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July 05 2009

(SPOILER) Scott Allie's Q&A for Buffy #26. You know the drill. The cool people at SlayAlive shoot Q's, the suave Scott shoots A's back.

I think we "fixed" the Warren/First knowledge question in that other thread about #26. If Scott just reads that, everything will be fine. ;)
I actually thought about sending Scott the fanwank created by wenxina and vampmogs. Seriously considered it.
Honestly, personally, I don't think it has to be more involved than "word gets around" combined with "Warren's trying to rattle Andrew".
Yah huh. Plus if you say "Magic!" while doing jazz hands, you can lull anyone into believing anything you want. Although it works better if you can shoot fire out of your sleeves.
Ha ha ha ha stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
I'm very intrigued by this Animated Buffy that Fox "has in the works." Very exciting stuff.
Yes, that was the most startling statement for me. Something in the works, eh...?
I thought it was interesting he said "FOX" has something in the works. I know that with any Buffy-related project FOX is always connected but usually Allie speaks more for Darkhorse. I think everyone was assuming they were taking the lead on this but I got the impression from Allieís response itís more of a FOX thing. Though I assume if Allie knows about it, Darkhorse is related.
A story that's really about something has a certain logic to it. It's not a riddle to be hinted at. It's a story to live through.

I like this. Well is it put.
I wish i could come up with a decent Q.
I like reading these every month.
I'm glad I read that, it filled in a bit of the blanks between #25 and #26 - I think I'll enjoy rereading #26 even more knowing that there's a jump in time and that the Slayers are being actively hunted by the human authorities, rather than just going "eh?" again.

(I didn't have a problem with Warren knowing what First!Warren did with Andrew - I just assumed that Joss forgot again.)
I am glad that they are fixing the First thing.
I'm interested to see how they fix the Warren situation. Warren was already way evil and manipulated Andrew to do terrible things even before the First was in the picture. Something believable could definitely be done.

One of my small concerns with the issue was the WTF over Faith's reaction to Willow teleporting the demon away. The response about Faith being tired of the killing doesn't really work for me. She's a slayer, at command central, in the middle of a battle. Faith Lehane doesn't get tired of killing demons. She may not be excited about it like she used to be, but she would never scream out in the middle of a battle because she thinks Willow might brutalize a demon.

Interesting stuff about the Willow one-shot though. The question about where Willow and Kennedy were makes me think this might be set during the time where Willow and Kennedy were living wherever they were in the flashback in #10.
Loads of interesting questions and replies!

I really liked his answer to #18.
Isn't it nice how he avoids some of the questions? =]

And what's this Willow one-shot they keep talking about? o_O
He wouldn't have to avoid certain questions if more people would grok that if they want spoilers rather than reading the book as it happens, the editor of the book is a stupid person to ask for them.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-07-06 17:57 ]
patxshand, I was kind of surprised by Faith's reaction, too. But after reading the issue again I thought it might be more a response to the huge battle they were in the middle of all over again rather than just Willow 'porting away with the demon.

And as a sidebar, I'm thrilled that Kristian Donaldson will be doing some Joss-related work in the near future!

[ edited by CrazyKidBen on 2009-07-06 18:47 ]
I think it's more that Faith is reacting negatively to torture, not necessarily to killing. I'm sure she'll kill a demon or a vampire as soon as the next slayer, but torturing them is not good. That's why she reacted negatively. She immediately understood Willow's intention was torture and she was right. Willow skinned the demon in order to get info.

It's similar to the way she reacted to Wesley torturing the addict in AtS season 4. Going down the torture path leads to badness and Faith did seem to be hopeful for helping people more at the end of NFFY rather than just killing demons.

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DawnLover90: The Willow one-shot was revealed in the Q&A before this one. Not much is known about it yet, so I don't think that anyone has anything definitive to report yet, other than what Scott has shared with us so far.
Incredibly curious about this animated Buffy stuff... last we heard it was just motion comics, but it's starting to sound like a bit more than that. Maybe not, though.
I'm fairly certain it would be decent character development of Faith to have her currently very anti-torture because of what it does to your soul. That seems reasonable.
Scott's response re: the Spike/Angel figments in the Joss/Jo Chen 3-pager "Always Darkest":

"And the funniest thing about it, for me, is how it messes with Buffy's narcissism."

Zing ! (or "snap!", whichever you prefer). Nice.

Scott mentioned, when explaining how they won't have time to show Oz interacting with every established character, something about Oz mentioning to Dawn, "Oh yeah, you weren't there [in Sunnydale] when I was". But it's apparentely the whole world's memories that the Season 5, Key-guarding monks altered, so Oz does have memories of Dawn being there through Seasons 2, 3, and 4. In fact, he may not have even gotten a phone call or letter about it after everyone discovered the truth toward the end of Season 5 (when Buffy reveals). So he might think Dawn is and always has been Buffy's sister, because his memories tell him so.

Liked his comments about letting the story unfold/not being able to even give hints about certain things, due to many fans being such good guessers.

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