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July 07 2009

Whedonverse actors featured in E! Online's list of Sham Yankees. You can vote on the accents of Dichen Lachman, James Marsters, Alexis Denisof and Juliet Landau.

Haven't had the chance to wade thru it but this list's structure makes little sense. How can you compare North americans doing British or Antipodean accents and "Islanders" doing US or Canadian ones on a single scale ?
So we're voting on Americans doing British accents and Australians doing American accents?

I must say that the four mentioned are fantastic to me (an American). I wasn't even aware Juliet wasn't British, but it makes sense now that I think about it. Alexis' regular talking actually sounds fake, especially when he was Sandy Rivers on HIMYM.
I think having Alexis, James and Juliet under one click of the button is unfair. As a Brit, Alexis's accent is fantastic, Juliet and James's less so (though they waver and are also excellent in places).
OMG! Marsters is not a real blonde, why didn't anybody tell me??? :P
I agree with RachVG - it's not really fair to clump them together. Two of those actors are at different ends of the spectrum as far as I'm concerned when it comes to "good" and "bad" fake accents.
Juliet Landau at least made a stab at arguably the hardest English accent to do well and Marsters was good as William though pretty variable as Spike (easily fan-wanked away in fairness though) but from the Whedony short-list it's Alexis Denisof for the win IMO, as always (as it happens I saw him in his episodes of 'Sharpe' a few weeks back - what a pointless channel 'Yesterday' is BTW - and it reminded me that I just assumed he was English when I first saw it).

As a Brit I was impressed with Damien Lewis and Lena Headey, are they actually any good to the American ear ?

(and Anthony LaPaglia was the biggest surprise - only found out he was an Aussie a couple of years back when he played one and I had to check. Pretty much flawless to my ear, as is Yvonne Strahovski. Actually, she's just pretty much flawless ;)
Fairly hard to vote on all three of them at once.

Didn't even realize Yvonne Strahovski is Australian.

Can't believe the majority like Anna Torv's (Fringe) accent. I think it's one of the worst I've ever heard, and is part of the reason I stopped watching (well, her character in general).
Alexis lived in England. I suspect Juliet did too, when her folks did Space:1999.
To quote Tony Curtis doing Cary Grant: nobody talks like that any more. But Denisof's English is still more convincing than his American.
As a Brit I was impressed with Damien Lewis and Lena Headey, are they actually any good to the American ear?

I don't know about the American ear in general, but my ears are impressed. ;-) If I ever knew they were British, I'd completely forgotten.
I was really glad they included my beloved Damian Lewis in this, even though NBC canceled life and broke my heart. He's unbelievable at imitating the American accent. Half of the guys who starred in Band of Brothers with him had no idea he was British because he stayed in character off-screen.
I still can't forgive James Marsters/any of the Brits involved in Buffy/Joss Whedon for the mispronounciation of the word poof in season 4 (possibly episode 11?).
The one word that leapt out for me was when Spike once said patronise as "Pay-tron-ise" and not the correct, English, "Pat-ron-ise".
It was a shock when I found out James, Juliet and Alexis weren't British! They were so amazing!
Though Alexis did pronounce 'data' as 'da-ta' instead of 'day-ta' in one episode of Angel, which was extremely annoying!
IMO, saying 'da-ta' doesn't sound right whatever accent you have.

Oh yeah, and Spike's 'pay-tron-ise'. That sounded odd.

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All accents on BSG were American? Huh. Guess I was mishearing that Gaius Baltar guy all along. Not to mention Romo Lampkin. Not to mention Saul Tigh and the other boatload of Canadians. Ah well...
IIRC, Lucy Lawless made a yankee accent in her first episode of BSG, only starting to her original New Zeland after that.
Mark Sheppard's Romo Lampkin / Badger is Hollywood Cockney rather than his real London voice, I think. I find that interesting.

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