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July 08 2009

Nathan visits the Bungie Podcast. Nathan, who voices the character "Buck" in Bungie's upcoming video game Halo 3: ODST, visits the Bungie studios to play the game and appear on the podcast.

Cap'n Mal discusses the experience of voice acting, his love for the Halo games, the joys of XBox Live, his stretchy pants, and his magical hair.

I knew this would happen. No one ever comments on the podcast postings, because you have to make such an effort to go an listen to them and byt he time you do, you forget to come back and post.

Ah well. For those who are big Halo fans, though, it's a lot of fun to hear Nathan go on about how much he likes the game (he's a total fanboy) and you can really hear the excitement in his voice when they talk about him getting to play Reach.
He sounds like he is putting on weight. (Kidding. Nathan twittered he think he sounds handsome on the podcast. I really couldn't say either way.)
Hi Septimus,

I am also a big fan of Halo, and of course I'm a big fan of Nathan.

I will definitely listen to this but I can't while at work (darn work, it keeps interfering with my life!). Most likely I won't be able to listen to this until weekend. Thanks for posting it!
I'll listen to it too because a girl can't get too much Nathan or Halo!! Just can't do it right now! I love that he is such a fan of the Halo series. He is such a regular guy and I love that about him!!

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