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July 06 2009

(SPOILER) 13 fun facts about "Epitaph One". Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune has seen it, and offers up some tidbits. Some un-spoilery production stuff, but other tiny bits you might not want if you're staying pure.

I just keep getting more and more excited to see this...
I almost had forgotten, in recent times, how much and how intensley waiting actually sucks. And you know how much? BIG TIME!
I'm so excited that it actually hurts. It's great to hear more specifics about who will be in the episode and as Maureen Ryan said how they are in the episode. I can't even imagine how unique the story told in Epitaph will really be.
I know, but for those headed for Comic-Con, it's two weeks away, three weeks away for DVD purchasers. Not that long, really
It's a good month away for those of us in the UK (well, watching it legally anyway).
Light spoilery kink.

As far as the
I was thinking .
Plugging ears with fingers. Lalalala, July 28th better get here soon!
Well I was trying to think of something that would be more

Anyway, if I'm wrong Jobo, you can wiggle your jellies at me in exuberant triumph. Whilst laughing maniacally. If you can figure out what that even involves. I can't, though it sounds frightful.
I assumed it would be Adelle and Boyd. That relationship is bound to develop in interesting ways.

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Ooo it's going to be such a good episode!

What do you think? Boyd/Topher?

Can't wait to see more of Enver. He has to be the greatest find of this series. As lynchpinny as Alyson Hannigan, I think.

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