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July 07 2009

(SPOILER) First look at Dollhouse episode 13 'Epitaph One'. Worth waiting for.

Awesome. Very.
FELICIA! This makes me flaily. Totally worth waiting for.
Aiiieeee that was awesome!!
Amy Acker and Felicia Day in the same scene! :D
"Let's blow this bitch back to the Bush years." That is some serious alliterative awesomeness.
I liked that line too, bonzob, however unlikely it may be that someone would say that [setting spoilers] .
I'm curious about that dead "friend".
Oooooo. -mysterious finger wiggles-
Ok. Expectations even higher now.
Bloody brilliant. :)
Want. Want now.
So has Whiskey been sustaining herself on apple sauce all those years?
Bloody brilliant...wait curlymynci just said that! Erm...COOL BANANAS!
Are Whiskey's scars healed and/or gone?
That just looks creepily awesome.

Just a couple of more weeks until I get my DVD.
Anyone else not seeing the vid on the linked-to page?
Bix, as far as I can see, her scars ARE gone.

And she's started applying heavy eyeliner.
Whoa! Amy looks like a rebooted Illyria, with a nice Red Carpet dress instead of cool powers.
I think I'll start packing for San Diego, and bring my not-Dollhouse doll, too
Omg, scary Whiskey. But wait, she's HEALED?
Wow, love Amy Acker! She does creepy really well.
Did I mention that Omega caused Whiskey to rocket from the back to the front of my favourite Dollhouse character race? 'Because, with this scene (and I imagine this whole episode) she's gonna have a lap 'round everyone else on this show. <3<3 Amy Acker.
In response to the scars being healed and the year it takes place - if the technology exists, it'll be used. This applies for healing scars right? :)

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Is there ANY way us unlucky ones can see Epitaph One and the unaired pilot????? Seriously, 5,000 so is not enough to suffice fans.
luv4whedon they're on the regular DVD also.
luv4whedon, everyone will be able to see it on July 28th when the regular DVD and BD comes out. Only 3 weeks from today.

Or, what b!x said.
b!X is right, so everyone wins (eventually). Those that attend Comic-Con however, just have a chance of seeing/owning them earlier. Although I believe it's only a couple of days earlier than the public release.
If you pick yours up on preview night, that's nearly a week early.
Thats the plan Bix ;)
This is awakening many more questions to me which is great. Lately I have been rewatching Buffy and I just realized I never could answer why Adam kills Maggie Walsh which makes it fun. I mean was it because she would stand in his way? I doubt it, they want the same people dead other than a few initiative people but he does say in primeval that they are in the last part of the "plan".

Anyways yeah what was she eating, why did she heal and why was she left. Also when can I watch this!!!!!!????? Hehe I really want to see it.
Amy are phenomenal. *CHILLS*
Awesome. Amy is amazing. She had a sort of Illyria-like aura about her, mixed with that of an Active.

Can't wait for this!!! *bounces*
Hmmm to the no scars. Maybe this is alternate reality Dollhouse and not just future Dollhouse.
I have a theory as to the no scars, but it's so interesting (to me anyway) that I don't even want to post it in case it's correct.
To Stargyn,
actually, Maggie was killed off because Lindsay Crouse was not available for the entire season, She does make an appearance in the second-to-last episode, "Primeval". It would have been great if Maggie used Adam to take care of Buffy, causing a very nasty feud with Riley in the middle.
But back to the E1 clip, if you knew when this story takes place, you'd know why Whiskey/Dr. Saunders' face looks different.
*slaps palm to forheard* Oh, I feel like an idiot now. I thought that only the people attending the Comic Con got to see it.
I'm at work for another 90 minutes and can't seem to get the clip to load, probably because our server blocks a lot of streaming media. I can't believe I'm getting so excited about a thirty second clip, but I can't wait.
I know when it takes place, but I don't understand why her face looks different.

Well, that was... teaser-y.
The official location if anyone wants that, now that it's up.
I'm curious moreso as to why the characters don't look any older.

That was great! Whiskey and Alpha will not stop trading places in my favorite doll category. Amy Acker is so incredible!
I'm curious moreso as to why the characters don't look any older.

My theory addresses that, too. ;)

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-07-07 23:35 ]
RE: No scars - maybe he means the H.W. Bush years?

[ edited by RIPWesley on 2009-07-07 23:51 ]

[ edited by RIPWesley on 2009-07-07 23:52 ]
Well, that was very cool (if much too short).

And: maybe it's Whiskey-from-the-past with people-from-the-future there. Or something else completely (<-- this is the more likely option ;)).
Saw this earlier. OMFG tell me I wasn't the only one doing the Dance of Joy over Amy and Felicia in a scene together? I really do love my Whedonverse people and it's an added squee when they cross over. :)
Amazing! I'm dying to see this episode :(
Listen I'm freaking out and loving every second of that and I'm going to go continue on my own to be doing. That.
Well, that just makes me want more.
I have a feeling the twists in this episode are just going to blow the first twelve episodes away. Not to say the first twelve weren't good, I'm just a bit beyond breathless right now.
I've been surprised at the extent to which the 'Bush years' line has, in turn, surprised the viewers of the sneak peek; isn't the mention, in 2019, of that era equivalent to when we, today, refer to the Clinton years? This seems like something that is often done. I mean, quoting a campaign slogan 2-3 election cycles past would be impressive, but simply knowing the surname of a (two-term) president, one expects, would not.
Jobo, I'm also out of water here about the timeline. But that only makes me want more ;D
OK. Having watched this clip almost twenty times today, I must say I love it. Amy Acker is amazingly eerie and Ms. Day is a joy to see always. However, the guy who say "I will shoot you very hard" is horrifyingly annoying at this point. I hate him. I'd say he's my Riley equivalent for Dollhouse.
I agree marvelknight616!

I hope Whiskey kills the heck outta him :D

.. oh but I liked Riley ;)
Felicia Day? Oh, my god I didn't know she was in it... That's sooo awesome, I want to get this so bad.
About the scars... not sure how permanent they really are. I can't be the only one that noticed that they were steadily fading as season 1 progressed? Of course, that's different from them disappearing completely, as appears to be the case in the preview.

Anyway Felicity and Amy in the same scene together, only a few feet apart, is almost too much for this male to handle.. in a good way. :)
It would mean that Whisky's contract was at least 10 years long, I assumed that the contract were only for 5 years as that is how long Caroline was contracted for.
It doesn't have to mean that.
In the clip, it looks like the Dollhouse might be abandoned. I'm wondering if Whiskey got left behind when everyone cleared out--maybe as Doc Saunders, she decided she didn't want to leave? Which is a creepy thought. Eventually she reverts to Whiskey, perhaps because imprints can't last that long, and she's stuck down there completely alone.

All speculation.
Awesomesauce. I'm so sad I didn't see this yesterday, but filled with joy that I have now seen it. Just finished watching Angel Season 5. Amy is fantastic. Her ability to become someone else is wonderful. Crazy Fred- Fred- Illyria- Pre-Scar Whiskey- Doc Saunders- Applesauce Whiskey

Freakin' amazing!
Remember when Dominic says to DeWitt: "You believe in the Dollhouse and its mission"?

I think we can surmise the mission of the Dollhouse from Alpha's (pre-reveal) dialogue in Briar Rose. Underground, low energy footprint, lots of wedges with lots of skill sets, multiple locations around the world. Educated guess on my part. Very excited to see this ep!

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