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July 07 2009

James Marsters in "Moonshot": U.S. premiere date set for July 20 on History Channel. James Marsters plays Buzz Aldrin in Moonshot, a two-hour television movie about the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Description from History Channel:"HISTORY presents the story of the Apollo 11's breathtaking mission from the perspective of the three very different—and very strong personalities—that made up its intrepid crew: Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. and Michael Collins." Promos are running on the History Channel, and probably on other cable channels.

This is a joint effort by UK's ITV, Germany's ProSieben, and the History Channel of the US. No dates announced that I can find for outside of the U.S. Given that it's the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 at the end of this month, should be soon. Last month, Kosha Engler (who plays Pat Collins in Moonshot) blogged , "Next month (exact date TBA) Moonshot will be broadcast internationally." So keep your eyes open.

Wow, same day the US run of Torchwood: Children of Earth begins...even though Marsters won't figure in this miniseries, my DVR is going to be on fire that night!
Remember seeing something about this quite a while ago, and was struck at how perfectly cast James was as Aldrin.

Will watch eagerly!
Has no one noticed Chiller (DirectTV 257) running a marathon of Marti's Point Pleasant? I just haven't seen anything. Laters.
I'm sure I can tape Moonshot and Torchwood on the same night because both will likely be shown twice that night, but I'll be sure to see them.
Actually it has already aired in some European countries.
Buzz Aldrin is on twitter. Just saying.

And I am looking forward to this.
This is completely awesome! I love shows about the early space program. Ah, those were the days. We as a family would watch every launch on TV.
Finally! I've been waiting so long for this!

Buzz Aldrin so would be on twitter. I am not surprised in the least, though I am amused.
I am very excited about this movie. I expect with the History Channel involved they will have had great access to NASA video etc. And of the 3 astroauts, I think James has the best part for an actor to play. Can't wait!
By the way, could anyone tell the SFX Weekender guys to update their James' picture for the panel? Maybe via Twitter? ;)

I checked it out yesterday and felt weird to see a picture of Spike promoting Torchwood.

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Thanks. I was wondering when this was going to be on and this explains why I couldn't find it listed on the Discovery Channel. I was a little disappointed that the TV Guide didn't do any kind of advertising for it. I will be DVRing this and Torchwood...wouldn't you know that will be the only week of the year I will be out of town? This will be the first vacation where I won't be able to wait to get back home and watch tv.
I've seen some photos from this. It seems so odd to see JM dressed like a suburban American, in a plaid short sleeve shirt. But cute.
It's airing in the UK on the 20th as well according to the Radio Times. 10:50pm (ITV) though so they're obviously not expecting a success.

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