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July 08 2009 tries to placate fans over Dollhouse DVD fiasco. The site says "we are actively addressing all issues. If you have been dbl charged, please call Customer Service and you will be refunded promptly" and "due to the heavy volume of traffic, the confirmation emails can be delayed upto 3 hours or more". A simple "sorry" would have been nice.

It's depressing how many copies are left. Someone else threw out the question in my earlier thread, but I'm gonna repeat because it really makes me wonder: would this have been completely sold out now if everything had worked fine, or did fewer people than expected want the set in the first place?

I really hope it's the former. I don't want to put 20th off making special editions in the future.
I think it's a combination. But I think a lot of people will just wait and try to get it there, or wait and see if there's something else at the con they want more, and don't have money for everything.

(Not only have I not ordered the limited edition, I canceled my Amazon order on the regular. I can't technically afford to be at Comic-Con at all, so all my money needs to be flexible.)
Maybe it's like car accidents ? They're not allowed to actually say they're sorry because it's admitting liability ?

It seems fairly safe to assume they'd have sold more, if not all, if the site had stayed up for longer and worked properly. Numerous folks on here would've bought one for a start, enough were trying.

Still, they're sorting it out it would appear.
There may be some... demand issues.

There were also issues with the website which lead to multiple charges and cancelled credit cards. It wasn't an ideal launch and I suspect it probably effected things a little.

People are - I'm told - safe to order now. The issues have been ironed out.

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Damn. I hope the regular DVD sells well. That's probably a big part of why 20th negotiated so hard to get it back, right?
I'm going to tumbleweed that'un!
I ordered, but it's admittedly not all that special of an edition. A letter and shinier (literally, from the photos) packaging probably isn't worth the premium, but I felt compelled to get it anyway. Not to mention the whole limited to Comic-Con thing, well, limits the pool of buyers.
Exactly, hacksaway. The need to be at SDCC (or have a proxy who will be) cuts out many people who might otherwise have been interested in the set. (And I have to say, in all my years of not going to Comic-Con, I 've never been as happy not to be as when reading that pre-ordering thread on Monday.) And, yeah, it's not as unique a product as some SDCC exclusives - which makes it easier for me, at least, to feel barely a tinge of regret about missing it.

And haven't we heard that pre-orders of the general release were pretty stong, or am I just imagining things?
And haven't we heard that pre-orders of the general release were pretty stong, or am I just imagining things?

During the last two weeks of the season, we managed to surge pre-orders fairly high on various Amazon lists. But we have no idea of actual numbers.
Signs on Amazon suggested around season renewal time there's a solid interest in DVD. I expect there will be long term, just the DVD launch is effectively at Comic-Con and it didn't quite hang together as some might have liked. (i.e. me).
If anyone's interested, here are the Amazon rankings (110KB text file) from May 5 until June 12, when I finally remembered to turn off the kludgy batch of cron jobs that was generating this for me.

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After the Fox people could not confirm my order and would not help refund the five charges any sooner than 3-5 days, I had to have my bank reverse all the charges. Which, unfortunately meant I would have to reorder my set. I have to admit, even with the reassurances that all the bugs are worked out, I'm hesitant to reorder due to the previous glitches.
Plus side: from the looks of it, you can just buy one at Comic Con :P
Well, I just discovered that people need to double-check their order numbers. IF there's NO confirmation e-mail, there's no guarantee that your order went through.

I finally got an order # yesterday, but no e-mail or change to my account.

I just called and they told me that that order # belongs to someone else.

Check before you think you're safe.
Yeah, I'm hearing multiple people saying the confirmation number they got belong to somebody else when they phone up, they so haven't actually got the pre-order. Those effected seem to be people who ordered when the site first went live.
Another issue that may be effecting things is that one person cannot seem to pick up other dvd's. I was getting one for me, and had two other friends put my name down as picking them up for them. Both of their orders were refused, because I was already picking up a copy. Good thing I got my order in first.

I understand what Fox is trying to do, but I don't think that's the best way to go about it.
Hrm. I thought the intent was you could pick up yours, and one other one for someone else. Even that's not working?
I don't think it's a good sign that I clicked the link to see how many copies were still available, and had to refresh the page five times before it loaded...

(I kept getting the 'Please try again' message)
Yep, it's crashed again here now. I just get error messages. I'll jazz up the troops again.
...and now it's working again. Refresh until it loads.
Ummm... Sorry. :)

I haven't heard of a single person who ordered today or late yesterday that has had a problem. Seems to be working like clockwork now. I have received lots of emails and tweets saying, "yay! it worked" now.

There was an issue about people ordering for themselves and picking up for other people. I believe it is fixed now but, I am waiting for clarification on that and on how many one person can pick up for other people. I'll update as soon as I have an answer.

The ordering one for yourself and then others designating you as pick-up person is working correctly now. Shouldn't be any problem with that.

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Indeed, it does appear to be working fine now. Although there are still occasional error messages, refreshing seems to get around it.
It's depressing how many copies are left.

Personally my reaction to a $19 premium for an edition that adds no special content beyond a number and a letter is "how have they sold that many?"

Maybe if it was autographed or you got admittance to a special autograph session or something I could see it but as it is.... what's the appeal to justify the surcharge?
You know you get a number with it, right ? It's totally numeric. And the letter ... well, don't get me started on the letter. It comes with words. So that's numbers and words and what else is there, really ?
I saw a few outside-US people saying they got it, but I can't seem to buy mine. I'll take my chances at the Con.
Yeah, someone kindly offered to help me get a copy at Comic-Con, but I'm perfectly content with the $30 spy paper free version. Because I'm contrary, I guess.
someone else mentioned this too, but how exactly did fans cause problems with the servers(as mentioned in a press release somewhere)? With the way the exclusives are selling, it doesn't look like there is *that* much of a huge demand that would cause all the problems people were having.
Normally I'd also think the number and the letter aren't worth it, but I'd like to get it more as a cool reminder of Comic Con, since it's my first (and possibly only) time going.
Same here, maxsummers. Plus, I figure I'm paying for the privilege of seeing the two new episodes early. Which normally wouldn't be worth $19, but with a letter and a number to boot?! Well gosh!

Also, any idea when we're gonna put the Epitaph One discussion up? When Comic-Con starts and people start getting their DVDs? After Friday's screening? July 28th?
The proper Whedonesque thread will go up after the DVD goes on sale in the shops. But there will no doubt be links posted to blog reviews from people who got the DVD at Comic Con.
You know you get a number with it, right ? It's totally numeric. And the letter ... well, don't get me started on the letter. It comes with words. So that's numbers and words and what else is there, really ?
Saje | July 08, 22:41 CET

Hahaha... I have to cave to my excited fandom... I'm def also paying for the ability to go home and watch to my hearts content after the screening

The whole getting a order #that was already assigned to someone else happened to me too... there are probably people out there who still don't know that they need to re-order.. :(
STILL having problems...

Now that I know my Order # is no good, I tried twice to re-order.

I got the same "your CC is declined because of incorrect info" as it had yesterday.

So... no DVD still.

I called again to ask them about this, but the dude I got this time had no clue and wasn't very helpful.

Why is it so hard to give money away?? Why? Why???

By the way, anyone know anything about the extra's on the R2 release of Dollhouse? I couldn't find any info in the relevant whedonesque thread. With the lower price, I might just cancel my pre-order for the R1 set (although the release is on my birthday and it would be quite a nice gift to give myself ;)) and wait the extra months for the R2 set (which I can then lend out to people without the trouble of them possibly being unable to play the DVDs), if the extra's are approximately the same.

Sorry to hear the pre-ordering of the special edition still isn't going as smoothly as hoped for some of you, by the way:(.

And finally: while sales of this special edition might be dissapointing, I'm pretty sure the sales for the boxed set itself will be quite nice. I almost never buy boxed-sets when they first go on sale, but rather wait for the price to drop. Whedon-DVD's are the exception to that rule. And I'm pretty sure there's lots of people in our fanbase who are the same. Not to mention the sets that will be handed out as gifts.
korkster, call back after trying tomorrow. Hopefully you will get someone a bit more helpful.
Thanks for the data, The One True b!x! While we don't have exact numbers as far as units ordered, that big surge in the rankings beginning around May 7th does seem pretty encouraging. And, considering that the orders are from people with enough interest to pre-order the series several weeks ahead of release, it seems like the rankings remained pretty strong for a good spell. Of course, with the history of Firefly - well, really, of all of Whedon's shows - 20th is likely expecting the set to be a very steady seller over the long term, as well, as more people "discover" the series.
Well, if I had had the opportunity of picking it up at SDCC I would definitely have gone for it, speaking of which I'm quite astonished nobody tried to take some preorders for users outside US and try to make a few quids out of it, is there anything preventing it ?
What's stopping people from doing anything like that is the fact that you cannot order more than one copy.
Yeah well, then you can order it, and simply provide the order # to the one who is picking it up
Every time I try to order, I get a message that I have already ordered a copy. Yet I have not received an order number or a confirmation email- and I have refreshed, cleared caches etc etc.

So I, too, will take my chances at CC.
I just tried to get a refund for my additional charge (posted) and I still have another (pending) all they could do was put my case through to corporate, the website suggests they're doing instant refunds when you check the account and personally with how they've currently handled my details I really don't feel comfortable sending Fox an email with a CC statement in.

T - do you know if there are still issues at Comic Con and I brought a print out of my Credit Card are they issuing refunds there? cause that might be easier.
missb, call 888-223-4369 and let them help you straighten it out. Let me know how it goes. My personal email is in my profile.

fallenwiccan, we aren't going to be set up for that at SDCC. Let me know if your accounts aren't all straightened out by Monday. Once again, email in my profile.
TamaraC - Since you seem to know how the system works, can you tell me how I can purchase a Dollhouse set for my brother-in-law (whose coming to Comic-Con with me) as a surprise?

I've tried using different e-mail addresses, credit cards, billing addresses - everything but my personal name (which is the same on all my credit cards unfortunately)? What exactly is the site checking to know I've already bought one for myself. I figured it was just the e-mail used and credit card numbers, but it looks like it may even go beyond that? Any information you could provide - short of ruining the surprise and having me tell him "you order it and I'll pay you back!" - would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, the person I talked to at 888-223-4369 was unable (and seemed not wanting) to help either. Also, couldn't wait to get me off the phone - constantly saying bye mid-way through me talking when I still had more to say! Not too polite :(

If you are no longer checking this thread, I'll try e-mailing you but wanted to try here first in case anyone else is in the same boat or can also assist. Thank you all, and especially TamaraC!

I don't think it will let you get away with that since it is checking against names and emails. Can you see if you can get a friend or relative to purchase it in their name with their credit card and put you down as the pick up person? You can pay them back and then you should be able to pick up your copy and the copy you need for your BIL.

Let me know if it works out. Feel free to email me. Now that this has dropped off the front page, I'm not checking it as regularly.
I've tried using different e-mail addresses, credit cards, billing addresses - everything but my personal name (which is the same on all my credit cards unfortunately)? What exactly is the site checking to know I've already bought one for myself.

Could be using a browser cookie. Either clear out the cookies for that site (on Firefox you can right-click on the page, pick "view page info" and pick the cookies option at the top of the screen. There'll be a button on the bottom of the screen that says "remove all cookies in this list.") or use a different browser.

Or they could be storing the IP of the computer you bought from. That seems likely to cause issues but... *shrug* Not like they have been free of other problems. Maybe try from a friend's house or work?
Using a different browser or computer does seem to do the trick for many.
And the fun continues. I am sorry to see this hasn't sold better, but guess it worked out that after several failed attempts there were still copies available for me to complete a purchase. After getting security check calls on cc, I've now found that some routine bills I pay using that CC were blocked because of my Fox questionable activity. Now I have to go through resubmitting those payments.

And then it occurs to me that going through all this and then waiting in line at Comic-Con on Wednesday still won't get me a low numbered copy since other exhibitors will already be in the hall long before the general public is allowed to enter and undoubtedly some will get there first for their copy. Have to admit this will likely be the last time I let the "fan" side of me take over when considering this type of purchase.
One assumes that it would show better sales numbers if the site were actually, I dunno, working... (not) well played, Fox.

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