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July 08 2009

Joss will write and direct the Dollhouse Season 2 Premiere. Ausiello posted the bulletin on his Twitter.

Let's hear your episode title suggestions. I'll go with 'Change'.
Didn't you have Friday poll about that on twitter? You could give us a best of the answers you received. :)
"Man of the House".

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Yessssssssss this makes me so happy.
"Topher's Bulging Boxers" - A Left-field experimental installment told from the perspective of Topher's Penis.

Sure to become Dollhouse's "Hush".
No, the penis episodes don't start until at least season 8.
"TANKs For The Memories" - The Dollhouse learns that the government has been running a parallel project, codenamed: TANK, when one of its subjects escapes.

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And suddenly I feel less of a Jossgeek.
Or Season Six if we're going by Buffy. Who can forget Doublmeat Palace...*Shudder*
It always seems like the Dollhouse is on the verge of falling apart or being discovered so I'm going to go with "House of Cards".

Probably not the best title for an opening episode though, assuming things have stabilized a bit from the events of "Omega".
"Encore" - A failed playwright (special guest star: Joss Whedon) wins the lottery and enlists the Dollhouse to bring his all singing, all dancing dream to life.
"House Alone". Topher* is by himself in the Dollhouse when a pair of bumbling criminals tries to rob the place on Christmas.

* Or it could be Bicks, if they wanted.
How about, "Silent Echo" where Echo runs away and becomes a waitress named...Anne. (Seen it?) Well it seems more season 3 appropriate anyway ;)
Caroline, Renewed, Epitaph Won? No... fine, let's just go with "Foxtrot" - not only does it follow "Echo" (the season one premiere title) in the NATO phonetic alphabet but it should make the network happy, which is deserved after the S2 pickup and all :)

Who would play Foxtrot? Since Foxtrot is a ballroom dance, it would need to be someone who can dance and is a star but not from dancing with the stars. Let's say a female, and it couldn't hurt to bring in a rumored whedonverse alum either. So, ah, let's just bring in Summer!
"Hoban Alpha" - Alpha becomes distraught when his favorite pilot character is killed off, and decides to take on his personality in this wacky episode guest starring Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau.
"How to Wipe Fried Dolls." Alpha uploaded a virus with the creation of Omega. It has been slowly working its way through Topher's systems and causing all manner of havoc in the dolls.
"Explain Yourself" Ballard shows up, handling Echo. Has to explain to his Ex-Wife what the hell he is doing (or not doing). Gulp.
"All about Victor."
Well, OK. Maybe not all. "Lots about Victor."
Damn it! J/K!

I'm with jcs.
I like these proposed season openers. How about "Gepetto", looking at the early attempts to make Actives? May not open a season, but would make keen backstory.
I've got a Dollhouse spec I'd be happy to pass along to Joss and co. if they're looking for ideas ;)
Shiny Happy People!
At least the fans are, after all the waiting for the renew.

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'A Fox in the House'
"Respite". No dolls are out as the dollhouse takes some time to recover, and then something happens... :O
"Five Miles out, or 'Victor, Juliet's your identity.'"
What?! What happens?! Argh!

Ahh! Bears!
"Once More With Feeling" - Where the characters are forced.. to...

Well I can dream can't I?
Nightshot, maybe that singer could came back and now she needs a lot more backing vocals.
"Valley Of The..."

Though that should have been episode one.
You canīt stop the signal (or rather: You cant stop the dollhouse)
How about "Glass Figures" or "Empty Faces" (kinda rhymes with "Empty Places")

could go with the "Purple Haze"

or I like "Piece of Blue Sky"
cause they never see it...
How about "Nude Souls" to compete with Nude Bears?

LOL @ bix

Love these ideas.
"They're not dolls, they're action figures".

(maybe it's a bit long)
Victor's Vector
Whiskey's Sour
Alpha Dog
Doll Encounter at Farpoint

(ok, that's just silly)
GVH that needs to be a spin-off series haha nice!
"Nielsen never saw this coming" ;-)
"Dolls in the Attic." There's a lot more stashed away in that attic besides Dominic...

"High Sierra." The dolls are lent out to an DEA sting operation.

"Victor/Victoria." Victor is sent in as a ringer to a drag queen contest.
mariec, I LOVE "Piece of Blue Sky" as a title. Very Firefly-esque.
The press release mentions Butters & Fazekas as being co-executive producers (just like Craft & Fain were), but also Tim Minear as executive producer (previously consulting).
It's hard to come up with an episode title suggestion when you have no idea what the ep is going to be about (at least if you totally avoid spoilers, like me).

But I like sunfire's idea (Rewind) - it could apply to a lot of potential plot lines.
Or better yet Reset - one good tip of the hat deserves another, and Torchwood actually gave Joss two (End of Days and Sleeper).

"Nielsen never saw this coming" ;-)
AnotherFireflyfan | July 09, 02:48 CET

OK, that one takes the witty prize. ;)
"Victory" - Echo remembers her defeat of Alpha after seeing Victor's face.
"A New Dell" - Adelle has to come to terms with her failure in containing the Alpha situation. She builds her own Death Doll.
"Bravo" - Sam (now designated Bravo) starts to question the meaning of the art class.
"When She Was Good" - Boyd and Adelle try to come up with a present for Echo, since she's the savior of the Dollhouse.
"Whiskey in a Jar" - Dr. Saunders copes with the knowledge of being a doll by teaching Victor to become the new Doctor.
"Hotel" - The whole House listens incessantly to Broken Social Scene, when Adelle's ex-husband Jeff Tweedy breaks in to give them the Radio Cure.
"The Doll Files." On Ballard's first official day on the job, he's shown to "the basement," a room of endless shelves and file boxes containing records revealing a deep government conspiracy going back to WWII. The goal? To have the ability to control and manipulate key scenarios.
"If You Watch This Episode You'll Be Entered Into a Drawing For Two Million Dollars, Tax-Free."
The catch? The drawing is held by the Fox Store.
"The Doll Files."

I would enjoy a Paul spinoff with Loomis as his FBI or PI partner. She brings something pretty great to her scenes with him.
Casting call just popped up online, complete with a title.

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