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July 06 2009

Reminder: pre-order your special edition Dollhouse DVD. At 10:00 AM PDT the Fox Store will open the DVD and Blu-Ray for preorder. Apparently--I believe this is a new addition--if you preorder, you will receive a sneak preview of Epitaph One.

I think it's fine. People will be looking for a place to lament crashing the server here in a few minutes, most likely. Isn't it going to be 10 AM PDT though?
Awesome, thanks for the reminder (I'd forgotten). Also, this is counting down to 10am PST, or is it PDT, I'm so forgetful.
Sunfire FTW
I did a little editing to correct the time and change the headline.
Oooops. Haha, the sabotage was not intentional, I'm just CST so I've been thinking noon all day. Sorry about that.

EDIT: Or CDT? What is with these crazy time abbreviations?

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Cst = central standard time
cdt = central daylight time - correct usage for central time folk since we are in daylight saving time now.

Either way it is at 10 pacific 1 eastern. :) good luck all!
PDT, CDT, EDT the D stands for Daylight, as in Daylight savings. So during Daylight Savings time, you use PDT to signify to those not using daylight savings time that it's 7 behind Coordinated Universal Time, rather than the usual 8. During the rest of the year you use PST (Pacific Standard Time)
damn it, why did I extrapolate. Clear and concise, clear and concise!
You're lucky. Apparently Foxstore only serves the US, so poor Canadian me can't order a copy. :-< :-(
I'm not going to Comic-Con but I am interested to see how fast these sell. Has there been anything similar in the past to compare?
Sunfire, this is a first for 20th C HE.
So, how soon before the sneak peek leaks for those of us not buying? ;)
you can't leak sneaks, because it's wrong
I'd be surprised if it weren't out in an hour, really.
almost there....
Uhh, is the page counting up for anyone else? Do you know where we... buy?
Oh, so us outside the US can't pre-order????

Can anyone else confirm this?
It's counting up for me too...
how do we buy it aaaaaargggggggggggh
What the heck am I going to do with 5000 DVDs?
There's a problem with the website. I'm trying to sort it out now.
And just to confuse matters completely in the UK it goes from GMT to BST (British Summer Time)
I'm confused! What's going on?
And I just read " does not offer service outside of the United States."

Awesome. Not.

From the webpage: " does not offer service outside of the United States."
Thanks, gossi.
gossi! hurry up I'm still at work and I'd like to go home today please :P
There's only ever problems when a countdown timer is involved. It's a rule of the internet.
How do you order? Does anyone have one?
Um, I like, have to go to work...

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It reset. I watched it tick down and then go to 1 day again. And now its counting up!

[ edited by AthenaMuze on 2009-07-06 18:07 ]
The Xan Man - not when it's a slap countdown. That one works fine. :D
LOL in a very sad, bitter sort of way...count down again?

ETA It's 3am here. My class are SO watching an 'educational' DVD tomorrow!

[ edited by missb on 2009-07-06 18:08 ]
well that was panic inducing. well continues to be but whatevs. Countup?
"Who's flying this thing?!?!" ;)
Same problem, hope they fix it soon.
Something went wrong? Inconceivable!
I am at work and cannot keep this open very much longer. Anybody know whats up?
Yeah. Can't find it even through a search. Awesome Fox!
The website hasn't gone to plan. I'm rattling cages right now. Like a chimp, without the chimpness.
Well, okay, a little chimp.
calling the Fox Store customer service for info. Of course I'm hold while they experience "a higher number of calls then usual" I wonder why.
Somehow I suspect they're on it even without any cage rattling.
I'm rattling the cage, too, like a gorilla with a suitcase!
(old commercial joke)
Gossi, I really want to give Fox my money, but if it could stay broken for another, say, twenty minutes (commute time!) that'd be awesome. Thanks!
I'm waiting to see if I can still somehow get's ridiculous that they don't accept orders outside of the US.
IT folks are working on the issue.
It's the background, Gossi.
You know if you invoke the 'Blue Sun Corp', BAD things are gonna happen... ;-)
More importantly what is Simon going to do with all that spy paper. Transparency crafts?
Side note, I love how it's counting how long it takes to fix...
I am so curious about how quickly this is gonna sell. One half of me thinks we are legion, etc., and it'll be gone in seconds. The other half thinks there are only so many Joss fans who care enough and have the means to be here right at 10 AM PDT. So I'm curious about how this will go.
The website hasn't gone to plan.

You mean this wasn't the plan?!
Just spoke to FOX, they're sorting it now. bix, you'd think wrong.
Thank goodness for you all... I was convinced it was my ineptitude that was the problem. Never occurs to me that anyone else might be inept.
gossi, seriously, I'm pretty sure your talking to Fox isn't what got them working on it, or what will get it fixed.
I'm not I just wasting my time waiting since apparently Foxstore only serves the US?
It should be live.
Riker, no one is able to order right now. We've no clue.
do not see a link to order
I hit reload over and over again
Maybe this guy can use all that spy paper to print off his resume as he applies for a new job.

Or a divorce.
T, it's not. bix, I'm not going there.

[ edited by gossi on 2009-07-06 18:21 ]
I don't understand why it's taking so long to fix, and why they weren't prepared to begin with.
I'm not I just wasting my time waiting since apparently Foxstore only serves the US?

From what someone posted in the previous thread on this, it seemed like the online store would only accept payment from credit cards with US billing addresses.
It's a tech issue, these things happen. Anybody remember the early Serenity screenings?
It is working for me. Cache issues?
Can I fib about my billing address?
Did they confirm that the link in this article is where we'll be purchasing from (it's not just a fancy countdown page that won't have a link to the order form?).
Its not working
Oh neat, it even tells you how many copies are left.
Riker, I think that'd probably mess up your payment, from what little I know about processing credit card purchases.
Nevermind, just got the preorder button.
Yes, they confirmed for me that the page where we saw the countdown, now countup is the right place to be.
Working here.
I bet someone somewhere is going "mmmmm we could have doubled the amount of DVDs".
Let's see how long it takes till they're gone. It started to work at :23?
It's working here... I wonder if I should try anyway.
My order has been confirmed!! :)
Or at least allowed for some international people to place an order.
Yeah if you are having trouble try another browser. It worked for me that way.
Why can't they just use Google Checkout or Paypal so us international people can pre order too. I don't like my chances of getting a copy on preview night :(
This is what I'm getting:

Too many redirects occurred trying to open “”. This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page which then is redirected to open the original page.

Try saying that three times fast!
And... it won't take the credit card.. either one I tried. *sigh*.
Can someone confirm if it's US only?
Looks like it adam.cook - won't accept my credit card and whilst I have a US address I could use obviously that won't tie up with my credit card statement.

Seems pointless when you have to collect the item in person but I guess changing it would mean changing the whole website system.
And... it won't take the credit card.. either one I tried. *sigh*.

Yeah, me neither. This is annoying.

EDIT: Mainly because I'm in the US... don't know what could be wrong. Blargh!

[ edited by Jobo on 2009-07-06 18:31 ]
won't take either of my credit cards
Error processing card. How many others?
adam.cook, It is US billing addresses only. Sorry.
It's not taking my CVV. Gah. They couldn't have done the Futurama release first to work out the bugs?
Yeah, this is getting bothersome. Does someone have Fox's contact number? 'Cause the contact page isn't loading. Probably because it's being bombarded :p
And... logging into my MC site, it shows three pending payments for this thing...

Pending Twentieth Century Fox Temporary Authorization $69.99 $209.97
Pending Twentieth Century Fox Temporary Authorization $69.99 $139.98
Pending Twentieth Century Fox Temporary Authorization $69.99 $69.99
It says that I have already ordered one but it is not accepting my (Australian) Amex. Drat. T
amara- is it possible to reserve some copies at the con for users who were unable to get around the US billing problem, or is that overstepping my bounds?
I may be kidding myself, but I am still trying...and I bet it's sold out already.
It looks like only 50 sales have gone through (you know, successfully) so far.

I've complained about the international thing. I'm busying pimping this thing like crazy and - yep - I can't order one myself.
Yeah, tried here and didn't accept my card either. Oh well.
Mine worked (so I'm happy for me and sympathetic with those less fortunate). What's the highest "number available" any of us lucky few saw? I saw 2374 of each.
If you can't order, try again later. It looks like something is wrong. I've just checked and in the last 5 minutes they've successfully processed 3 cards.
That is the most frustrating sentence I've ever read, gossi. Thanks, though, for the update.
So looks like having someone pick it up isn't an option unless that person is not getting their own.
What I'm concerned about is that it's actually making it through to my bank side - saying pending authorization. What the heck is broken that it'd go that far? *grumble*
And... logging into my MC site, it shows three pending payments for this thing...

Pending Twentieth Century Fox Temporary Authorization $69.99 $209.97
Pending Twentieth Century Fox Temporary Authorization $69.99 $139.98
Pending Twentieth Century Fox Temporary Authorization $69.99 $69.99

Oh hellll no, I hope that doesn't happen to me. I need room on that debit card for the room authorization!

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[ edited by jrs1980 on 2009-07-06 18:48 ]
If the credit card info isn't entered absolutely correct, it will error out on you.

missb, above my paygrade. Sorry. There may be some available. Come by and see me Wed night at the Fox booth. I can't promise anything.
It's not taking my cards either, and I am in the US with a US billing address.
Absolutely correct, mine matches to the T what I have on the bank site. It's not me, it's them, sorry to tell you.
is anyone else still having trouble getting to the order page? i keep getting 'symfony project' error messages.
Guys, you have fandangoed the system. Keep trying.
yeah, i keep getting the "symfony project" error, too, and I've got two computers in my office, BOTH trying to log on.
Sucks. . .
"Sorry, we are all sold out!"
with 7 temp auth's on my CC... one of those better count for an actual order. :P

[ edited by Sproing on 2009-07-06 18:45 ]
are you KIDDING me?
now it says "all sold out"?

what? i've been trying for 45 minutes?!
OK, it's official. They're all gone.
Thanks loads,
wtf! "Sorry we aer sold out"
Been trying for nearly an hour and this is what I get?
This really BLOWS, Fox
How is it possible to sell out when the site is screwed? Honestly?
I'm not getting the sold out message. The numbers are counting down still, too.

But seriously, this is ridiculous.
so I can't get through with IE, Firefox I can't get a confirmation. Does anyone have any info?
Is that right? Should I stop trying? It's still declining perfectly good credit cards.
ok I give. Really gives the term "FOX'd" another layer. Go figure.
NOT sold out. Refresh your browser.
Yeah, this has not gone well at all. I fear a bunch of people may have been multiple billed because the credit card transaction system couldn't cope with the number of orders at the same time.
Total crap that's all I have to say on the matter
Thanks Tamara, shall do as I was actually going to anyway. (There will now likely be a gazillion people trying to impersonate me!)

You know, I feel petty for whining because Fox really put themselves out there to manufacture an exclusive. I hope this doesn't deter them in the future.
I'm on hold with FOX now. I wonder what could be keeping them so busy?
It took my card, and now I also have three pending charges. I can't afford $150 on my card just now, and have written Fox to complain about it (the extra charges, not my brokeness).
fraud dept from my credit card co. calling me now. *sigh*
I got charged twice. :( I sent an email, I hope they fix this problem, let other fans get copies! I only ordered 1 set, not 2!
Well, may have to give up shortly and just hope I don't have 8 pending charges on my card, because that's at least how many time I got card processing error.
It keeps telling me that the security code for my credit card is incorrect...which it is most certainly not. This is really pissing me off. I want this, I can afford it, but...I can't have it? Huh?
fraud dept from my credit card co. calling me now. *sigh*

Well, that makes me feel good, considering I've tried roughly ten times.

EDIT: And now I really don't know what to do. I don't want to keep trying, and end up with 15 charges of $50 on my (girlfriend's, teehee) card. But I don't want to miss out because FOX screwed up.

[ edited by Jobo on 2009-07-06 18:56 ]
Fraud department called me -- but said it was declined.
Heh, I guess I see you all at the Preview Night line to try to get one there.
Heh, so did those of you getting charged multiple times get the "error processing your card" previously or did it go through with no problems?
GEEZ. . .I have three computers trying to log onto the site AND I'm hold with FoxStore on the phone. . .still no luck.
Yeah, as long as Fox either lets them all go (without processing), or actually keeps ONE of those orders, I'm good. Or if the site finally works, that'd be nice... no e-mails from Fox, so I'm assuming nothing at the moment.
just got off the phone with fox. the lady told me corporate is aware of the problem and to try again in a few minutes. she really wasnt any help.
Hey, if everything works out alright for everyone and we see each other at the con then at least we'll have wacky stories to tell.

And still, "error processing card."
Can they at least show us a clip from "Epitaph One" anyway, even if we can't get the box set?

[ edited by impalergeneral on 2009-07-06 19:04 ]
So...I got it to go past the "your security code is incorrect" stage, but now the "step 3" page just won't load. It comes up a blank. Damn it.
So, the ones who got it processed... did you get the Epitaph One clip?
Does anyone know where I can call and/or e-mail Fox about this? I am also concerned that I have about 10 charges pending (I got the credit card error message repeatedly) and every time I try to access Fox's Contact page the server won't respond.
Nope. No confirmation e-mail yet.
So...I got it to go past the "your security code is incorrect" stage, but now the "step 3" page just won't load. It comes up a blank. Damn it.

Yeeep. Same here.
Same as UnpluggedCrazy.

At least I've got my CC# memorized now. :P
At least I didn't get the "error processing card" message, so I'm hoping there aren't charges on my card. No confirmation e-mails either, but going by what C.A. Bridges has said, that might not mean anything.
So now I no longer see error processing credit card,but I get a totally blank screen. No idea what to make of that.
Yeah, I never got error processing card. I got "wrong security code" and "card declined" though, depending on which card I used.
dgjedi, hopefully that means they're fixing the back end of the processing site...
Well, here's the exact message I get and I'm back to getting it.
"There has been an error processing your card. Please try again later." I've tried two different cards and get the same message.
This is the worst thing to happen in a while.
40-minute extended lunch break and counting. . .
On the confirmation page, they provide an e-mail to use if you have problems. But it's not a valid e-mail address, it has spaces in it. WTF?
Went to their normal contact page and used that instead. Can't call to complain, waiting on a call myself. But will afterward.
I popped over to site the second Tamara said they hadn't sold out & my order appeared to go through smooth as silk, no hitches, no multiple clickings, etc & got right to page/step 4 that says "your order has been confirmed" w/ an order number.

Went to my account online to make sure $ had been taken & saw I'd been charged twice for my ordinary DVD set - once for $49.99 and once for $54.61. Have received no confirmation email yet.

The extra charge comes at an EXTREMELY inconvenient time financially. I'm happy that I APPEAR to have made the order, but a little steamy about the double & inexplicably inconsistent charges.
Well, now it's back to giving me this message:

Security code not correct. Please update and try again.
And I really want to make a sandwich but don't want to get up and risk it starting to work.
And did you get the Epitaph One clip?
Okay, peeps.

I'm not authorised to say this and I don't work for FOX, but here's the deal:

Those who successfully ordered: some of you have been multiple charged. All multiple charges will be refunded. I do not know if this will be automatic or if you will need to call them yet.

International can't order. That includes me. We're shit out of luck, sorry.

If you can't order and you live in the US, I advise stop trying right now. Because some charges are still processing, it appears.

By the way, Joss and family successfully shipped Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog all over the world on DVD from their own houses. Well done Joss and family.
the dollhouse twitter feed (foxdollhouse) said that, even though the page said 'sold out' it definitely isn't.

[ edited by ILikeTheQuiet on 2009-07-06 19:18 ]
Gah! Wish I could help more, people. Your comments are being passed along.
Oh, *here's* a 'specially nice detail - on my bank account detail next to both of the charges, there's a phone number next to "Twentieth Century" - 310-369-4245.

When you call it, you get a message that you've reached a non-working number for Fox.

That's a really cool touch.

And did you get the Epitaph One clip?
maxsummers | July 06, 19:16 CET

Nope - the confirmation page says you'll get an email shortly - which I haven't - and my thought was *it* would contain the link to watch and/or download the "Epitaph" clip - though I don't, of course, really know.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2009-07-06 19:22 ]
If you can't order and you live in the US, I advise stop trying right now. Because some charges are still processing, it appears.

They say that if you don't pick it up at Comic-Con you get a full refund, so can I pre-order it to watch the clip. Then when I don't pick it up get a full refund? Awesomesauce.
you know what's sad, getting to a new error brings me joy. But..

I'm past security code error to white page! white page!
*high fives Joss and family*

I'd also like to add that I remember reading that Felicia Day shipped all of The Guild DVDs on her own. Kudos Felicia.
Maybe, FaithsTruCalling, but, it worth going through all of this just for that? Lots of problems here.
They say that if you don't pick it up at Comic-Con you get a full refund, so can I pre-order it to watch the clip. Then when I don't pick it up get a full refund? Awesomesauce.

But has anyone actually seen the clip?
They say that if you don't pick it up at Comic-Con you get a full refund, so can I pre-order it to watch the clip. Then when I don't pick it up get a full refund? Awesomesauce.

Yeah but then someone who's going to Comic-Con misses out on a preorder if all the copies sell out beforehand.
Well I've only ever gotten the processing error and never got past step 1, but as my credit line appears to be going down, I'm going to stop trying for now. You win, Fox!
Joss and Felicia prove that when it comes to sending cool DVDs, the personal touch always beats million-dollar websites that crash when they deeply underestimate demand.
By the way, Joss and family successfully shipped Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog all over the world on DVD from their own houses. Well done Joss and family.

Is this a comparable situation? I'm thinking the limited edition, the E1-preview and the Amazon-factor make it very different.
I'm in the same situation, hacksaway. My credit line is probably near $1000 down because I kept on trying to (unsuccessfully) get through! I'm currently on hold with Fox Store's Customer Service trying to get a hold of someone to clear things up...
The potential flaw in the Dr. Horrible/The Guild comparison, however, is those were not limited editions whose numbers had to be tracked as orders come in. That would still require website code that would get hammered during the early orders rush, even if they processed cards separately somehow.

ETA that Dr. Horrible, especially, was a print-on-demand Amazon service. They weren't being packaged and shipped out of Joss' house, the way The Guild was shipped out of Felicia's. Amazon's service did all that.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-07-06 19:27 ]
Uh oh...I got the "error processing card" message about 20 times now. Nothing is showing up on my bank's website, but I hope I'm not going to be charged multiple times.
Fox loves money, but apparently not a lot of it all at once

I know they won't, but it'd be nice if they could do something for people who are gonna miss out because their site sucks. But I guess that's not really realistic, even if they wanted to... people could just lie and say it messed up when they never tried.
4:25 am and I'm out. But good luck with your orders, everyone, I hope it all goes through for you!
The potential flaw in the Dr. Horrible/The Guild comparison, however, is those were not limited editions whose numbers had to be tracked as orders come in. That would still require website code that would get hammered during the early orders rush, even if they processed cards separately somehow.

The One True b!X | July 06, 19:25 CET

According to the information on the page, they're not assigning numbers until pickup. Wednesday is 1-700, and so on. They should now just be processing orders and assigning a pickup name to them.

That brings up another question, those picking up for yourselves, did you have to put your name under the pickup name info, or just on the billing info? It's quite unclear which fields are required.
I went ahead and put it on both. But then, I still haven't gotten through.
Sproing, not those numbers. They need to stop orders when they're sold out -- the actual number of DVDs is what I was talking about. Neither Dr. Horrible nor The Guild had to worry about tracking that sort of data.
First couple of times I got a "you card is declined because of invalid data" message.

Once I got a "processing error" message.

And the last time I tried I received a blank (white) page.

I have not received an e-mail confirmation nor any pending orders at my bank.

Total times tried= 5.

Now I get:
That buyer or pickup user has already purchased this title, sorry limited to 1 per customer.

Without any actual verification that I ever got an order through. Yay?? Do I need to call them to figure out what the hell is going on?
I just got off the phone with a Fox Store representative. He told me that they have been made aware of the problems by Fox Corporate and are advising all customers to continue to check back in to the website every 15-20 minutes, as they are working on fixing the problem now.

When I asked the rep about multiple charges pending on my credit card he told me not to worry as you won't be charged unless your order is confirmed, though he did advise me to stop trying to order the set until Fox announces that the problem is fixed.
Now being told that the confirmation email says the sneak peek is "only available to Verizon, AT&T and Alltel customers". True, or copy mistake?
We are addressing some glitches that you may be experiencing, will be back up for pre-order soon.

Well, at least they're acknowledging it. But the preorder site is gone now.

Uuuugh. I really don't want to miss this. It's the main reason I'm going to Comic-Con.
Arrgh! Now the link of whedonesque doesn't time out; it goes to the foxstore page and is totally blank. I've tried multiple computers, refresh and that's all I get.
Just got off the phone with Foxstore rep. I was told the site was down while they were fixing some problems. Told them I was worried about multiple charges on my card and they looked up my name. They told me that had one order on record still pending CV2 verification and gave me an order#. Was told I'd get a call back in 15-20 min confirming whether I actually had one ordered or not.

Have to say they are being very friendly on the phone despite what I'm sure are a number of frustrated callers.
The site is offline whilst Fox work out some kinks with the order process. Should be back asap.
Fox have asked me to post this:

"We have temporarily pulled down the Dollhouse pre-order page. We are addressing some glitches that you may be experiencing and will be back up for pre-order soon.

Also note: some customers are seeing multiple charges on their credit card statements. These are authorization charges only and will be promptly refunded. You will only be charged once for your purchase.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience!"
I have to say, I've never been so happy to have someone on the inside feeding us updates, gossi. Thanks.
Thanks, gossi. That helps.

Any idea when the fabled confirmation e-mails will go out?
To be honest, I'm giving them a bit of space to sort out the payment and ordering issues, then I'll ask about the confirmation emails and E1 clips.
Now I get: That buyer or pickup user has already purchased this title, sorry limited to 1 per customer.

So is this going to be the case? I thought it could be one each.
gossi, what about the temporary authorizations for the folks who didn't get the confirmation page - are they all going away, or do we need to preorder again once the site is back up, did they give an answer to that one?
Some people have gotten their confirmation emails already. The sneak peek is obtained by taking a phone picture of a JagTag and texting it (or emailing if on an iPhone) to a given number, and then you get the clip. Which is why, presumably, it's only available on some carriers (although I'm unsure how deeply that's been tested).

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-07-06 19:54 ]
I got a confirmation number but still no confirmation email or clip, and my bank also got charged twice :( That sucks!
I submitted a complaint about my double-charges (& lack of confirmation email/"Epitaph" sneak peek link) to and did get back an auto-reply that they will check into it. This form does, however, require that you have an order number, so if you weren't able to get that far, you might be shit out of luck using it.
The E1 clip is some kind of mobile content and may or may not work for you. Just advanced warning. It sounds a bit lame, really. Uhm, sorry.
Has anyone talked to Fox about the issue of the order site not being secure?
Can anybody else confirm if the order page is a secure site? Please tell me it is.
there's no https: in the address and no padlock icon, it is not secure
Just because the page isn't secure doesn't mean the *form* isn't.
Gossi - someone twittered earlier that is wasn't....but that's a bit like saying someone down the pub told me.
"Just because the page isn't secure doesn't mean the *form* isn't."

If part of the page was secure and part not there would be a warning message "some content on this page is not secure"

[ edited by Esin on 2009-07-06 20:11 ]
What's Dollhouse ?

The site is secure.
Well, the form isn't online right now so I can't check.

Tamara, the Dollhouse page is using a separate system. It might not be. Seriously.

[ edited by gossi on 2009-07-06 20:12 ]
If part of the page was secure and part not there would be a warning message "some content on this page is not secure"

Not in the case I was mentioning. It's not until you click the submit button on the form that you'd know. Loading the form page doesn't load the form *script*, and the script itself likely is secure.
I just checked my history, there's nothing for And I ordered. I have http://.
So right now, nobody can access the order site, right? There isn't some group of people getting the remaining 2000 while I patiently (hah!) reload?
Tamara, the main fox store may be secure, but the dollhouse CC dvd page is not
Fandango at your own risk.

It's still down, Jobo.
Gossi, if it's set up as B!x is suggesting then you wouldn't necessarily have it in history.

This is completely ignoring the fact that I would suggest that if a secure site doesn't use https on the the url, they should have a f*cking big sign telling/proving to people that it is secure.

I ended up running Wireshark on my machine when I accessed my bank to confirm that it was secure, which frankly is a joke.
It's not doing anything for me at the moment but if you play with the URL a bit you can get it to go to https ( for instance). Not sure how you'd tell whether the script itself is secure without auditing it though, or at least knowing if it's a de facto standard script (or whether the whole transaction is secure without, y'know, transacting ... it).

What does this mean for pre-orders of season 1 from way back when BTW ? Do I now have to trawl through all the crap in my webmail inbox to find out if have sent me something ? Say it ain't so.
gossi, I just got confirmation that it is using the same foxstore payment system and it definitely is secure.
Well, congratulations to all the Americans who got copies. I'm extremely jealous.
And for the record, we've shipped over 30,000 copies of Done The Impossible from our home to all over the world as well. The majority of those in the first few weeks.
Well we are getting progressively weirder error messages. I want to go to lunch but can't leave. Not now.
The order page is back up, but I don't see any "Next" or Order button. So you can fill in your details, but you can't actually... order it.

I think they're still tweakin'.
great; i finally get on the site and everytime i click on "blue ray," i get kicked back to the order screen. It doesn't allow me to order blue ray. Anyone else have this problem?
The order page is back up but whenever I try to select the blu-ray version the page reloads on me. This is seriously ridiculous...
Really? I still get this:
We are addressing some glitches that you may be experiencing, will be back up for pre-order soon.
Yeah, that's broken too. Hang fire for now. I'll post something the minute I hear it's officially fixed, if in doubt assume it's still broken.
Page still isn't back up for me...

EDIT: Nevermind, I got there, but when I entered my info and hit order (which, by the way, included tax for the first time--that hadn't happened before) I got "Fatal error: Call to a member function updateUser() on a non-object in /content/ on line 42"

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Currently, the JagTag process for obtaining the clip, at least via iPhone, returns "inactive campaign" from JagTag.
Yep, the clip is broken too.
I just got a confirmation for a Blue Ray DVD. Had to click on the BlueRay button over and over as it kept going back to the front page, entered my info over and over and then, amazingly, just got a confirmation page. Of which I'm PDFing as I don't expect to get an email confirmation.

Good luck everyone!!!
Man, this is really sucking. I finally get on. . .I finally am able to order it on blue-ray. . .fill out all my info and get this: "fatal error." Cripes
Wow, do they need web designers there, seriously? This is awful. You click on Blu-Ray, and it collapses the entire flash app to the main page again, the second you try to type something. If you type everything in, then click bluray, it does the same thing, erasing all of the info before you can submit. Terrific!

Edit: got this once I finally did "get through":
Fatal error: Call to a member function updateUser() on a non-object in /content/ on line 42

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yeah, I'm at fatal error. But still, progress!
yeah, I'm at fatal error. But still, progress!

Fatal progress!
I think Joss should start preparing his DVD pre-order jokes for Comic-Con now.

(Yes, it's still broken).

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Ran through my card a second time and got the "fatal error" message. Then, AmEx called me because Fox ran it through the second time and they thought it was fraudulent. Sooooo, I've paid them but have no proof that I've paid. *$#! Fox
The site shouldn't be live. Your orders won't work with that link. gossi, please stop linking that. When everything is fixed you will be able to get through at
I'm now getting a 404 error and I had it up and running (except for the Bluray thing) a moment ago.
Funny, but sad. A couple of fatal errors and then back to the website is experiencing some glitches.
Er, T, that link is the one linked to on Whedonesque on this topic. Not by me.
Redirect should be fixed now. Sorry, gossi. This is frustrating as I'm sure everyone is aware.
My partner A is itching to fix/clean-up this site.

Champing at the bit. It's driving him crazy.

This is what we do - as do also, I suspect, many of you.
Now JagTag reports "your phone model does not support the content you requested", despite there being iPhone support. (Re: the sneak peek clip.)
Saje, dude... everyone else is too scared (or too respectful) to tempt you, but not I...


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heh Fixed.
Also hard to fing - Dollhouse Comic-Con DVD.
So not sure what the secret is, but I've tried 2 different computers and 2 different browsers, but can't even bring up the form any more to try and order. :(
dgjedi, the site is down. We broke it. It should be back up sometime soon. There is no secret.
Yeah, the order form is offline dgjedi. Hold fire for now.
I don't know why I ever thought this would go smoothly especially having gone through the experience of buying tickets for the Serenity prescreenings five years ago! Fandangoing indeed!

I had a friend on the east coast (US) trying first thing this morning; when she had to leave, it was passed to a friend on the west coast. Neither of them have had any luck - so far. I keep refreshing this thread and the store thread just to keep up with what's happening. :)
Thanks for replies. it sounded like some people were getting through, so I started to worry that it was just me. Don't know why I thought allowing an hour for a two minute task would be enough.
heh Fixed.

Good thing too, I can't have my booty's reputation unfairly maligned. Hard to fing indeed. Why the very thought ...

Twitter I dunno about, probably bears looking into more but i'd sorta hate to break my web 2.0 duck now after so skillfully fuddying my duddy away from all the Spaces and Books and so on ;).

Also hard to fing - Dollhouse Comic-Con DVD.

You could say the Comic-con DVD is a hard fing to find. But you really, really shouldn't.
I think at Comic-Con, we should use "fing" for "find" routinely. "I'm trying to fing danregal, anyone seen him?"
I've never managed to fing Saje's booty, and not for lack of trying, believe me. And thank you Haunt - I was terrified (and also too respectful) to bring up Twitter.

Don't know why I thought allowing an hour for a two minute task would be enough.

Ha ha. Ditto.
S'computers for you - they speed up everyday tasks by orders of magnitude. Unfortunately most everyday tasks are dull, repetitive and frustrating. But hey, quicker !

I think at Comic-Con, we should use "fing" for "find" routinely.

You could have a sort of scavenger hunt and call it Fingo.

That's ™ BTW.
Since there's a lull in traffic, I've got a question.

I'm in the UK. Can I buy a US VISA prepay (gift?) card online? I can pick up the DVD at Comic-Con, 'cos I'm goin'.
Gossi, I think you'd need a US billing address too
I just went back online and the amounts of DVDs is still the same. Wanna bet they end up over selling? BTW: I still haven't gotten a confirmation email
Marsia, they sold about 150 copies then stalled completely. I don't think there's a danger of overselling right now.
Gossi, I think you'd need a US billing address too

You need a US billing address for an iTunes gift certificate so i'd bet Visa would want at least that (the UK 3V card I got didn't work - rather suspiciously - until I gave them my address so they could "send me a new one" i.e. they want it tied to a physical address, even though it's all pre-paid). Might be ways around it if you're willing to tell a few porkies of course.

Probably easier to just ask a friendly American to order for you though.
If they only sold 150, why did it say there were only about 1300 left last time I checked?
Esin, I'm just going by the last figures I saw on the website. When I looked before it got shut down, they had sold just shy of 100 DVDs and 50 something Blu-Ray's.
Gossi - that's not the figures that I and others seem to have seen, perhaps your page was cached?
It's entirely possible! We'll see when it returns, anyway.

From what I can tell from complaints people are emailing me (fun day), there's some people who have been charged by the system, but they never got the confirmation page or confirmation email. So I suspect they've got completed orders, but they can't pick it up as they don't have the proof of order. If you're in that situation, phone 1-888-223-4FOX.
I think we've crashed the site. Whoo who!!

Leave it to us Whedonesquers. Next subject please.
We got any kinda ETA on this being un-frakked?
I just got a call from my bank - there's an issue with the way the site is accepting the expiry date! My expiry date is 11/2009 but the site is reading it as 11/20 instead of 11/09 - can someone please report that to Fox!
My latest info: Confirmation emails were in a queue to be sent. When the server crashed, the emails got stuck as well. When the server is back up, they should go out.
Esin, I'll flag that up now, thanks. That might explain a thing or two.
Much as it pains my heart, this isn't one that we can blame Fox. Just be patient, people.
Gossi - yes, it would explain why so many people were getting told their details were incorrect! I'm glad my bank told me what the nature of the problem was, though it took me to figure out the 20 vs 09 thing. If that fixes it, do I get a free DVD for figuring it out? :)

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I totally blame Fox. Organising an event where 5000 people try to buy at the same time - which they did - then not having the capacity to process those orders is a failure in management. Leaving it like that for several hours whilst cards get misbilled also wasn't great.

But still, we invade countries and blow kids up. This is hardly the most important issue in the world. I imagine it created a bit of ill feeling, though, which isn't idea for a DVD launch. I wouldn't want to be at the FOX booth Comic-Con weekend.
Much as it pains my heart, this isn't one that we can blame Fox.

Blame, no. But 20th did launch a site that wasn't ready to be launched. It's very much their mess to own. I would argue for patience in dealing with them though. I expect they'll sort out the duplicate charges and such, it just may take a little time.
*waves* Standing right here, gossi.
Yeah, this whole website thing kinda went wrong in every conceivable way, huh?

I really hope I'm around when this gets fixed. I was here right when it opened... I'm gonna be pretty incredibly pissed if I can't get one.
T, I somehow don't think you're the IT department or responsible for card handlin'.
Yeah but, I will be working the booth at SDCC. Be kind. No one at the booth will be from IT or credit card handling.
I'm not sayin' people should bitch at the SDCC. But if they've been billed and don't have confirmation numbers to pickup, that sort of thing, some of them will be quite angry. That's exactly why I wanted the website taking offline. Putting yourself in front of 5000 hardcore geeks and then telling some of them they can't have the pretties may not be pretty.

I think most of the problems will get sorted out now anyhoo.
Called and talked to customer service - she said the extraneous orders on my debit card would be removed "in the next few days," and that how fast it happened depended on the bank in question. FYI.
I like to think Whedon fans are mature enough to not take this out on booth staff a couple weeks later.

Provided any nearby hyena enclosures are avoided of course. How close is the zoo?
Maddy, you're mistaken, I think. This *is* a FOX f.u. - or at least, it would appear, their programmers.

And having my bank account balance be reduced - very untimely, as it happens - by twice the amount I was spending would again be: FOX's fault and no one else's.

Regardless of the fact that the charges will be removed - for now, my bank thinks I have $50 less than I do, and it's what the bank thinks & not FOX in its infinite wisdom that will determine what happens to that big check that's going to be passing through my account today & possibly bouncing for such a stupid-ass reason.

And I found it very annoying when the customer service rep at 1-888-223-4FOX said there was no problem, that I *hadn't* been charged twice - which is news to my bank. He also said I *should* have received my confirmation email (implying that I was somehow mistaken about that) at the same time he also said that it didn't really matter that I hadn't received my confirmation email and kinda wondered why I cared, which I though was a neat little passive-aggressive double-fuck customer service trick.

When I explained that I needed it (as well as the email to my friend who's picking it up) as proof-of-purchase for a special CC pick-up, and that I also needed the special "Epitaph" sneak -peek info, he rewarded me with such astounding silence that I actually thought they'd hung up 'til I heard them breathing.


He was so unhelpful that I finally hung up on him. He never asked for any info, apologized or said anything would be rectified or corrected, nor was helpful or forthcoming in any way whatsoever.

Thanks, Tamara, for checking into this & letting us know. You - and a few others of you - are the reasons why I am not screaming now. I won't be at CC 'til Sunday - too late to pick the DVD up myself - but I wouldn't give you any shit for this. You sound like one of the only folks that had a clue.

I am generally a pretty calm consumer - I've been customer service before, I understand how demanding it is, and I know it's frustrating when you have to listen to the same problems over and over again. Shit happens. I started out very calm & understanding w/ this rep - even cracked a joke, but got nothing but silence & later rude unhelpfulness.

This crappy online buying experience - almost predictable when it was first announced - coupled with the unhappy FOX customer service rep means that I'm very disinclined to buy anything directly from the FOX online store again. Ever.

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For what it's worth, I'll be very nice to you when I try to get my dvd even though I can't order one from being outside the US. If I do get the dvd, you might even get a chocolate as a gift.
maxsummers, gossi & anyone else international. I got a call from my bank (declined order) so even though I thought I couldn't order because I'm not in the US I guess it worked anyway, so once the system is back up I will try again!
The problem is I doubt the people answering the phones have been told what's going on, really. I know my card has been billed twice by Fox (says my credit card company), but according to Fox they declined the card. They didn't - they processed the payment, but lost it. When it's back up I'll try again, in the mean time if you call your VISA company they can 'chargeback' the transaction(s) to FOX you may have incurred. It likely costs Fox money if you do that, but hey.

I never meant to imply - in any way, shape or form - bitchin' at booth staff is acceptable, by the way. It isn't.

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I just hope this gets sorted out soon. Thanks, everyone for not taking it out on the help. I hope everyone who wants a copy manages to get one. I'll be sure to post as soon as I know when the site will be back up and working correctly.
Tamara, I'm assuming people are gonna start going home in an hour, right? After five-ish PDT can I assume it won't be up for the rest of the night? By which I mean, I can stop checking obsessively until tomorrow morning? :p
Besides, we'll be at the booth to beat up anyone who bitches at TC.
I have big plans to be belligerent and demand that Tamara be the one to hand me my DVD personally. Look forward to it.
Well, I'm going to bed, so you can either assume it won't go on sale tonight again, or I value my sleep a lot. I have no idea really. And I value my sleep more than is reasonable.
Then again, given that she plays softball, and I just sit around my apartment, she could probably beat people up better than I could anyway.
Meanwhile, it'd be nice if JagTag would put the clip up for those people who did get the confirmation email and clip accessing instructions. They shouldn't be made to wait for the shopping part to be fixed for everyone else. IMHO.
It would be really helpful to have some kind of ETA - should we hang around to see if it goes back? give up till first thing tomorrow morning? Will we have to wait a week? Some info would be very much appreciated.
I don't believe that will get looked at today, b!X.
The weird thing is that JagTag's entire response system is down. Even their demo tag on their own website no longer produces a response.
It's back up for me now, but I can't select Blu Ray...
They are real close to having it ready to go. The BD issue that adam.cook mentioned seems to be the only glitch left.
Firefox or Safari supposedly let you select Blu-ray.
I'm using Firefox and Safari :p
It seems to work if you only select it once. Don't change your mind. :) I know they are still working on it, but if you know what you want just keep trying. It should stick after a couple tries.

Try double clicking on your format choice, adam.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2009-07-07 00:50 ]
I got it. IgotitIgotitIgotit. The DVD, I mean.

Thanks to gossi and Tamara for keeping us updated throughout the day. Though it sounds like the fun's not over quite yet.
Finally got the Blu-Ray to work and when I submit, bloody nothing. Ruttin white out. Yay for me.
I can click bluray and the price doesn't update. I don't want to go through with it in case it gives me the wrong one. I only clicked once, too, TamaraC.

It just returns back to regular DVD when it refreshes.

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Wow, this is a complete fiasco, heh. Sorry for all you guys stressing out (although this thread was a perversely amusing read because of that ;)). But for just this once, I'm glad I already knew I'd be unable to get this DVD set (as I won't be at SDCC). Still, pretty crappy handling of this order thing. Here's hoping everything gets fixed soonish for everyone experiencing trouble.
It won't work for me now either, Sproing. I wouldn't finish the transaction with it showing the wrong price.
It's not back up officially. The link at the top of Whedonesque is still offline.

That said, I just tried the unofficial link. I put in my credit card details and got a white screen. However the address bar saying 'approved', but I've got no confirmation link. It looks like it still doesn't work.
The link at the top of this thread is not offline, it redirects to the cart.
Oh, it's up: - it redirects and everything.
I just cleared my Firefox cache, closed my browser, tried again - it's working fine at the moment.

"Your order has been confirmed

Thank you for shopping with Dollhouse Special for Your order has been processed.
For your reference, your order number is: xxxx"

I'm in the UK, so the international checks don't work.
Tried a different card. Presto, like magic. I'm all set. ^_^

Good luck to everyone else.

[edit] I got the BR btw. Just so you know it's maybe kinda working.

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Well the format selection thing seems to have been sorted out. Baby steps.
Got the confirmation email straight through. It looks like it's fine now. I'm twittering it out.
Still not working here, with cleared cache, on two browsers (Firefox 3 and IE8). Refresh still takes the Blu-Ray selection away on both.

Edit: switched computers, now I got through the blu-ray selection, but only got a white screen when clicking submit. :(

[ edited by Sproing on 2009-07-07 01:29 ]
People are tweeting at me saying it won't accept their cards still. This is fun.
Definitely working. Opening new browsers didn't seem to help. Finally tried my debit card and surprise, it worked. Good luck to everyone else.
Site is up, but it keeps kicking me back to Step 1 with the "declined CC" error. Only now I have to re-click the Pre-Order button to see the failed entered data. :(
The number of available copies on the site is actually going UP for me when I refresh, rather than counting down.
I can't get passed this stupid error "There has been an error processing your card. Please try again later."
Maybe it was counting some of the multiple-charged orders as sales, and now they're removing them?
"Site is up, but it keeps kicking me back to Step 1 with the "declined CC" error."

It kept doing the same thing to my cc about 4-5 times. I finally switched to a different card and then it worked.
I'm curious to know if it's still trying to authorise the cards with the banks. Might be worth somebody calling their CC company and checking.
korkster, are you using a US credit card and US billing address?
Just tried with two different cards. FIrst I got the error processing your card message, and the second time it just want to a file not found screen.

For the sake of troubleshooting, if people have problems these may help:

a) The error message (or where it went wrong)
b) If you're US based or international
c) Have you tried different cards?
Took The Xan Man's advice and Tried a different card.

And then everything worked. I could tell it was going to because it took longer to process. ;)

I changed from my debit card to my credit card. And now I have an order number. (YIPEE!!!)

Nothing confirmed yet with my e-mail or bank account, but Order # is definitely a step up.

So, for those with problems, I highly suggest using a different card.
One more question. For people getting email confirmations, how long did it take after your order to receive? Usually those come pretty quickly, but it's been 20 min since getting my "Your order has been confirmed" and no email. Of course I've saved and printed my confirmation screen just in case.
Says Fox:

q) I see multiple credit card transactions on my credit card. Why am I charged multiple times?

a) Some of these trasactions may be authorization charges and will go away after 1 or 2 business days. We do an authorization first to check if you have enough funds available to cover the purchase. Please also hit the "Submit Order" button only ONCE, do not hit the back button and re-submit. This will also cause mutiple charges to appear on your credit card statements online. All mutiple charge complaints will be investigated thoroughly and if we are at fault, we will promptly credit them back to your account.
finally got it to work in IE (had already tried that before) and would work with one of my CCs and not the other.
Thanks so much to saltygoodness, who finally got through for me, and catherine who kept trying.
Ok, it took me four tries, with three different credit cards, but I finally got it to go through. And the card it did accept was one it didn't earlier. Go figure.
This is what I was afraid of. I have no confirmed orders, never got to any confirmation pages, and now I get this, so it won't let me order:
That buyer or pickup user has already purchased this title, sorry limited to 1 per customer.

I called Fox earlier ~4pm and they told me I had no transactions that were accepted, just one denied (due to the fraud alert). So, what now, gurus?

edit: tricked the system by using a different email address and a different card. Phew. Finally through!!!

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I'm seeing:

DVD: 2,312 copies left
Blu-ray: 2,351 copies left

If those numbers are accurate, there's loads left.

Sproing, call FOX again? Although they're probably closed now, I'm not sure.

[ edited by gossi on 2009-07-07 01:35 ]
I finally got through! I cleared my cache in Firefox and was then able to order the blu-ray version. I wrote down my order ID and am awaiting e-mail confirmation.

Since I have nearly $1000 in pending transactions racked up (on two different cards from the hours of 10-11am constantly trying to order) I called and left a message with Fox customer service letting them know what my concerns were. Hopefully all but one of the charges (the one that finally went through just a few minutes ago) will soon go away, particularly the ones on my debit card where I run the risk of having checks bounce!
I'm also waiting on a confirmation e-mail. I'm hoping it comes through soon.
I went ahead and tried getting my Epitaph One preview, even though A) it's apparently not working and B) I don't think my phone could support it anyway.

dgjedi, my confirmation came within five minutes of ordering.
My confirmation email was immediate. It's possible the email server has puked up a digital mess again. The E1 preview appears still broken, I'll pick it up tomorrow as everybody is going home now. 1:42am here. Fun.

[ edited by gossi on 2009-07-07 01:42 ]
I used my debt card this morning, it's my only CC, and now I'm getting the decline error, but my balance shows nothing from I'm really at a loss here for what to do.
Thanks for feedback. I guess if it doesn't come through by the am I'll have to call. I certainly hope if they charge my account and give me confirmation number that they'll be holding one for me at Comic Con.
I got my Serenity tickets!
My confirmation e-mail just arrived, roughly 8 hours after my order went through.
Fox can call it what they like, but if my account decreased by double the amount I was paying, they have essentially charged me twice, tho' they may be fixing it or "refunding it" later - no matter how they want to spin it, my account is currently down $100 for 1 reg DVD set. That's bogus - whether they want to call it "authorization charges" or not, they have fucked up.

I only clicked once on "submit order". Why, you ask? Because I'm not stupid & I've bought things on the internet before - say, for about 20 years.

And clicking twice - thus creating dupe charges from my end - would not yield two entirely different charges of different amounts - one for $49.99 and one for $54.61. That's just not logical. It has to be their screw-up.

So thanks, FOX, for the non-help help.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2009-07-07 02:20 ]
QG, I think you're right. $49.99 is the DVD price minus tax, $54.61 is with tax. I suspect when the system originally went live, it wasn't a very intelligent computer concept.
oh joy of joys it worked. I had to use my mom's debt card, thus making me feel five years old, but it worked. End the end, that's all that matters. Preparing for ten charges on my debt card to show up tomorrow.
If the person above who said they had $1000 of authorisation charges pending actually gets billed for that, they need to phone FOX and, erm, complain.
If the person above who said they had $1000 of authorisation charges pending actually gets billed for that, they need to phone FOX and, erm, complain.

And then demand really good seats to the screening.
Like, on Joss's lap.

I just typed out loud, didn't I? Take the keyboard away, mummy.
And they said Santa Claus wasn't real. Dear Joss, I'd like a pony and a plastic rocket.
The online ordering is officially back up and running. There is a wee press release for it on Dollverse now (entitled "DEVOTED FANS CLAMOUR TO BE AMONG FIRST TO OWN JOSS WHEDON’S DOLLHOUSE SEASON ONE"). I'm not sure I'm THAT devoted really. Now, if you don't mind it's nearly 3am.
So, has anyone actually gotten to see the Epitaph One sneak peek?

I have a Verizon phone, but apparently it's not good enough and my iPod Touch isn't close enough to an iPhone. But it may not be me, I haven't heard anyone yet getting to see the thing.
Got Mine! Squee!!!
So, has anyone actually gotten to see the Epitaph One sneak peek?

The entire JagTag process is not functioning. Even their demo tag on their own website results in no response when you photo and send it.
well, I tried while I was at work, and I tried now, and the page won't load. I have to leave, and I'll try when I get back, anyone know if there are any still available?

QG, while I agree the whole thing was messed up, the extra charges may very well have not cleared your account. I've had "temporary authorizations" on several occasions that were more than I actually owed, showed up as an adjustment to the balance of my account online, but by the time they cleared were the actual cost. The weirdest one was when I had $10 of gas authorize with $1. What if I only had $2 in my account? I've never had them show up as duplicate charges though. Here's to the screw up being minimal!
WOO! I think JagTag figured things out, I just now got the Epitaph One video sent to my phone. VERY quick scene, but Felicia is there.

[ edited by C. A. Bridges on 2009-07-07 03:38 ]
I went to work and couldn't follow everything... so... international: yey or neh??
I just got the sneak peek also. I also have it saved as a .mov to my laptop.
I can't believe after everything, there's still over 2,250 copies of each version left. I'm surprised < 500 people had such a impact. Oh well, at least I finally got my order in for the Blu-Ray! Now I just have to wait a couple weeks longer...
Finally got to the order page, no further, I'll try again later. Apparently no danger of selling out anytime soon.
Still not working for me. I hit "Submit" and all I get is a blank page. Motherfuck.
It worked!!

I'm in Australia. Used a Westpac Amex - ie a card issued and billed outside the US. Used Google Chrome. Got the conformation email within a few seconds - though it initially got blocked by the junk mail filter.

See you in the queue in a couple of weeks time.
Somehow it worked for me, and I'm Canadian!

There is only one problem...when I entered my name on my billing address, I entered it properly (double checked and everything). But in the confirmation email, under "Your Name", it left off the last letter of my last name.

And under my billing address, it replaced the last letter with a "<".

Is this going to affect the billing process? The address is correct and everything else is correct, and my friend's confirmation identity is correct.
Also, the friend who's picking it up for me: Her name is Alex, short for Alexandra. I put down her name as Alex but her photo ID will say Alexandra. Will this be a problem too?
Does the infamous "blank page" ever lead to a confirmation email, or is it pretty much 100% certain that I'll have to try again?
Actually, I just wanted a run on the cookie jar. (Licks chocolately stained fingers). Yep, it worked!
Hmm. I guess it took it, since now it gives me a "that buyer or pickup user has already..." message. Oh, and now there's a confirmation email. And that from an annoyingly blank page.
I'm gonna go postal on Fox if I don't get my set. I got the blank page, then I got two "ONLY ONE PER PERSON, JERK" messages. Now I have three pending charges racking over 210 on my CC. I swear, this set better have a 1:1 model of Echo for that much money.

Edit: I might settle for a working 1:1 replica of the Dollhouse. In LA.

[ edited by iwearthecheese on 2009-07-07 05:31 ]
I think they're using a random number generator for the number of copies left.

It was 2,244, it's now 2,310, now it's 2,272 and then 2,244 again! (DVDs)

I should stop pressing refresh - maybe I'm confusing it!
I'm not sure what to do. After trying all morning to order the set, I was upset I wasn't able to, but relieved I wasn't charged for a bunch of sets. I just checked my bank's site, and I've ben charged five times! My account balance is now negative $6.00 and I have no e-mail confirmation or confirmation number. If I get a bunch of overdraft fees and bounced check fees, is Fox going to pay those? It's not my fault their site has been screwed up all day.
I asked my sister to do a strawman purchase listing me as the pick-up name.

The website gave her a different order # than the email confirmation. Super.
Riker, the Alex/Alexandra thing won't be a problem as long as the last names match. All overages/authorization charges/duplicate charges will be reversed in probably a day or two. If they aren't call Fox.
Call Fox what?

What am I supposed to do in the meantime? My account is now negative...what if I need gas or I run out of milk for my babies? What if I have some other kind of emergency?
I better have a shiny new DH BluRay set to show for this hassle. Oh, right...I don't have a confirmation number.
So now my credit card has been suspended because of suspicious activity! Luckily it was only temporary until I rang them back to confirm that the four transactions - whilst not all valid, where actually made by me!

Hopefully three will disappear in a few days otherwise I'll have to dispute them. Though working out whether the one at 1:01 or the one at 1:02 was the correct one might be a challenge!

(Edit - bad grammar.)

[ edited by merceroz on 2009-07-07 08:43 ]
I got a call from one credit card tonight concerned about fraud. Seems 11 charges, ranging from $69-$76 went through. Not holds as FOX told someone else, full charges. Only the last one, for $76 & change got me a confirmation on the screen, after 2pm. Yet the first charge was just after 12noon. They reversed them for me.

Got a call from another card I tried to use. 18 charges tried to go through, none did because although I typed in the correct 3-digit security code, FOX sent the cc company a different number.

Good thing I had a large enough line of credit to cover the first card. Oh, and I've never gotten a confirmation email.

[ edited by Marsia on 2009-07-07 07:46 ]
Thanks to a kind American InterPal in Cali I have successfully ordered a Blu Ray Copy!! :D
UK orders seem to be going through fine now.

Well, aside from being charged twice apparently!

[ edited by Hilary on 2009-07-07 10:05 ]
@adam.cook my order for a blu ray just went through. with my UK address! will be interesting to see if it actually goes through, I'm really happy :)

Although apparently people are still having billing issues, I'm on hold with my bank now...

[edited 09:48 BST] I got charged three times, £46.68 each after currency conversion. Could've been worse I guess. I did get two email confirmations but the same order number. Made sure I only pressed order once.

[ edited by fallenwiccan on 2009-07-07 09:49 ]
Oh, good. ONE of my two extra charges is now gone from my debit card account. Hoping I'm just catching it in the middle and the other cancellation is on the way...
Still no confirmation e-mail. I'm getting worried. >_>
Same here Xan Man. I have a screenshot of my final confirmation page, and the charge (only once thankfully) on my credit card, but still no confirmation e-mail - in my junk folder or inbox. I wonder if they're able to be re-sent by contacting Fox's support line, or if we should just be patient a little while longer. Maybe if we build a ballpark in a cornfield, they will come?

[ edited by RIPWesley on 2009-07-07 14:48 ]
Are you registered online at FoxStore? I did so beforehand thinking I'd need the log-in details for the pre-order and am able to view my order if I log in there. I don't know whether that would be acceptable proof of purchase for collection but might at least help put people's minds at rest if they see their order's gone through.

(Of course it also says my order was shipped on 31st Dec 1969 but I'm ignoring that bit.)

[ edited by Hilary on 2009-07-07 14:59 ]
(Of course it also says my order was shipped on 31st Dec 1969 but I'm ignoring that bit.)

Does it really? That's just the icing on the cake. I feel so sorry for people who went through this experience. It was badly handled and the worst thing is, it could have been easily prevented by anyone who had a whit of knowledge about fans. Interesting to see Fox spin it as "site crashed due to fans" rather than "site crashed due to sheer bloody incompetence".
It does indeed - also that it was shipped by UPS 2nd Day Air.
I'm really kind of glad now that I decided it would be irresponsible for me to order this. I had a much calmer Monday.
Finally got it to work. But Fox charged my AmEx twice yesterday and once this morning. The boobs at Fox said, "Oh, no, we haven't actually RUN your card for those charges; it's just PENDING." My AmEx rep said, "Um, they're full of you-know-what. They've run your card and we have the authorization codes to prove we approved payment." Idiots. Well, at least AmEx is good about this stuff and will take care of it.
Now I can concentrate on getting some work done, instead of this nonsense.
So, just for the heck of it, I just tried to preorder one last time. I hit the jackpot in error messages - including the following, all on one form:

That buyer or pickup user has already purchased this title, sorry limited to 1 per customer.
Declined. Check the credit card number, expiration date, and other transaction information to make sure they were entered correctly.
Invalid billing address

*sigh* I quit.
m'cookies actual, it's entirely possible you got that message because despite the earlier errors, they have charged you for it earlier. You need to check with your bank to see if there are charges. A lot of people got errors and yet had been charged.
Interestingly, I tried last night one more time before bed. It worked. I got a confirmation page, with a number that matched the number I eventually got in the confirmation email. However, I've yet to see a charge on my card. Here's hoping someone else's double-charge doesn't stick because I didn't get charged at all (yet), you know, in a universe balance kind of way.
Yeah, b!X, I've checked with my bank, and so far, no charges (right this second, anyway.)
Hey, look at that! Checked my bank's website this morning, and I have been charged...only once! Go me!

Still no confirmation e-mail, though.
Holy Mother of Pearl, I just tried a different card (again) and a different email addy (again) and I scored (finally)!

Got a confirmation screen and email, even. *faints*

ETA: Aaand, got the video clip. Oh. My. Goddess. Want more.

[ edited by m'cookies actual on 2009-07-07 16:27 ]
Just so you all know, every thing here is being passed along. So very sorry for all the headaches. Wish I had that magic wand I've been meaning to acquire. Of course, I'm not so sure I would be using it for good if I had it right now.
Also, in theory the Jagtag process for accessing the E1 clip should be working. I'd be interested to hear reports on that, especially if anyone gets it to work who isn't on Verizon, AT&T, or Alltel.

ETA that JagTag itself does confirm that their process only supports those three carriers. Unfortunate, then, that Fox has told customers they get to see a sneak peek, when in fact any customer on Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket, whatever is actually denied the ability to access the clip.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-07-07 16:37 ]
Wondering when the clip's gonna hit the interblags.
JagTag says the carrier limitation has to do with "no short code with MMS" on other carriers (you text a picture message to obtain the clip). They say they are "working on a alternate solution" and to "stay tuned".
I'm looking into providing the clip officially on Dollverse (if possible) later today.
You guys are awesome. :)
(Of course it also says my order was shipped on 31st Dec 1969 but I'm ignoring that bit.)

And since we're on the time machine, it also says it's a VHS.
The reality is, if they're willing to have the clip up online outside of this process, all they need to do is put it on YouTube. It's not difficult.
Ha! The funny thing is when we heard about the DVD being released for Comic Con I emailed a friend and said we could watch it on the VCR in the condo we're renting.

And immediately after I sent the email wondered which time warp I'd fallen through.
Fans crashed the site, according to a Fox statement. Really? See, I kinda think we might not have if the site had actually worked.

Fans have been remarkably tolerant and patient with this, I think, considering huge bills are being racked up (authorization payments or not, that's money I can't use till Fox releases it), but blaming this on the fans is just asking for backlash.
And, of course, the fact that people are still having problems today with multiple charges, etc. proves that the real issue has nothing to do with traffic to the server, but with Fox not preparing.
We crashed the site "within a couple of hours."
I feel like the site never even got past the countdown for a while...
Back to the sneak peek: It's arguably actually illegal to flatly state "upon purchase, receive" only for half the customers to discover after purchase that they don't actually receive.
The video is going to be posted.

If you haven't received your confirmation email, it is a known issue and is being worked on right now.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2009-07-07 17:31 ]
The video is going to be posted.

Should calm things down somewhat.
After having my order go through yesterday I still haven't received my e-mail confirmation. You guys think I should give Fox customer service a call?
oops, correction, I have 3 preauthorization charges on my account... none have been applied to my balance. One appears to be from an earlier attempt, the other two are at the same time. Hrm...
I got my order to also go through yesterday (received screen saying my order has been confirmed). I also checked with my bank and my account has been charged. But I received no email. So I called customer service and all they told me is that they had several issues with orders placed by people yesterday and were looking into it now. They would get back to me.

That has me generally concerned, even where it appeared the order went through. Probably more concerned then I should be.
dgjedi, you should be fine. We have time to sort this all out. It's not like Comic Con is this week (not being callous, just pointing out that there is plenty of time to resolve this). You have proof of your purchase (at your bank) and I'm sure the folks who are working really hard on this issue will be able to recover all the necessary info.
Thanks for reply. Honestly, I do believe it will get worked out. It's just one of those things where there have been so many problems that I won't feel totally comfortable until it's in my hands. Email confirmation certainly would have made me feel better.

Can I assume theirs nothing in the email reply I need to print and bring with me? I did print out the page saying my order was confirmed.
One of my extra charges was gone this morning, one is still there. On hold with my bank right now as the rep there calls Fox to work things out. Love to hear that conversation...
Now my account is negative $50.00. All 5 charges are still there. I sure hope I don't have some kind of emergency that I might need money for. Since Fox has apparently been of little help to people, I'm ready to call the bank and see if they can do anything.
Call your bank. The last thing you should do is just sit around and wait for Fox to fix it. Make your bank resolve the issue, on their own or by *them* calling Fox, whatever makes it happen.
Thanks TamaraC!
I have to usually wait 2-3 days with my visa for charges to become visible on my online banking. So await I will.
Fox said again that it may be 3-5 days before the extra charges disappear, and my bank rep confirmed that. But she also put a note on my account to flag her when that happens and she'll give me a call. I like my bank (Wachovia).
Soo...if I order one, will gossi pick it up for me :D?
So, then, does Wachovia really watchoverya?
I have a call into the bank. I assume they are calling Fox to figure something out. I will update when I know anything. I will probably be okay for another day, but I won't be able to go 3-5 days with no money. I have bills to pay, and if my cell phone gets turned off because I can't pay the bill, I'm gonna be seriously pissed.
The saga continues in one giant continuing FOX FAIL.

Despite having made it to step #4 in the online ordering process yesterday and receiving a confirmation number online, I still haven't received a confirmation email.

Yesterday, perturbed by what FOX insists on calling their "authorization charge" but which my bank recorded & processed as two separate charges (thus causing my account to be overdrawn this morning) and receiving absolutely zero satisfaction at 1-888-223-4FOX, I went online to FOX's online shop assistance and sent in a form via:

I gave them my order number and explained the problem. (I also wrote an email to and CC'd it to - which was what appeared to be written on my online confirmation page. Of course, I couldn't click the automatic open email link on that page, since it would naturally not re-load after I'd left it & once I determined I *had* a problem, but I DID take a screenshot & read it from there.)

I received an email today from them ( from "Genevieve" stating, "The order number you provided does not match any records in our system. As such, it does not appear that your order was placed through our store."

She also added, "Please check your inbox/ bank statement for more information regarding who to contact about your order." I thought that was an especially pointless & idiotic touch, considering that it just says "Twentieth Century" but the phone number next to the charge in my online bank statement - 310-369-4245 - has a FOX answering machine that says the number is inoperative.

I once again called 1-888-223-4FOX and remained calm for all of five minutes, when she verified that I *did* have an order in, using the confirmation number I gave her - but once I heard that "it's not really a dupe charge, it's just a pre-authorization charge - that's how FOX does it" I lost it.

I said, "do you not understand that no matter what you call it, MY bank has reserved that money twice and has therefore overdrawn my account, causing another check to bounce? Is FOX going to pay for that?" She just repeated that it wasn't a dupe charge, and that I should work it out with my bank. I should work it out with my bank? Seriously? It's my problem & not theirs? Because I screwed myself up by ordering something from FOX? I guess so. I guess I won't make that mistake ever again.

But I will call my bank and make them remove it. I can't wait for the FOX beast to make a move.

I also asked why I should place any faith in anything she had to say, considering that the customer service rep that emailed me said I had no order on file, while she was saying I did. She explained that they had no "Genevieve" that worked there and that FOX store had nothing to do with them, 'cause they were, you know, the FOX store. She said who I really should have emailed was I said I did, but received no answer. She said they answer them every day, and I should have received a response by now, was I sure I emailed them?

I've moved from pissed to a whole 'nother place - I've never had such an unsatisfactory customer experience in my (very) long life. I've never seen a place more clueless that whatever their "policy" is, it's not working, many people are having problems with it, and that customer service reps need to be told to acknowledge that there is a problem. They also need to be reminded that we the public don't distinguish between their different online stores, we don't know what their different departments are, and we need to be helped, not treated as if we were feeble-minded incompetents incapable of understanding their clever, clever buying systems.

Which are Byzantine, archaic, incompetent, and now minus my business.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2009-07-07 19:54 ]
The bank told me they would have to file a claim and contact Fox to get my money reimbursed, but it would probably take more days than waiting for Fox to remove the charges. I've also now been charged six overdraft fees, in excess of $210.00. The bank did say they would reverse them, but there was no point until my account wasn't negative anymore, because the charges will just keep reoccuring. I guess I have to call Fox, but I'm not really sure it's worth the hassle. Pretty sure they are just going to tell me that the charges will be refunded in a few days and there isn't anything else they can do in the meantime.
oh, Fox, how thou dost suck. . let me count the ways.
Wow, I've never EVER used "dost" or "thou" in a sentence in my entire life. :)
Please call 888-223-4369 if you have outstanding issues. They should be set up to help you now.
Is that the official number we should give out wherever?
Called Fox and I was basically told it was a banking error and I had to talk to the bank to get the problem fixed. The guy from Fox was very rude and also told me I was at fault because if I hadn't tried to order several times, I wouldn't have been charged over and over. So, I guess it's my fault the Fox site crashed and was giving errors that included "please try again later".

So, I want to apologize to everyone who has been having problems, because apparently they are all my fault.
Yes, b!x. It will be added to the order site soon.

Illyria, did you use the number I just posted?

[ edited by TamaraC on 2009-07-07 21:08 ]
So, then, does Wachovia really watchoverya?

Hee hee hee :).

Also QG what a sucky time you're having, but I have to say, that was a fantastic Pissed-Off-Rant. I hope they send you a big box of chocolates and pears to make up for all the bad service, but somehow I doubt they will.

Crazy fiasco, hey?
oops double post!

[ edited by catherine on 2009-07-07 21:10 ]
Oh, it's the usual number. Just supposedly informed now. I see. Heh.
So, I gotta give Wells Fargo props.

They were all like woooo, what's with these eleven charges from 20thcenturyfox, something ain't right here, we ain't taking any of them.

Meanwhile I was all, oh my god I need this so bad I'll just keep resending this form over and over and over again.

And fox was all, welp, you sent it eleven times, so here we go!

So thank you Wells Fargo, for combating both my panicked stupidity and Fox's lack of confirmation. Cause the form worked like gangbusters apparently. Just didn't go anywhere what would tell me such a thing.
T - is there an email those of us outside the US can use, yes I know we weren't supposed to order but we did and they went through, honestly why are we all still separate countries these days :P

[edited]I did put in a report via the contact us and changed it to with my order number explaining that I'd already contacted my bank and how many charges HSBC had registered.

[ edited by fallenwiccan on 2009-07-07 21:39 ]
Oy. I've called my bank & had the dupe $49.99 charge removed, leaving the correct $54.61 intact - but I was sorely tempted to de-authorize that one too, lemme tell you. It was sheer selfishness - I do, in fact, want the special DVD no less than before - that made me retain it, and I'm not a fan of cutting off my nose to spite my face. I've done it, but it's never made me happy.

And heck - it's only taken me hours and hours of my life to try and get this straightened out. (My bank had to be worked over but good to get the dupe authorization removed. My response to them was "do not fuck with a women in menopausal anger." They removed the authorization.)

I must say, as I told her - TamaraC is the shining star of of the black-hole-ridden chaotic firmament that is FOX. She has been ace all through this and is really the one deserving of boxes and boxes of vodka-filled chocolates.

I sent her (lolcat warning, avast!) this which is only partially true - she's the one that I'm appreciating.

For those of you - like Illyria - for whom their many dupe charges might mean food and bills - I am truly sorry. This just screwed up my little entertainment/leisure/extras account - held, however, for 16 years without an overdraft until this debacle. The multiple holds, the faulty online order process, the erratic sending of confirmation emails - have really fucked up a lot of very loyal fanfolks and FOX appears to be constitutionally unable to get out in front of their PR disasters w/ the fans. What a waste of the goodwill that Joss & Co. earns them.

(Thanks, catherine ; > - getting My Rant On really helps offset the helpless anger one feels when dealing with what is (mostly) a faceless, unaccountable & unresponsive corporate culture that has institutionalized & perfected the art of "always blame the customer" while paying lip service to "the customer is always right." Neither works nor is true.)
Here is the deal. If you have issues or haven't received your email, you can call 888-223-4369. They can confirm your order and if you have been charged more than once they refund those charges. You won't need the confirmation email to pick up your copy at SDCC if for some reason it still hasn't come through.

If your CC didn't go through, try another card. If that doesn't work. Call the number.

If you have been charged and never received a confirmation of any sort, call the number and the charges will be reversed.

If you are international (and really shouldn't have attempted it in the first place although I get the temptation) then unfortunately you also need to call the number. There is no email set up to help you with all these issues at this time.

I know this has been a mess but, just know there are several people working their tails off to correct the problems that should have never occurred. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for the kitty, Quotergal. I so hate to be part of the problem.

I gotta eat. Be back later to check if there are more questions.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2009-07-07 21:49 ]
Said number is also still reportedly being unhelpful, however, although I don't know the context or the issue.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-07-07 22:05 ]
Thanks T - they are really not being helpful. Trying to say I ordered multiple times and that it's standard practice to authorise way more, basically saying that it's my banks duty to stop the multiple auth charges. I asked the girl to log an official complaint that Fox have handled this badly. I was actually fine with the whole situation until I spoke to her and now I'm almost fuming (but that may have something to do with finding out half my clothes now don't fit me and my credit card has been stop because of this so I'm screwed!).

Thank you for being so helpful throughout all of this. I'm going to go sit in the corner and math I think, better than eating cookies as then I won't fit in the rest of my clothes :(

[edit]b!x there you go, also as soon as I said I was from England she put me on hold for ages, thanks love, wouldn't have minded but I'm not toll free!

[ edited by fallenwiccan on 2009-07-07 22:21 ]
fallenwiccan, so sorry for your experience. I wish I could do more. You should be able to call you bank and get them to lift any sort of stop on your card.

One good thing that has come out of the feedback we have received (I know, way too late for some of you) is that the authorization charges will no longer happen on new orders. Only the actual purchase plus tax.
Given that technically one wasn't supposed to be ordering from other countries to begin with, I find complaints about hold times to be a little weird. They're supposed to keep hold times down for people who weren't supposed to be customers to begin with? ;)
Tamara, any idea if there'll be a way to confirm before Comic-Con if our confirmation numbers are valid and stuff? I got the email, then my girlfriend called the bank to get a duplicate charge reversed. We're pretty sure it's not the one that goes with the successful order--we gave the confirmation number and everything. But will there be a way to find out?

Or will having a printout of the confirmation email (which I do) pretty much guarantee me a set?
First, TamaraC, thank you for the information. I called the number (4th time I've talked to them actually). This time they looked up my order# and email address and told me they had no record of my order, therefore, I would not be getting my DVD. Even though I had a "Your Order has been confirmed" screen and my bank account was charged.

They told me my bank charge was only a preauthorization and should drop off in 24-72 hours. We'll see. In the meantime they told me if I wanted the DVD I'd have to place another order. Against my better judgment, I went ahead and did so. It took 2 cards and two tries. This time I got the confirmation screen and the confirmation email. It arrived almost immediately after I placed the order.

I recommend anyone who didn't get an email please check with them. I thought I was good, but turned out I wasn't. Thankfully these didn't sell out on day one.

This will likely come across the wrong way. I'm not angry, just very frustrated. On two previous calls they took messages and promised to get back to me with the status of my order. They did so neither time and as it turned out, my status was not what I thought. I also sent an email that promised a reply within 24 hours. It's now been 24 hours without a reply. My job is to manage the implementation of new system features and processes at a major corporation. If I delivered something like this, I wouldn't still be employed.

[ edited by dgjedi on 2009-07-08 00:25 ]
Jobo, call 888-223-4369 to confirm that you are all set but, the email should suffice. Make sure they confirm your order with your NAME and not just a confirmation number.

I'm glad you got it straightened out, dgjedi. Sorry for the endless hassle. Let me know if your charge isn't released by end of day on Thursday. My email is in my profile.
So after all that - and two days later - they've only sold 622 copies? Was this less popular than expected, or have people been put off by the website issues?

Can I suggest Fox have a written dispute policy published before Comic Con. Because if people turn up with an email and the people handing out the DVDs have no record of the transaction - or if the wrong payment was reversed by the bank - then there's going to be some unhappy people.

If the policy is published, we'd at least know what to bring with us to help solve the problem.

Personally I'm going to take:
1 Passport - to prove who I am
2 Driving license - to prove my address
3 Credit card bill - to prove it's my card and it's billed to my address
4 The credit card I used - to prove it exists
5 Print out of online bank statement - to highlight the (hopefully one remaining) charge for the right amount to Fox
6 Print out of the confirmation screen
7 Print out of the email
8 A book to read whilst in the queue

Anything else I should bring? It's a 28 hour round trip home to get something else!

Also re the comments about people overseas shouldn't have ordered - like me. The web site says 'FOXSTORE.COM DOES NOT OFFER SERVICE OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES.' Given we have to be in San Diego, USA, to collect the DVD, I'd assumed this was service in the USA, not outside. If we're meant to assume otherwise - eg you must use a PC in the US, have a US bank account etc - a clearer statement would be helpful.
Well, I don't need #1, but I'm with you on #2 through #8. I agree they need some written guidelines before the Con. Also, I assume this is being treated as a purchase made in California. I say that, because the only time I'm ever charged tax on an internet purchase is when I purchase from within my state of residence. I assume the tax applies here because it's assumed all the purchases are being made and completed in California, so we have to pay tax. If that's the case, then it shouldn't matter that you reside outside the US, you'll still be making the purchase in the US.

And again, TamaraC, thanks for all your info and help.

[ edited by dgjedi on 2009-07-08 03:36 ]
TamaraC, do you recommend everyone with a confirmation email and multiple charges call that number? I've only contacted Fox through email and think everything is resolved, wondering if you agree.
I didn't get a confirmation email yesterday and there were 3 charges to my credit card this morning so I sent them my order number. Fox responded right away, letting me know that my order number was linked to another person, not in my name and that they'd reverse any charges to my card.
They recommended that I reorder, which I didn't do right away because of all the posts here. Second time was easy though and I got the confo email right away. I'm still a little worried because I'm having a friend pick it up for me and I don't want him to have to deal with any yuckiness.
Any orders placed today should be fine. We really have worked all the kinks out of the system (Crosses fingers). deadbessie, the extra charges should be cleared up in a day or two on their own. If you need them cleared up immediately call the number in the morning and tell them you need them cleared up.
So just to make sure: If I ordered one and was charged, but didn't get the confirmation e-mail, I should call them and check because I'm probably not getting my DVD?

(Oh, and also: Fuck.)
Unplugged, you should call them and confirm because you probably ARE getting one. The emails are proving to be problematic even though most people who placed orders today had smooth sailing. If they say you aren't confirmed then have them reverse the charges and order again online. The bugs have been worked out.
Thanks, TamaraC.
Tamara, thanks for all your help and patience through this whole mess. Because I don't live in the US and had already tried on the weekend to order something else with a US address - partly as a practice run - I had two friends tag-teaming on Monday, trying to buy me a copy.

Just after 5, after the site went back up, one of them was able to get through and she printed a copy of the confirmation page. As far as I know she still hasn't received an e-mail confirmation and I've suggested she call the number and do what you suggested above. However, I was under the impression that since she designated me and gave my e-mail address as the person who would be picking the DVDs up, that I was also supposed to get a confirmation e-mail to take with me to Comic-Con. Is that the case?
With regards international orders, I think we all noticed that the website says Fox do not provide a service outside the US - but at what point are they providing said service? When the money's taken or when the item's shipped?

Their website clearly says "We cannot ship any orders to a Post Office Box or overseas" but these DVDs aren't being shipped. They're being collected, in person, in the United States - and we're paying the appropriate sales tax too.

At the end of the day the sales were allowed to go through with overseas addresses. If they shouldn't have been (and indeed that didn't seem to be the case on the 6th), well that's something else Fox needs to address. But in the meantime, I think everyone who's been overcharged is entitled to the same levels of customer service.
samatwich, you should call and confirm the order and confirm that your friend is designated as the person who will pick it up. Yes, you were both supposed to get emails but, as we know by now, that didn't work in all cases.

Hilary, I think the system has a hard time (and is not set up for) validating addresses and credit cards outside the US. Obviously many people have been able to pre-order it from overseas. I'm not sure I know of an instance where someone from outside the US didn't get the same level of customer service. Can you help me understand that? You can email me if you want. My email is in my profile.
Thanks, Tamara, I've asked her to do that. One more question - is there a limit to how many copies you can pick up as a designate? I have a couple of people who would like me to pick up one for them but I haven't said yes yet until I know for sure.
Hopefully this will give you some hope that issues are being resolved - but my credit card now only shows one transaction.
I've had two full charges, going to ring my bank first seen as I somehow doubt there's anyone manning the phones at Fox right now

[edited]No apparently it was three full charges, the last one hasn't cleared yet because it'll take me over my limit. HSBC are investigating but it'll take time so I'm going to ring Fox again later.

[ edited by fallenwiccan on 2009-07-09 08:46 ]
Well, I finally got an order to go through. I'm gonna call that a victory.

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