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July 08 2009

Deadliest Fantasy Warrior: Joss Whedon's Vampires vs. Anne Rice's Vampires. So which will it be, the furrowed, fu-powered fiends of SoCal or the dangerously glamourific duo of N'awlins?

Seems like Drusilla, with her unique combination of physical prowess, psycho-supernatural skills, and distinctively elegant taste in clothing, might weight out to be the most formidable opponent of all?

Ye Gods, imagine if Claudia and Drusilla banded together.
Oh my lord, that would be scary as f*ck!
In the last Buffy book, One Thing or Your Mother, Dru has a vampire "daughter" in the same style of Claudia.
Wow. Just watched Charlie Brookers C4 show and he mentioned that Spike show and now it's here.

Spooky. Something similar happened the other day to me also.
Dru would keep on calling Claudia a doll until Claudia losses it and stakes her lol

And, feel? Our vamps have souls! Angst is a feeling. For at least two of 'em ;) -- and some souless do dabble in the 'love' in their vampire like way. Oh, and they can have sex.
Gotta say, I love that Angelus-Dru-Spike pic!
The gorgeous shot of Angelus, Drusilla and Spike is from a photo session back in 1999. I was lucky enough to see the entire book of all the photographs, and they were all so amazingly beautiful... it did take my breath away.

There were perhaps hundreds of photos, and it's disappointing that only a small number of them have ever 'seen the light of day', so to speak. *sigh* The terrifying threesome at their most mesmerizing and resplendent... I wish more of the photos from that session could be seen...

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