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July 04 2009

Greg Edmonson talks Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Composer Edmonson and Arranger Alan Steinburger talk with Leo Laporte about creating music for video games, a bit about Firefly and the tech of making music.

This interview was pre-recorded for Laporte's syndicated radio show and was live streamed on June 18th. Video includes their off-air pre and post show conversations as well.

Love me some Uncharted. Among Thieves looks incredible and Greg's score sounds just as fantastic.
Well, I don't think my internet connection at the moment could handle the video, but it is good to have some idea of what the very talented composer for Firefly is up to!
It's also good to have a reason to post some of the work that Leo is doing. The TWiT network is turning into a really great resource.
Now that there is going to be a movie made I'd love it if Nathan was cast in the lead role. Rumor has it that Nathan Drake was loosely based on Mal from Firefly. When I was playing the game I just kept thinking who great he would be in it if there ever was a movie made.

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