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July 07 2009

A Whedonesque Competition - Win Dollhouse on DVD. Head over to to enter (registration required to enter but hey it's free).

Are the moderators here the judges? Just curious.
So the judges are gonna pick the best answer? Is that how this works?
Oh, neato. I'll be doing that thing so I can try & win the thing.

Because a day's not complete without trying to get a Dollhouse DVD. So far this week I'm 2 for 2.

Thanks, Modulators.
Actually, yeah, I second Jobo's question. What is the criteria on which the winner is based? Perhaps it was explained on the page, and I missed it. If so, my apologies.
Whoo-hoo! PTB shipping! ( Powers That Be )
It'll be judged on the answer.
In another context this might be offensive, but I've found the people here to be fairly erudite and the stickler in me compels me to say it at some point, often as I hear this mistake made:

'Criteria' is the plural form of 'criterion'.
I remember that because croutia is the plural of crouton.
I love sticklers, so no offense taken. I guess I always thought criteria meant a group of things, and so it could be used as a singular, like, well, "group." I'm clearly wrong, so it is what it is. I suppose it's "What *is* the criterion," or "What *are* the criteria." Interesting.

Also, thanks Simon.
I won't even try. First, I don't know anyboby in US. Second, my English is bad enough to I had won a book from slayerlit as a pity prize.
*crossing fingers*

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