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July 05 2009

Tom Lenk's "Last Minute Show" in NYC this week! Hey kids! I would love to see some of your shining faces at my show at Don't Tell Mama on Wed., July 8 @ 8pm!

If you are in the New York area, you should swing by and enjoy some comedy songs, mortifying tales and strange characters. I promise lots of laugh and maybe even a tender moment. See you at the show!

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Ops, sorry, I didn't suspect you would have posted it yourself, or I would have waited ;-)
I wish I didn't have three other things to attend that evening! I would have loved to go!
Shameless self promotion. I love it. More, I say!
I live in Iowa, but my son lives near Columbia University, so he will stand in for me. Knock 'em dead, Tom!
Good luck Tom! Break a leg!
Good luck mate! Twill be awesome. Course, since I'm over the hills and far away in Alaska, it'll be a bit difficult for me to make it, but know that I'm there in spirit, rooting you on!
Shameless self-promotion is OK if it's purple.
It's like non-self-promotion at one remove.

I doubt i'll have the teleporter working by the 8th (Heisenberg Compensators my arse) but I bet it'll be ace (and possibly Leopard skinned). Have fun all who make it and yep, break a leg Mr Tom Lenk Esq.
Hey Tom! Best of luck for you and the show. I won't be attending as I live in FL, but wanted to give a shout anyway. :)
Why, look, it's Saje! Missed your humor. Not your Lederhosen, though.

ETA something about Tom Lenk in NYC just = awesome.

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Looking forward to the show, we've been curious where you've been hiding. Knock them dead!
Yeah technically it's self linking but we'll let it pass for this one cause god knows worse things happen at sea. Just a reminder - If Tom or anyone else wants their stuff plugged here at Whedonesque do drop us an email and we'll sort something out.

And I hope everyone enjoys the show.
Might as well ask the very gods to email you. Actually, that might be one for Smoking Gun if they do.

Not your Lederhosen, though.

Nobody misses my lederhosen. In retrospect the day-glo pink might be a bit much.
Another thing I would love to see but can't because of vacation out of the country. I will be back on the 11th. Anything interesting happening after that?

Simon, is it really technically self linking since the link is not to his own website, only to someone else's website that is promoting his show? Just an interesting point to ponder, not an argument.

Hey Saje, I always miss your lederhosen, day-glo pink or not. Good to see you back.
I will try my darnedest to make it.
I won't be able to make it, but good luck, Tom! I'm sure it'll be made of awesome.
In response to newcj, the answer is yep. The relevant section from our rules reads:

It is considered bad etiquette to link to your own site, a site you are associated with, something you've written or designed, or something that's been written about you or your projects.

Yep, I'd totally pop over for that. If, y'know, it didn't mean crossing thousands of miles ;).

Also: I totally missed purple!Lenk the previous time he posted here. Which makes this a very pleasant surprise.

And finally: Saje! Good to see you back-on-the-black (okay, that sounded like something an '80s rapper would say), even if your lederhosen are day-glo pink (whatever were you thinking, mate? <-- can I pull off saying 'mate', by the way? It's not very english-as-a-second-language-y, after all ;)).

ETR: typo

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Sorry peeps! I didn't know there were stringent message board rules. Who knew! Do I have to pay a fine?
Yes, it's a huge fine. I'll send you my the address.

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You just have to buy Saje new lederhosen
Just got back from NYC. Wish I had known about this ahead of time--perhaps I could have extended my stay.

Should be a fabulous show. I'm envious of any who can attend.

Thanks for posting, TL, and thanks to the mods for allowing him to break etiquette.
Joss breaks it all the time. Seems a little weird that the rule is even technically supposed to apply to purple people
I didn't know there were stringent message board rules.

We have some ground rules to keep things civil. Here they are, by the way.

And now back to discussing the show in New York. I wasn't aware Tom did standup. The musical comedy I knew from an awesome YouTube clip someone linked to from here awhile back.

Doesn't the contact page say not to send in stuff you want plugged? And to instead rely on the Whedon fanbase's superpowers?

This is a quandary.
I thought the self-posting rule did not apply to purple people because they are probably the best source of news about themselves ... ?
Made my reservation. :)
I think the self linking rule should obviously be waived for purple people. I mean, it's not some random person who's linking to their blog about the Whedonverse. It's a Whedonverse alumni; they're the people we're posting links about anyway.
I think it's great that Tom's reaching out to the fans. Were I a New Yorker, I'd definitely make it out, and be glad that I heard it from him first.
Well, here's my 20 euros on the matter. To decide whether or not certain purple people can self promote is a little like the difference between fine art and pornography - and what that difference is, I have no clue.

But more seriously, speaking for myself, I have no problem what so ever with Whedonverse purple people promoting projects. That said, I can also understand how it could get out of hand.

Here's an idea - how about a Purple People Bulletin Board?
But this website's front page is more or less a bulletin board. Seriously, just as Tom posted it, someone else posted the same thing.
If people want to ask questions about site etiquette, feel free to e-mail us. Otherwise, please enjoy the discussion of Tom's show. Cheers.
Let's see who is going:

Dana5140's son.
chazman will try to make it.
Care to do a show in Australia, Tom? I promise to get 4 people and a sheep there
Make that five people, a sheep and my pet koala.

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Oh man, I wanna go to the show that has a pet koala.
6 people, if it's in Melbourne. I could bring... my cat... dammit, I'm not Australian enough!
If you're in the New York area, you MUST go! I saw his LA show back in 2005, and it was amazing!!! He is one funny dude.
Wait! Saje is working on a teleporter?! How did that slip by us? We're going to start disappe......
Come to Adelaide... actually don't.. Adelaide sucks! I'll meet you in Melbourne with a whole family of Witchetty Grubs
*cries* Somebody has to do something cool the first weekend of August in the Baltimore/DC area. Or maybe Labor Day weekend in Phily. Those are the only dates they let me out and nobody cool ever comes to Metro Detroit. :`(
A question on the purple issue. Is this here board safe from One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eaters? As they are quite common this time of year, and it would be a shame to lose some of our Purples.

And if it wasnt for that Atlantic thingy I'd surely stop by the show.

[ edited by Satai (with Punsch) on 2009-07-06 08:25 ]
Well, the government insists that One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eaters don't really exist, but are actually weather balloons, so with that reassurance, we can all rest easy in the knowledge that our purples have nothing to worry about.
I have often wondered if these were one-eyed, one-horned purple things that eat people, or if these were things that ate one-eyed, one-horned purple people? Actually, if it's the latter, I think most of our people are safe, with the possible exception of Xander if he takes up the trumpet and has a fit of apoplexy at the same time.
Course, since I'm over the hills and far away in Alaska, it'll be a bit difficult for me to make it, but know that I'm there in spirit, rooting you on!
Rune | July 05, 21:07 CET

All that plus across 2000 miles of Pacific Ocean, so doubt I'll be making it, either.;)

Best of luck Tom, I'm sure it will be made of awesome.
1. How fucking cool is it that Tom Lenk is posting here? (So cool!!! is the answer, btw)

2. Welcome back Saje from the great beyond.

3. That's all I got.
Well, as the one more commenly known is said to play Rock'n Roll music from the horn in his head it would seem that they are of the One Horned, One Eyed, flying version that indeed eat purple people.

But as they also seems to be easely distracted by music, our purple friend Mr. Lenk is probably safe ;)

And I have no problem with self promotion from our purple friends. This is after all about Joss'verse information and primary sources are always preferable. But then again, thats just my still rather Newbieish view of things.
Saje! *Hums merrily as now all is right with the world*
I believe the purple people could self link, because purple = royalty. Off course, when we get a monarchy here I'll demand that they follow all the rules.

Nice to "see" Saje back! I was already wondering if he was the vocal coach of Susan Boyle, and will leave us forever.

Just to be a little more off topic: Sunfire, when did you became purple? And congrats!

Edit to try to make it looks a little with English.

[ edited by Brasilian Chaos Man on 2009-07-06 17:50 ]
Tom is made of awesome sause....and it is brown!

I would so be there, but a very long time ago a sea was put in the way :(. Tom, come to London :D. Hope all that go have a lovely time.
..aring (! blinks eyes). Goshnabbit, would someone please take that teleporter away from Saje. This reminds me when someone handed Willowy the Troll's Hammer.
Had I known, I would have stayed in NYC another day or two. Drat.
Yes, it's a huge fine. I'll send you my the address.

Hee. jcs is funny. So is Let Down.

Also, we missed you Saje. It's been pure hell and total chaos without you around. Please stop thinking you have other things to do than post here.

*weeps with relief*
I think if we banned everyone who self-promoted, we might also have to ban Joss. So yeah, the purples should get a pass; rank hath its privileges, etc.
In fairness, Joss' links almost never actually lead to anything related to him. Or, often, to anything full-stop (I think shameless self-promotion is fine if the "self" you're shamelessly promoting is Homestarr Runner for instance ;).

No harm no foul though I reckon (though I do like the egalitarian application of the rules - purple may be the colour of royalty but the Mods clearly see this as a republic. Ish ;).

And if it wasnt for that Atlantic thingy I'd surely stop by the show.

Yeah, stupid Atlantic. Who's idea was it anyway ? Though admittedly, even without the Atlantic in the way it'd be a long walk.

You just have to buy Saje new lederhosen

Does Leopard skin come in day-glo pink ? That could work (if nothing else it'd make being a gazelle a lot trippier).

And cheers guys. Jeez, if i'd known I could fix the world and prevent the suffering of pure hell/total chaos i'd have come back from beyond sooner (it's just "beyond" BTW - it ain't that great IMO).
*hugs Saje* Welcome back, chap. :)

From linked thread:

So already the show is running like a well oiled companion.

That is so wrong.

Going to see Tom Lenk in NYC would be splendid. But I'm over here *waves* in San Diego. I wonder what's going on in the LA-ish area. Will Tom be at SDCC?

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