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July 06 2009

California Browncoats calling for Comic-con booth volunteers. No, unfortunately they can’t provide you a pass into the con. They do have some interesting information on returned passes.

One correction on that linked post: Comic-Con's username on Twitter is Comic_Con, not Comic-Con.
Per the post (with the correction):
"Comic-con is officially releasing returned passes by putting them up on ebay in batches every day. The ebay seller name is sdcomic-con and lately they have been putting passes up at 7pm PST. If you follow them on twitter (@comic_con) they will announce it as well. They are putting them up on ebay as “buy now” in their original price (I believe, don’t quote me!). Be careful though, there are other sellers that pretend like they are official but only sdcomic-con is. (can verify on @comic_con twitter)."

They sell out pretty fast when they're released!

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Sorry about the typo, I fixed them up on the various boards I posted this message on.

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