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July 08 2009

Amber Benson to Comic-Con. She sayeth by tweet: "Come say hey at Comicon! Sat. the 25th: 3pm - 4pm, Room 2: Monster Mash Panel & then signing at Convention Hall's Autograph Area 4pm 5pm."

yay!! I'lll be there!!
FYI, I believe tickets to Comic-Con are completely sold out now. That's not to say they won't open up some one-day passes at the box office each day, but I wouldn't plan a trip to San Diego unless you're certain to have a ticket.
That's slightly right and a big part wrong. There will be no passes sold on site. They don't do that anymore.

While the event is sold out, they are posting batches of canceled/returned tickets to eBay every night around 7PM PST. Follow them on Twitter for the announcements.
That's good to hear, b!X. I hadn't realized they weren't selling at the door any longer. And as for the canceled/returned tickets, that's a mighty nice service the con is offering.
They go very, very fast, however. So anyone thinking they want to try to snag one of their eBay passes should follow them on Twitter. (I have no idea if there's also a way on eBay itself to automatically know when a particular seller has items up, but if so their eBay ID is sdcomic-con, as linked above.) And remember that passes are not transferable, so the only place to get a pass guaranteed to be proper is though Comic-Con's own process.

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Tahmoh Penikett slated for the "Halloween Comes Early: Trick 'r Treat Screening" Thursday night.

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