support and congratulations. News like this always causes me to be so proud to be part of our room.
I went to the screening in Denver. They filled two theaters and had at least a few big spenders for the auction. Lots of fun!
Austin seems like it'd be a great place if you're into the whole movie (watching) scene, at least best outside of SoCal.
Dallas screening is this weekend!
The Arlington screening was pretty fantastic. It was our third year going, too! Hubby hadn't seen Dr. Horrible and he seemed to enjoy it, though Firefly/Serenity is the only thing of Joss' he really, really enjoys. He thinks Dollhouse is "okay" and says he wasn't able to get into Buffy - despite not having seen it in over four years, and never having watched it with me! What do you say, internet? Can we get my hubby to actually watch Buffy?

Better yet - can we expand next year to show an episode of Buffy or two?
The Ninja Report, as far as I know, Fox Broadcasting has still not granted any permissions for theatrical or non-theatrical screenings of Buffy (or Firefly for that matter). So until they do, they won't be part of CSTS events.

Sorry! :(
There's more events coming up in July, August and September... and something very special to end this year's season!
Check out for dates and links and visit the CSTS Forum to discuss past and future events.

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