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September 26 2003

(SPOILER) WB's trailer for AtS 5.01 'Conviction' now available.

I think this trailer aired during 'One Tree Hill' on Wednesday night, in addition to a few short teasers.

Bloody hell, two online WB trailers for Angel. They're really pushing the boat out. Thanks wren, I enjoyed that. Out of curiousity were there clips from episode in that trailer?
Yup, I think most of the Spike lines are actually from episode 2, 'Just Rewards.'
Thanks for the link, Wren, cool to see the FG back in action. Tell me though, I wonder who picked the cheesy "walking on sunshine..." --- Never mind, I get it.
Actually I think the song is "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet...
Thanks Hellfire. I really just thought it SOUNDED like good ol' Katrina & the Waves. As before, now that I think of it, Walking on Sunshine would have been a funny.

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