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July 07 2009

Dollhouse Season 2 Premiere moved back a week. The new season two premiere date is September 25th.

Just in case anyone wants it from the fox's mouth.
It's on the FOX site now so I changed the link to that.
What no picnicking yet ? Two comments in too. We must be losing our touch.
I already got my wine, fruit basket and sandwiches ready for the picnic!
Why picnic? It just means now they can air "a Dollhouse special event: Epitaph One" on September 18, right? ;)
No reason to worry, it's filming/production related.
FOX is ruining Joss's vision of premiering on the 18th!!
That means it'll be up against the season premiere of Nude Bears on CBS. Fox might as well cancel the show now.
Well, I like 'Dollhouse' and all but those bears are nude. Loyalty only goes so far.
Interestingly the move means that it will now be shown on the 4th anniversary of Serenity's first box office weekend. Dunno if that's a good omen or not.
I can't believe how excited I am about Nude Bears. I mean. NUDE! BEARS! I can't wait to see them explain the backstory as to why they're nude, but I guess that'll be the story arc for at least the first season.
And we are off to another great start by Fox!
I can't wait to see them explain the backstory as to why they're nude, but I guess that'll be the story arc for at least the first season.

That's what I want to know. How the hell did they come to be nude in the first place ? I mean, bears without clothes on ?!? It's preposterous on its very face.

Dunno if that's a good omen or not.

Well, 'Serenity' was good so it bodes well in that sense.

(I thought 'Serenity' came out on the 30th though ?)
The whole nude bears things is far too mysterious. A bears default state is nude, so why is there a specific mention of the fact that the bears in question are nude? The plot thickens! DUN, DUN, DUN!
That's it. They're obviously going to cancel the show.

It may take seven or eight seasons, but mark my words, they will cancel it.
PHM, that's like wondering why Donald Duck puts a towel around his waist when he gets out of the shower, but never wears pants....
Don't do that to me, zz9! I was just about to sleep, now I shall ponder this to no avail. Oh, me!
A bears default state is nude ...

Saje, have you not seen the prologue yet. I was sure this was the comment section for the Nude Bears prologue.
I'm trying to stay clear of previews etc. so I get maximum dramatic impact from the big reveal.
What, was Bare Bears trademarked already? If not, I think a name change bears some consideration...
Oh man same night as the NB premiere? Well I guess I can piece together what's going on in Dollhouse the following week.
The only bad I see here is that Dollhouse loses it's one week-advantage they had against Southland and Medium. Now all three premiere on 9/25.
Yay! An extra week where we don't have to picnic over Nielson ratings!
I go away for 5mins and there's nudity??!?! (Okay, I went away for five hours, but that's not the point).
The situation is always fluid on premiere dates. I expect to see more changes at Fox and all other networks before the mid of September.
Nude bears excite me... uhm too much? Absolutely hacksaway the name definitely needs to be Bare Bears, obviously as long as the bears remain unclothed.
I'm now experiencing ambivalence. On one hand, I am dying to see the season premiere of Dollhouse. On the other hand, bears without clothes on is not exactly something you get to see every day. Oh dilemma, your name is Nude Bears!
Apparently the 9/18 slot is being taken by... a repeat of Glee.
Disappointing, but I can deal. I think. I hope. We'll see in September...okay? ;)
That certainly makes planning my birthday party easier.
A source at the network confirms the one-week delay and explains that the push is meant to accommodate the already-tight "Dollhouse" shooting schedule. "Dollhouse" is going back into production in two weeks and FOX intends to air new episodes over consecutive weeks in the fall (as much as possible), so the new premiere date gives Joss Whedon and company a little additional breathing room.


And in response to a frequently heard question, our FOX source says that as of now, FOX still hasn't licensed the unaired "Dollhouse" bonus episode "Epitaph One" (made for 20th Century Fox TV, but not for the network) and, thus, has no plans for the episode to air in primetime.

The One True b!X: Apparently the 9/18 slot is being taken by... a repeat of Glee.

Well, they were bound to want to air that again to try to whip up even more Glee premiere frenzy. The delays just gave them the open slot.
Granted. I'm just already sick of the Glee hype.
I was sick of Glee the show after 15 minutes.

Nude bears, on the other hand...
Well, Happy Birthday to me! i couldn't have asked for anything better.
I'm a little tired of the Glee hype, myself. However, I've seen the second episode and the show is just damn entertaining. Hard to dislike it (though FBC better stop with the over promotion).
I agree with those sick of the Glee craze. Watched the pilot and was mildly entertained, but I can't get past the idea that these kids, who are already Broadway-calibre performers, are supposed to be the underdogs. I could probably invest more in the show if the final song in the pilot had been some sort of dream or fantasy for the teacher. Ideally, I think the song would work best around mid-season, after the characters have earned it, though I understand the need to have it in there as a hook for viewers.
I would just like to caution anyone who, like me, has never before seen the term 'Nude Bears', from googling it.

Furries = Scary.
I think it would do FOX well to learn the art of the happy medium when it comes to promoting their shows. You see a handful of their shows promoted every commercial break, and nothing for other shows. IMO anyways.
A one week shift in a Fall premiere date, made in July, is not a "delay".
The Digital spy article (actually link bait) is riddled with errors. Dollhouse didn't air in January.
James Hibberd reports that the "premiere episode is written and directed by Whedon".

ETA: Ausiello says the same thing.

[ edited by wiesengrund on 2009-07-08 18:24 ]
So the tradition of rumors, meddling, and disinformation continues. ;)

Pass the potato salad, please. And keep an eye out for Yogi and Boo-Boo. I don't know if I could handle seeing them minus the Chippendale uniforms.
So the tradition of rumors, meddling, and disinformation continues. ;)

I'll add my two cents in and say that the casting sides for the season premieres for other shows are appearing but still nothing for Dollhouse. Has the script for episode one been turned in yet?
Most likely season 2 actually has no cast. It's the only logical explanation.
This is one hell of an entertaining thread. I request that we add the tag: "AAAH! BEARS!!!"

Dollhouse writing room compared to, say, Heroes opened a bit later. I'm also expecting the casting sides won't appear all over the shop this season.

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