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July 06 2009

An interview with costume designer Shawna Trpcic. You've seen her costumes on Angel, Firefly, Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Dollhouse. And next February you'll be seeing her work in The Cabin in the Woods.

Besides being incredibly talented, she's also a genuinely nice person. I love her '80s photos at the end of the article. Wow.
I love that she can't even talk about the costumes for Cabin.
Well, she did spill one thing:

I'm not much of a clotheshorse but I noticed that Adelle, Dominic, and Boyd had beautiful clothes in Season 1. Not just nice things, but very well dressed. I like that it makes it feel like that House just oozes pretty as long as you're seeing what they want you to see.
Great interview, good to her about her again.

That's the third pronunciation of Trpcic I've heard. Volume 1 of the Firefly Companion has it as "Trip-chick" and Shawna told me "Trip-sick" It's just one of those names.
Had to be her doing Dollhouse. Ivy wore flamingo pins on her lab coat.
Not just any flamingo pin, THE flamingo pin. She wanted to get it on Mark, and a bowler hat.
bobw1o, she and her husband pronounce it "terp-sick" so I think that one wins.

Although "trip-chick" would explain the stewardess costume. :-)
well, see, that's the thing, in theory Shawna and Joe pronounced it each of the mentioned times. It seems to be that their pronunciations have been perceived at least 3 different ways. I'm certainly willing to accept I myself missheard "terp" as "trip" but there's no way she said "chick" to me instead of "sick" so I'm more than happy to accept "terp-sick" until she or Joe tells me otherwise.

I just find it amusing that it's one of those names no one can seem to get right. Though my last name is absurdly easy to pronounce/spell, almost everyone gets it wrong, so I always relate to these kinds of things, far more than I rightly should considering the ease of my name.

Oh we americans... |-)~
my last name is absurdly easy to pronounce/spell

Well, I can spell w1o, but I have no idea how to pronounce it.
no b!X, that's part of my first name!

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