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July 08 2009

Vote for your favourite Joss Whedon show. Make with the clicky over at Sci Fi UK.

Compare and contrast the results and answers with the 'Which is the greatest Joss Whedon show?' poll we ran back in May.

I voted Angel since it's only at 8% but to be honest, they're all filled with the pure awesomeness that is Joss.

Buffy and Angel rank joint 1st place with me - Buffy started it all, and Angel was darker, more adult (had more of DB ;D), but both had awesome characters, story arcs, great underlying metaphors for life so I love them both with a passion.

I'm still in mourning for Firefly, which deserved a second season, and I'm looking forward to Dollhouse S2: the second half of S1 one was amazing.

And Dr Horrible is in a league of it's own, really.
Voted for Buffy, yet again because it was the first (and longest). Could've just as easily been Firefly or Angel, which are equaly awesome. It's impossible for me to really pick one over the other.

Dr. Horrible is too short to compare to the rest (but was certainly made of complete awesome) and as far as I'm concerned the early episodes of Dollhouse S1 didn't make the cut and it only started gravitating towards awesome in the second half of the first season. Having said that, however much I love it and however much I'm looking forward to S2, it's still the Whedonverse show I'm least invested in.
Voted for Buffy cos it's the awesomest thing ever. Firefly is my number 2 though I'm pretty sure that Dollhouse will soon be my number 2 (Firefly would have offered stiffer resistance if it got that second season). I love Angel but it's my least favourite by quite some way.
Buffy was my first love so it will always be my favourite.
Voted for Buffy!
Voted for the Buffster. I was going to go with "other" but it's more fun to see that zero next to it.
Angel was my first love, and the first I saw of the 'verse.
I thought I was going to vote for Firefly, but I voted for Dr Horrible. For me, it's probably Dr. Horrible, Firefly, Buffy, Angel, and then Dollhouse. But I do like them all and Dollhouse shouldn't feel bad about being in last place.
I love them all equally. Last time I think I went for Buffy so I guess it's Angel's turn.
Ditto Simon, love them all but I'm a loyal guy
Voted for Angel as I thought it might be lagging behind Firefly and Buffy a bit. That said, it was my fave Joss show without doubt, I much preferred its darker tone to Buffy (which was arguably as dark in its sixth season, but I felt that was also the weakest). My main problem with Btvs was possibly Buffy herself, and a few other characters didn't do much for me, whereas in Angel I adored the entire cast throughout.

Firefly certainly had potential to surpass Buffy and Angel but with a short season consisting of mostly standalone-type episodes I couldn't possibly compare it to well established shows like Buffy and Angel.
I almost voted Angel because it was the first of them I watched, but there was more Spike on Buffy (that's not what I meant) and a girl's got to follow her heart.
Firefly ftw!
I almost habitually went to vote for Firefly, but I ended up voting for Angel. I had sort of given up on Buffy for years at that time, and hearing all the hype for Season 5 of Angel made me start watching again. I was back in, catching up on what I had missed and all that good stuff.

Vote Angel-kins, kids!
Where is all the Firefly love, people?! I can't even vote because work has me blocked.
I know it never really had a chance to shine in it's full glory, but Firefly owns my heart. The 'verse, the characters, the sophistication and complexity of the developing themes and storylines... Yup. Firefly. And I LOVED BtVS. Go figure.
Ah this old chestnut. See when we say "best" show I always go for Buffy, but "favorite" makes me think Firefly.
I went with Angel, which I think is the most dramatically satisfying of the bunch.
Poor Dollhouse. I love it, but it can't compare to my love of Firefly, at least not yet. Which is odd, since even the first season of Dollhouse delivered far more concrete answers and plot than Firefly, due to being canceled. And I love Dollhouse, especially the dark moral ambiguity. Still, Firefly combines my love of space and westerns. Plus, the cast, especially Nathan and Summer. Also, it is helped that it was my first exposure to the wonderful world of Whedon.

I hope that given time Dollhouse will soon be up there with the other Whedon favorites. It deserves to be.

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I went for Angel too.

While both Buffy and Firefly were excellent shows, I found that Angel was always the most interesting. It also happened to be the show that introduced me to the wonderful world of Joss Whedon.

And does anyone else think that it's a bit unfair to pit Dr Horrible against four TV shows?
And does anyone else think that it's a bit unfair to pit Dr Horrible against four TV shows?

I think it's unfair to pit a TV show against Dr. Horrible. :)
'Angel', partly cos I knew it'd be lagging. It's like Sophie's Choice though. Except, y'know, difficult.
I do find it interesting how these polls usually tend to always turn out:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the top (because it's - well - BUFFY!) and Firefly at a close second (or sometimes first, but with Buffy at a very close second.)
The rest - for whatever reason - always end up with numbers no where near as high as the first two.

Like I said, interesting.

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Maybe I should keep track of these so I can vote for a different one each time.
It's like trying to choose which of your children is your favorite. They're all made of extraordinary.
Picked Dollhouse.
Angel ... always
Angel! I love them all but I can't imagine how sad I would be without my 5 seasons of Angel.
Firefly, without a doubt. Then Angel and Buffy fighting it out for number 2, with a slight lead to Angel. Dr. Horrible at #4, then Dollhouse, because that first season did come not together till three-quarters of the way through the first season.
Buffy and Firefly....almost neck and neck. I went with Firefly. I love my Captain.
Actually, my favourite is whichever one I'm watching at the time.
I went for my beloved Angel, of course.

So unappreciated and underestimated. Best drama of the Whedonverse!

Between the walking tragedy potential of Angel, Wesley, Darla, Holtz and Connor... It doesn't get much better than that. And while seasons 1-3 of BtVS (namely the Bangel plot) closely competes with the aforementioned arc tendrils in my heart, it's ultimately Angel's 8 season arc that gets me. And most of that is on AtS. AtS also had the best baddies (W&H), who are only beaten by Angelus, himself.

And let's not even get started on how much Not Fade Away blows Chosen out of the water.

1) AtS
2) BtVS
3) Firefly
4) Dollhouse
5) Dr. Horrible

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I also picked Dollhouse. It is the boldest thing I've ever seen on TV.
Had to go with Buffy which is winning handily. It's the show that will always own my heart.

The J.J. Abrams quote is made of awesome (I think someone already posted it, up-thread).

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