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July 07 2009

BuddyTV's 50 Most Eligible Bachelorettes of 2009. Many Whedonverse ladies make the list.

Um...Charisma is divorced?
Yes, as of a year ago.

Also, Jenna Fischer just got perhaps doesn't belong on the list any more.
Is it just me, or did they go out of their way to find a bad picture of Michaela Conlin? Normally I think she's gorgeous . . . that picture does not do her justice.

It's kind of a weird assortment of pictures in general--some of them look professional (like headshots), others (like numbers 1 and 2) are kinda NSFW, and some (like Charisma's) are a few years old. Can't be that hard to find current pictures of all these people, that fall into the same general category of dress or undress.
My reaction to most of the women listed here, as usual, is "Who?"
Eliza's dating Rick Fox? When did that happen?
Ooh Maggie Siff and Ginnifer Goodwin are supercute

the Top 5 minus Sophia Bush are really awesome

Someone tried to argue with me that Hayden was hotter than Kristen and I had to shut them down... Kristen won here too

I don't know why Charisma wasn't higher though. She's still amazing and she's got way more experience and acting ability than most of the others.
I'm pretty sure Summer Glau has a boyfriend, and I'm almost certain Felicia Day does, as her twitter page often seems to reference.

Also, I thought Michelle Trachtenberg was dating one of the Ashmore twins, and has been for a few years now.
they weren't counting boyfriends... they basically said no rings equals fair game
Michelle Trachtenberg did date Shawn Ashmore (sp?) (Iceman in the X-Men films) for quite a while, but apparently that ended a couple years ago, as I've seen her linked to two or three different men since.

Felicia Day is on there, too? She should probably have her own tag, too, then? (And if she's not on the list, she certainly deserves to be.)

And I agree that Michaela Conlin is strikingly pretty.

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Felicia is now sufficiently tagged.
I remember that I found out Felicia was a total geek and had a boyfriend in the same interview. I was both elated and crushed.

Of course, as a famously straight male, I also have "Aw shucks, he's taken" moments whenever Joss mentions his wife...
I also was wondering about Summer, as I'm pretty sure she has a boyfriend (I'm fighting the urge to sigh sadly right there). And I think the creators of the list just didn't bother researching, because a few of the women listed note that they have boyfriends under 'status', or whatever vaguely insulting term they used.
"Status" seems standard in this sort of thing. I recall the Buffy/Angel magazine witha reader-voted poll on hottest characters. Each of the 10 posters included a character bio & other info & also info on the performer, including "real-life Romantic Status."

In the Top 10 women they apparently decided to "go for the joke." Sarah, Aly, Amy, Stephanie, and, at the time, Julie and Charisma were all safely married ladies so they listed "Married" and the husbands' names. For Michelle, Amber, and Emma, they listed not a simple "Single" nor mention of bf, but "Secret." ELiza was #1 also didn't get a simple "Single;" it was "Single (down boys.)"
I was clueless about most of these women. And Jon Favreau was a speech-writer for Obama? If this is true, that is effing cool.
Is there any resume of this?
My lazyness prevents me to click 50 times.
And Jon Favreau was a speech-writer for Obama? If this is true, that is effing cool.

It's true, but he's not the Jon Favreau you're thinking of.

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